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  1. 1.Most unhealthy-looking street hiding secret places
  2. 2.Bundle of fibrous tissue joining bones or cartilages
  3. 3.London's ____ was originally the Royal Coburg Theatre
  4. 4.Stock pantomime character abandoned by Columbine in favour of Harlequin
  5. 5.Cave is crumbling - it may be filled with water
  6. 6.Partner of Jimmy Edwards in the BBC Radio series Take It From Here
  7. 7.Horrible war - theatre that may account for animal deaths
  8. 8.Confession of beautiful female having area or areas under total control
  9. 9.Allergic ____ is another name for hay fever
  10. 10.Pauper, according to Spooner, that is buried under heath
  11. 11.Ridden by Bob Champion, winner of the 1981 Grand National
  12. 12.Speaker gets nothing right, a politician falling short
  13. 13.Mahler symphony in all but name, presented as an orchestral song cycle for alto and tenor
  14. 14.A cure I'm contriving in respect of a "waterworks" problem
  15. 15.Narrator of On The Road by Jack Kerouac
  16. 16.Some sexy strut in a walk outdoors
  17. 17."Vulgarity is the ____ in the salad of charm" (Cyril Connolly)
  18. 18.The goatfish, a popular Mediterranean delicacy
  19. 19.Anaesthetic often administered during childbirth
  20. 20.Of an instrument, played with a mute
  21. 21.Fond of fellow, having suppressed dreadful hate
  22. 22.Garlands - artist is swathed in lots
  23. 23.____ of the Nine Hostages was a 5th-century Irish high king, who may possibly have millions of living descendants
  24. 24.The oat genus
  25. 25.1964 musical written by Jerry Herman
  26. 26.Fyodor Dostoevsky's final novel
  27. 27.A learner joining group set up in science unit
  28. 28.The language when vehicle reverses on to a house
  29. 29.____ played Bubble in the sitcom Absolutely Fabulous
  30. 30.Female tennis player, 2017 US Open champion
  31. 31.Artificial radioactive element, atomic number 99
  32. 32.Singer regarded as the Queen of Disco
  33. 33.Big drinkers in effect much bigger than most
  34. 34.Magical phrase associated with Ali Baba
  35. 35.1773 legislation helping the East India Company, but not our North American colonies
  36. 36.Fictional corporation frequently used in cartoons, notably those of Looney Tunes
  37. 37.Plenty holding female up
  38. 38.Demons at large, captured by serving women once
  39. 39.Tree of the laurel family, traditionally used to make root beer and tea
  40. 40.Traditional Scottish dish of swede and potato
  41. 41.From the beginning (Latin)
  42. 42.Stains from fuel brought aboard ship
  43. 43.Samuel Irving ____ founded Advance publications, whose subsidiaries include Condé Nast
  44. 44.Those in Scotland denying Macbeth his name?
  45. 45.Specialists in church music somehow sing smoothly
  46. 46.The palpebra
  47. 47.Nickname of the Burt Reynolds character Bo Darville in a 1977 comedy film
  48. 48.The real middle name of 3 Down; first name of a fictional teen diarist
  49. 49.Like a pipe a plumber finally fixed under bath
  50. 50.Of a friar or nun, barefoot or wearing only sandals
  51. 51.City church outside which spear is seen
  52. 52.Troy's swathed in leaves by end of June - many trees and shrubs
  53. 53.Former Benetton F1 director who recruited Michael Schumacher in 1991
  54. 54.Shrub moderately gnarled but not terribly old
  55. 55.Goodbye to Berlin by ____ was adapted to make the play I Am a Camera
  56. 56.After first sign of success fool may become this?
  57. 57."The ____ of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all. Amen" (final verse of King James Bible)
  58. 58.Type of drug's good going down - one's showing dynamism
  59. 59.Of an antelope, to leap with an arched back
  60. 60.Wind certain to return, first hint of upset inside
  61. 61.1964 single which became Ken Dodd's signature song
  62. 62.Where to find bees or their hives
  63. 63.Member of religious order quietly protesting
  64. 64.All those attending the first person in that cell
  65. 65.A type of cactus or its intoxicant, mescal
  66. 66.Actor who played Max Zorin in the James Bond film A View to a Kill
  67. 67.The 4 x 400m relay, at many track and field meetings
  68. 68.David Bowie single whose video was, at the time, the most expensive ever made
  69. 69.Legal allowance is in France at an end
  70. 70.A line made by instrument in part of female anatomy
  71. 71.A painter such as Thomas Cole or John Constable
  72. 72.A proverbially calm body of water
  73. 73.American footballer who typically receives the ball to instigate a rush play
  74. 74."I'm just a ____ prostitute, my dear" (Freddie Mercury)
  75. 75.A court worker - one functions as an agent
  76. 76.Note doomed individual losing head
  77. 77.Capital of St James parish, served by Jamaica's busiest airport
  78. 78.The pouches of kangaroos, wombats etc
  79. 79.The composer of Boléro and La Valse
  80. 80.Criminal - one of those going to pot?
  81. 81.River whose delta constitutes the Camargue region
  82. 82.Main antagonist of the Resident Evil video games and films
  83. 83.State of bondage, finally ended by Elizabeth I in 1574
  84. 84.Jupiter is the Roman equivalent of this Greek deity
  85. 85.Famous mistress hugging one with love to make impression?
  86. 86.Last bit of the meat to separate off
  87. 87.In bridge, a ____ double invites partner to bid their best unbid suit
  88. 88.Analogue colour TV system developed in France, similar to PAL and NTSC
  89. 89.Musician who sang the "I want my MTV" backing vocal on Money for Nothing by Dire Straits
  90. 90.Classical tag that sends out a sexist message?
  91. 91.To be highly noticeable, or to stubbornly resist
  92. 92.Fixer of great deal, securing honoured sportsman?