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  1. 1.Writer, philosopher and, for 51 years, partner of Jean-Paul Sartre
  2. 2.Revamped tablets, such as may be charged in, eg, All Souls Buttery
  3. 3.Expression like "Ten items or less” or "you should of said”
  4. 4.In Greek myth, a beautiful youth killed by a discus thrown by Apollo, his lover
  5. 5.Ship is steadied by this thing which is round a stone
  6. 6.Main protagonist of The Hunger Games
  7. 7.Timber is extremely artificial
  8. 8.Yuri is the first name of the protagonist in this Boris Pasternak novel
  9. 9.Daily work by Sergeant-Major on motivational research
  10. 10.2017 Pixar film based on Mexico's Day of the Dead holiday
  11. 11.Copper swells in recycled jeans?
  12. 12.Classical Latin name for Ireland
  13. 13.Industrious colonist back outside state restaurant in the Aegean
  14. 14.Final game or match which settles the outcome
  15. 15.Opening in kilt ridicule challenging mag
  16. 16.Tom ___ starred in Merry Christmas, Mr Lawrence
  17. 17.Deaccession book from premium load
  18. 18.Part of a series appearing on the internet rather than broadcast or cable TV
  19. 19.London Weekend Television sitcom starring John Alderton as schoolteacher Bernard Hedges
  20. 20.A small German hotel
  21. 21.Harry insulting commie makes steady progress
  22. 22.Roman Senator who played a leading role in the assassination of Julius Caesar
  23. 23.A dietary ____ deficiency is the main cause of goitre
  24. 24.Open country or grassland of South Africa
  25. 25.Unbending stickler's point in trading place
  26. 26.Former Chelsea player-manager who made 66 appearances for the Netherlands
  27. 27.Concert is into morphing zydeco comp, perhaps
  28. 28.Real Madrid manager who resigned after their 2018 UEFA Champions League victory
  29. 29.The European ____ is a civil rights treaty, created in 1961
  30. 30.In Greek cuisine, a meat stew with onions
  31. 31.Naval officer's utter delight rounding the Kentish region?
  32. 32.In American whiskeys, the main alternative to bourbon
  33. 33.The Tube left to go by cerebration?
  34. 34.Charles Dickens novel divided into five "staves”
  35. 35.The son of an Austrian emperor
  36. 36.The person who had to be told about the 1986 privatisation of British Gas
  37. 37.Jean-François Champollion is best-known as the ____ of Egyptian Hieroglyphs
  38. 38.In error lead oblivion and endless opportunity in decay
  39. 39.A sliding step in ballet
  40. 40.Lodge in luxury college, cohab should ring
  41. 41.Author of The Blue Flower
  42. 42.In America wolf up bit of Thucydides
  43. 43."The progress of rivers to the ocean is not so rapid as that of man to ____” (Voltaire)
  44. 44.Hungary's 27 per cent is currently the highest standard rate of ____ in Europe
  45. 45.Italian company on greeting
  46. 46.Actress who appeared in many Bob Hope and Bing Crosby "road” movies
  47. 47.Eliot's opening on sitting under brown shrub seen in poetry
  48. 48.Steals wheels from the south
  49. 49.To fall asleep, diminish, or leave someone at the airport?
  50. 50.Title of songs by Pink Floyd and the Spice Girls
  51. 51.Lit up and ready to burst
  52. 52.1968 Charles Portis novel and a 1969 John Wayne film
  53. 53.The S in HTTPS
  54. 54.Shakespeare's mess is intractable
  55. 55.Colloquial name for concrete obstacles intended to hinder the progress of tanks
  56. 56.Boater, say, to lie about reefer
  57. 57.Small restaurant which, traditionally, brewed its own beer
  58. 58.Faraday — outstanding type
  59. 59.Series of eight paintings by William Hogarth
  60. 60.To bask is in New Mexico's set of orthodox beliefs
  61. 61.Foodstuff possibly named after a Belgian city or region
  62. 62.Mortal turned towards beguiling noise, no?
  63. 63.Informally, remove oneself from an online notification list
  64. 64.Unconventional unit led agent to weaken?
  65. 65.Row about what limits thankful claimant in the past
  66. 66.One of the three Theban plays by Sophocles
  67. 67.Popular name for Phaseolus coccineus, grown ornamentally and for food
  68. 68.Epithet for Peter Walker in the 1980s Conservative party
  69. 69.Margherita Taylor is the newest host of this BBC property programme
  70. 70.A set of overseas selectors heading west of Wishaw
  71. 71.Informally, members of his party opposed to reforms started by Neil Kinnock
  72. 72.Hilary Mantel novel, a follow-up to Wolf Hall, and winner of the 2012 Man Booker prize
  73. 73.County whose Wikipedia article currently says "Not to be confused with South Essex”
  74. 74.Flower (Chinese), first from the right school
  75. 75.Name of the ranch, and its owner, reached by Chuck Noland at the end of Cast Away (2000 film)
  76. 76.Hinder nurse
  77. 77.Like mistletoe on trees
  78. 78.Parasol which can also be used as an umbrella
  79. 79.Smallest of the Great Lakes
  80. 80.What sewer carries is pretty fruity from the central regions
  81. 81.Author of The Good Soldier
  82. 82.Colouring anecdotal collection with extreme spinning
  83. 83.Achieves something — often one of many similar achievements
  84. 84.Actor noted for his roles as serial killer Freddy Krueger
  85. 85.Vega is the brightest star in this small northern constellation
  86. 86.Germany's largest urban area
  87. 87.Adult clumsily cleans daggers
  88. 88.Owing (rent, for example)
  89. 89.Polynesian superman's indefinable quality set in gold
  90. 90.Connection between the Black Sea and the Sea of Marmara
  91. 91.Miss providing massage reportedly
  92. 92.The alligator pear
  93. 93."The nodding ____ bends before the wind” (The Fear of Flowers, John Clare)
  94. 94.Racket in fake tax-man's district