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  1. 1.Situation last declared in the UK by Edward Heaths government
  2. 2.Home of the Royal and Ancient Golf Club
  3. 3.The gods are just, and of our pleasant vices make instruments to ____ us (The Tragedy of King Lear)
  4. 4.Author of The Moonstone
  5. 5.Hapless fictional character played by Simon Jones, Chris Langham, and Martin Freeman
  6. 6.Area of dead tissue caused by loss of blood supply
  7. 7.Greek mathematician considered the father of geometry
  8. 8.Arabian kingdom thought to be modern day Yemen
  9. 9.____ drinks are used to replace minerals and salt lost by sweating
  10. 10.Severe inability to do simple arithmetic, caused by cerebral impairment
  11. 11.Forward part of a ship
  12. 12.An orange roan is a type of ____
  13. 13.When describing cloud cover, one eighth of the sky
  14. 14.Political style introduced under Tony Blair and Gordon Brown
  15. 15.Familiar alternative name for a German shepherd dog
  16. 16.African country whose capital is Accra
  17. 17.Type of neckwear named after Slavic mercenaries of the 17th century
  18. 18.Monterrey is the capital of this Mexican state
  19. 19.Cricketers like Alan Knott, Tariq Iqbal, and Thomas Box
  20. 20.Actress who gained fame as the sitcom character Barbara Good
  21. 21.The original family name of Darth Vader
  22. 22.Irelands Rockabill Island has the largest European colony of ____ terns
  23. 23.Coined in 1975, term for a wealthy Chelsea resident
  24. 24.A two-masted boat and an abbreviation of an army rank
  25. 25.Spanish town just across the border from Gibraltar
  26. 26.In zoology, to use arms for locomotion
  27. 27.Co-founder of Apple Computer, Inc
  28. 28.Soren ____ is considered a founder of existentialism
  29. 29.Hordeolum, a swelling of the eyelid
  30. 30.1963 film starring Shelley Winters, based on a Jean Genet play
  31. 31.Bob Seger single, from the album Beautiful Loser, a less common spelling of its subject
  32. 32.Harry Potter headmistress played by Maggie Smith
  33. 33.Author of The Chronicles of Narnia
  34. 34.Group of people serving a (usually) important person
  35. 35.Archaic term for an unspecified day in the near future
  36. 36.German equivalent of that is
  37. 37.Applied retrospectively (of a law)
  38. 38.Wine of the Loire Valley, usually white
  39. 39.Republic bordered by Libya, Niger, and Sudan
  40. 40.Foot-operated lever
  41. 41.An amphibian of the Anura order
  42. 42.Unintended, accidental
  43. 43.One of two second-row players in a rugby union scrum
  44. 44.Enchantress of Greek myth who turned sailors into swine
  45. 45.Adam ____, host of The Last Leg
  46. 46.The worlds first female president of a republic
  47. 47.Joseph Kesselring black comedy play about the Brewster family
  48. 48.Country of northwest Africa, its capital Nouakchott
  49. 49.A young herring
  50. 50.The class of tapeworms
  51. 51.Informally, a black eye
  52. 52.Cocktail made with vodka and orange juice
  53. 53.South African dish of curried mince and various other ingredients
  54. 54.Ice skating jump from one foot to the other, including a half turn
  55. 55.A title of Riccardo in Verdis opera A Masked Ball
  56. 56.Canine friend of Blue Peter presenter John Noakes