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  1. 1.Certainly boring church conference, say — it reduces one to silence
  2. 2.Labour party leader between Lansbury and Gaitskell
  3. 3.Irritate transvestite turning around in colourful stripes
  4. 4.Children's Literature: Series created by Dr Seuss, including The Cat in the Hat and Green Eggs and Ham
  5. 5.Amateur move on and off the straight at Gleneagles
  6. 6.Highlight of music hall performances by Wilson, Keppel and Betty
  7. 7.Changes brought about 100 enlarged vessels
  8. 8.Possible part of the process of solving a crossword clue
  9. 9.Berks doctor removed braces
  10. 10.Poet like Pindar or Horace
  11. 11.Absolute tenacity while ascending outside run in ice ridge
  12. 12.One who gives up easily
  13. 13.Fine arresting extremes of opulent love poem
  14. 14.Female badgers
  15. 15.Food: Writer given most credit for leading British tastes in a new direction, from the 1950s onwards
  16. 16.Gardens conveyed in painting first class
  17. 17.The lingua franca of the Hanseatic League
  18. 18.With openings say, around one, ring first
  19. 19.Informally, an athlete like Emil Zatopek or Mo Farah
  20. 20.William Ralph ____, Dean of St Paul's cathedral, was nominated three times for the Nobel prize for literature
  21. 21.Ancient alphabet of the British Isles, now only visible on stone monuments
  22. 22.Fellow safe till down under
  23. 23.Music: Paired percussion instrument created in Cuba, around 1900
  24. 24.No little following for gala occurring in Washington summer?
  25. 25.In Greek myth, Apollo's twin sister
  26. 26.Shakespeare's Taming of the Shrew is mostly set in ____
  27. 27.The English Language: George Bernard Shaw said there were touches of the philologist and phonetician Henry ____ in Pygmalion
  28. 28.Wild reveller, alternatively huge person getting a change of direction
  29. 29.Showjumper Richard ____ won three Olympic gold medals
  30. 30.Miss Right, very small
  31. 31.In Jane Austen's Emma, Jane Fairfax is Miss Bates's ____
  32. 32.____ particles include neutrinos and bosons
  33. 33.Full, especially with food
  34. 34.In 2008, Paul ____ became the first black British manager in England's top football division
  35. 35.Description concealing rent out of date
  36. 36.Short service before mass presages rejoicing
  37. 37.Ruling family in Mervyn Peake's Gormenghast trilogy
  38. 38.Moslem ruler is male, always
  39. 39.2007 Disney film combining live action filming, traditional animation and CGI
  40. 40.Endless cod for each individual and my charges are small
  41. 41.____ Elkins was the eponymous character in a 1960s film
  42. 42.Shock with bag — one should keep locks in order
  43. 43.A Great Highland ____ usually has three drones
  44. 44.Lost? Take a satnav regularly when going north
  45. 45.Sign that an exchange is ready to initiate a phone call
  46. 46.Leaving railway, deliberate about getting drunk
  47. 47.This pass was the scene of a battle between Persians and outnumbered Greeks
  48. 48.One square metre area adopted by resort
  49. 49.Large shopping centre just off the M25 near Dartford
  50. 50.Rachel disturbed about case of poorest in capital
  51. 51.Behaving arrogantly or condescendingly
  52. 52.Murphy holds very colourful skin marker
  53. 53.Items offered on Gumtree are often '____
  54. 54.Opening line forgotten, almost disastrously
  55. 55.I could ____ a Mandrake Restorative Draught in my sleep' (Lockhart, in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets)
  56. 56.Soldier eats a blue biscuit
  57. 57.Avenue where the Tour de France has finished since 1975
  58. 58.Prohibition covering liquor and one's backing revolution
  59. 59.The answer to this is carefully' (Delia Smith on How to ____)
  60. 60.A ____ is intended to keep rain out of a tent
  61. 61.Did stuff on Emirates put over in pale-green colour
  62. 62.Alloy of lead, tin and antimony, developed by Gutenberg
  63. 63.One mocks Stokes put in difficulty
  64. 64.Classical Literature: In Terence's play The ____, the title character is a present from Phaedria to Thais
  65. 65.Clothing design technique popularised in the late 1960s
  66. 66.____ at End House is the sixth Agatha Christie novel featuring Hercule Poirot
  67. 67.No speech impediment Earl picked up from Greek character
  68. 68.Foodstuff also known as hardtack
  69. 69.Spotted swine without heads and hound without owner
  70. 70.Alloy, usually not including the second metal in its name
  71. 71.Italics in clues indicate one of the seven ____ books owned by today's setter, as a source of the Q and A
  72. 72.Drug called diamorphine when prescribed for pain relief
  73. 73.Charlie on brass is soft
  74. 74.The beautiful witch in the 1964-72 TV sitcom Bewitched
  75. 75.Gurnard in cans, Australian not English
  76. 76.Marine arthropod often seen in fossil form
  77. 77.____ played male and female school heads in 1950s British comedy films
  78. 78.Weight redistribution device used in winter walks
  79. 79.Pressure-relieving pad rejected? Bin it!
  80. 80.English Literature: Scriptwriter who created the Daleks
  81. 81.Bury up north picked up — Hearts knocked out
  82. 82.Author of the 1947 novel Under the Volcano
  83. 83.Enthusiasm's shown up with no little energy in scraps
  84. 84.Australian informal expression for 'unimpressive' — a British equivalent with one letter inserted
  85. 85.Troops caught by night in preparation as before
  86. 86.The Bible: In St Paul's writing, a charismatic preacher