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Example From Today’s Clues:

  1. *Give 10%
  2. Moist
  3. Party member that infuriated the Queen
  4. *German white wine
  5. Mine passage
  6. "Shoot!"
  7. Upon which you may stand a drink
  8. Former spouse having beer around politician, for instance
  9. Early milestone
  10. Young bird not entirely sheltering space from the elements?
  11. Goolagong of tennis fame
  12. Formal discussion of a topic
  13. I doubt a government gets no detailed criticism
  14. Writer in hurry to fade
  15. Defunct
  16. The only National Trust yachting water
  17. . . . and thats final!
  18. Aftermath
  19. Way out of planet
  20. Island NW of Oahu