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  1. 1.Emperor who killed his mother, two wives, and himself
  2. 2.?€?Always ____ trams?€ (Highway Code)
  3. 3.Judging other cultures by the standards of one?€™s own
  4. 4.Someone in a dodgy business
  5. 5.Earning no rent
  6. 6.Jacques ____ originated deconstruction as a form of semiotic analysis
  7. 7.Content of a snow dome in titles for BBC World Cup 2018 coverage
  8. 8.Informally, Surrey Country Cricket Club?€™s home ground
  9. 9.Sansevieria trifasciata, an evergreen perennial plant
  10. 10.____ of Citium and ____ of Elea were both ancient Greek philosophers
  11. 11.Chelsea or Manchester City will win the ____ today
  12. 12.Informally, ?€?La grande ____?€ is the Tour de France
  13. 13.Recess where you might find seating or shelving
  14. 14.What you do to sauce with a whisk
  15. 15.Brand of black and white film, now made in Cheshire
  16. 16.Indian unleavened flatbread
  17. 17.Thomas ____ had a research lab at Menlo Park, New Jersey
  18. 18.Arthur ____ was the resident antiques expert on the BBC show Going for a Song
  19. 19.Originally American terpsichorean fitness classes
  20. 20.If necessary, ____ sugar can be made from granulated sugar with a pestle and mortar
  21. 21.A rock transported by glacial action
  22. 22.New York suburb, whose name comes from a Dutch equivalent to ?€?esquire?€
  23. 23.The only successful defender of the Olympic heptathlon title
  24. 24.For some, these include slow drivers and noisy eaters
  25. 25.A bone attached to the sternum
  26. 26.Member of an eastern European church acknowledging papal supremacy but using its own liturgy
  27. 27.The Hawthorne ____ is the modification of behaviour by those who know they are being observed
  28. 28.Fictional country in Anthony Hope?€™s The Prisoner of Zenda
  29. 29.?€?Shee, you guys are so ____ it?€™s a wonder your bums don?€™t fall off?€ (Zaphod Beeblebrox)
  30. 30.Location where 51D of Citium taught, and the origin of the name for his followers
  31. 31.Spanish name for a gully, especially in the SW USA
  32. 32.Eastbourne?€™s ____ Park is the home of a tennis tournament
  33. 33.John ____?€™s architecture in London includes the terraced houses of Park Crescent
  34. 34.Done to satisfy superstition or ensure adequate provision
  35. 35.Iris Murdoch novel set in a lay religious community next door to a convent
  36. 36.____ tides are those with the smallest range
  37. 37.Component of cash registers and some calculators
  38. 38.Informally, a parasitic mite larva, causing skin itching
  39. 39.Rhyming facetious slang for common office equipment
  40. 40.When accused by Debussy of ignoring form, Erik ____?€™s response was the piano duet Three Fragments in the Form of a Pear
  41. 41.Charles ?‰douard Guillaume invented this nickel/iron alloy
  42. 42.Informally in backgammon, make a move that puts one of your opponent?€™s pieces on the bar
  43. 43.To care, as Rhett Butler famously didn?€™t
  44. 44.Band name seen on a fictitious band?€™s bass drum in the video for New Order?€™s Crystal, later used by an American rock band
  45. 45.Rainbow-coloured arboreal parrot from the Lesser Sunda Islands
  46. 46.In clich?©d language, this is wreaked
  47. 47.A short poem, especially a pastoral dialogue or soliloquy
  48. 48.Novel partly about Billy Pilgrim?€™s wartime experiences
  49. 49.The RNLI use all-weather and ____ lifeboats
  50. 50.Iconic headgear for Ena Sharples in Coronation Street
  51. 51.A friction hitch devised by an Austrian mountaineer
  52. 52.Mullein is the common name for this flowering plant genus
  53. 53.The kind of eclipse that is always safe to look at
  54. 54.Film starting with a four-letter word used five times
  55. 55.480 grains = 1 _____
  56. 56.Loose skin hanging from the throat of various mammals
  57. 57.The (non-biblical) supposed abode of the souls of unbaptised infants