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  1. 1.Variety of peach with a smooth skin
  2. 2.Old-fashioned stuffing recipe not normally written down
  3. 3.French city famed for enamelware, and later, porcelain
  4. 4.____ and Pembroke are the only two Oxford University colleges on squares of the same name
  5. 5.Part of a sail that may be rolled up to reduce its area
  6. 6.Type of shellfish from European country mentioned
  7. 7.London's ____ has a zoo, theatre, lake and bandstand
  8. 8.Gala is organised by some of Daphne's family
  9. 9.A logical basis for a course of action
  10. 10.Hymn fades with one listener looking skywards
  11. 11.Recalled Beethoven dedicatee's acidy stuff
  12. 12.Art retailer, noted for iconic posters of the 1970s and 1980s
  13. 13.The last steam engine built by British Railways
  14. 14.Monastery officer in rare upset about business
  15. 15.Terror group around London area in racket, taking land illegally
  16. 16.The water boa
  17. 17.John Aubrey's collection of short biographies about contemporaries such as Hobbes and Milton
  18. 18.____ directed the films Vera Drake and Mr Turner
  19. 19.Rock group's work not moving at all
  20. 20.Number of yards in a chain
  21. 21.____'s first role with Hammer Film Productions was in The Curse of Frankenstein
  22. 22.Gives a view over trees
  23. 23.The 17th century in French art and literature
  24. 24.Many years following pub darts
  25. 25.Polish composer whose Venetian Games is his most experimental piece, using "aleatory counterpoint”
  26. 26.Large duck of the merganser genus
  27. 27.Love Tessa playing in second movement
  28. 28.Inflatable plastic or rubber mattresses
  29. 29.Gypsy inside waits for boring types
  30. 30.Edible, yellow, funnel-shaped mushrooms
  31. 31.Soap in which early characters were Helen Daniels, Des Clarke and Nell Mangel
  32. 32.Cheers for model
  33. 33.Strict secretiveness within a community
  34. 34.Expression of contempt about flipping sea captain
  35. 35.Australian detectives turned up in Queensland plant
  36. 36."What is hope? Nothing but paint on the face of ____” (Byron)
  37. 37.Translation of the second word of Caesar's attributed comment "Veni, vidi, vici”
  38. 38.The Duke of Medina Sidonia commanded ____ from his flagship, the Sao Martinho
  39. 39.A tiny amount of something like doubt or evidence
  40. 40.Spirit in station swelling
  41. 41.European chief negotiator for Britain's exit from the EU
  42. 42.A resident of Baghdad
  43. 43.Large sandpiper with a slightly upturned bill
  44. 44.African party in resort as before showing interest in literature
  45. 45.Citadel built after the 1745 Jacobite rising, guarding the sea approaches to Inverness
  46. 46.Refrained from supporting Asian island endlessly
  47. 47.____ Wheel, the sister organisation of Rotary International
  48. 48.German behind football club not a City type
  49. 49.Informal name for bistort, also describing its twisted roots
  50. 50.Gossip after Liechtenstein show off
  51. 51.Informally, an attraction at the southern end of the A23
  52. 52.Silver notches left out in clasps
  53. 53.Early bumper passes over retreating club bat
  54. 54.The Holy Grail is said to have been hidden in the Chalice Well at the foot of this Somerset hill
  55. 55.Musical instrument, often used to convey a pastoral mood
  56. 56.Noisette moved from grass
  57. 57.A 64ft "Contra Trombone” in Sydney Town Hall is one of the world's longest ____s
  58. 58.A "cabbage” butterfly or a major pig breed
  59. 59.Addition exercise starts with four and five — nine!
  60. 60.Using very modern technology
  61. 61.Artist's agent is rough
  62. 62.The ____ Sea is bounded by mainland Italy, Sicily, Sardinia and Corsica
  63. 63.Basil ____ won the 1950 design competition for the new Coventry Cathedral
  64. 64.Worker behind heap of waste with no end of pong?
  65. 65.A short-sighted person
  66. 66.Very large retiring relative touching bottom of mattress springs!
  67. 67.The fourth 007 film starring Sean Connery
  68. 68.1999 Richard Curtis film starring Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant
  69. 69.Ministers urge river work on English county
  70. 70.One who believes that natural objects have desires and intentions
  71. 71.Makes less of computer records out of line
  72. 72.Plant of the Veronica genus, with small blue or pinkish white flowers
  73. 73.American base abroad getting single-cell specimens from US
  74. 74.Basil ___, the Cape Coloured cricketer who played for Worcestershire, and England from 1966 to 1972
  75. 75.Winner of the 1972 US Open and 1973 French Open
  76. 76.Cut back around elevated red room with seats
  77. 77.Huge old man first up
  78. 78.The successor to Enda Kenny as taoiseach, in June 2017
  79. 79.43A would have danced with Chris ____ if he had won his 1976 Wimbledon final
  80. 80.One concerned with the classification of diseases

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