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  1. 1.?€?Mad Dan?€ ____, a character in The Goon Show
  2. 2.South American rodent related to the guinea pig
  3. 3.Minister for the Olympics 2005-2010
  4. 4.Bacteria which cause a particular lung disease
  5. 5.Marsh bird noted for its booming call
  6. 6.Author of The Glass Menagerie
  7. 7.____... with Jools Holland, a BBC live music show
  8. 8.Influential blues guitarist, a long-standing collaborator of Beth Hart
  9. 9.Site of an infamous 1960 massacre in South Africa
  10. 10.American Indian, the first to meet the Pilgrims of Plymouth Colony
  11. 11.____ I ruled Macedon from 413 to 399 BC
  12. 12.In computing, a single instance of a repeated instruction
  13. 13.Siamese cat with dark brown fur on face, paws, and tail
  14. 14.A type of thick gruel
  15. 15.Type of sun hat; an African antelope
  16. 16.Former BBC newsreader and presenter of the first two series of Top Gear
  17. 17.Samuel Johnson?€™s Prince of Abissinia
  18. 18.A Manhattan made with Scotch instead of rye or bourbon
  19. 19.Thin strip of wood often used in plastering
  20. 20.Fictional captain, also known as Prince Dakkar, created by Jules Verne
  21. 21.Practical joker of German folklore, depicted in a Richard Strauss tone poem
  22. 22.1997 historical drama starring Morgan Freeman
  23. 23.The twin city of Saint Paul
  24. 24.Director of the 1971 film The Last Picture Show
  25. 25.Organisation headed by Audrey Azoulay and headquartered in Place de Fontenoy, Paris
  26. 26.1941 Disney animation whose protagonist?€™s only friend is a mouse called Timothy
  27. 27.The Jewish Feast of Lots
  28. 28.Compatriot team beaten by FC Porto in the 2011 Europa League final
  29. 29.Religions in the heart, not the ____ (Douglas Jerrold)
  30. 30.Spanish city with a Burial of the Sardine festival on the Saturday after Easter
  31. 31.Name of French origin for a horse-drawn hackney carriage
  32. 32.Capital of the East Flanders province of Belgium
  33. 33.Members of one branch of Islam
  34. 34.Automobile executive whose 1984 autobiography was a best-seller
  35. 35.Jockey who won the 2016 Grand National on Rule The World
  36. 36.Australian state whose capital is Brisbane
  37. 37.____ Upon Everything was a book with advice on topics such as Invalid soup, To kill flies, and Charades
  38. 38.In Greek mythology, the last king of Troy
  39. 39.Significant escape of blood from the circulatory system
  40. 40.Alternative name for the eleventh month of the French revolutionary calendar
  41. 41.Workplace for some political journalists
  42. 42.Herb used in Scandinavian and eastern European cuisine
  43. 43.Sculpture by Auguste Rodin
  44. 44.A small tree with pale purple flowers
  45. 45.To believe, or to assume provisionally
  46. 46.First wife of Henry VIII
  47. 47.Richard ____ wrote Watership Down
  48. 48.A 100th anniversary
  49. 49.There are approximately 2025 yards in a ____ mile
  50. 50.Enclosed saltwater area in which sea animals such as dolphins are kept and tamed
  51. 51.Pharisee who helped prepare Christ?€™s body for burial after the crucifixion
  52. 52.1987 legal drama film starring Cher as public defender Kathleen Riley
  53. 53.The plump, winged boy of renaissance and baroque art
  54. 54.Crime drama series whose central characters were Crockett and Tubbs
  55. 55.They dined on mince and slices of quince, / Which they ate with a ____ (Edward Lear)
  56. 56.The garden where Jesus and his disciples slept the night before the crucifixion
  57. 57.Nebraska?€™s largest city
  58. 58.Column in a newspaper, by its chief writer