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  1. 1.Italy?€™s most-visited art gallery, in Florence
  2. 2.People given to indulgence in pleasure and luxury
  3. 3.The ____ stone provided the key to the deciphering of ancient Egyptian texts
  4. 4.One a penny, two a penny pastry in a nursery rhyme
  5. 5.Housing for a ships compass
  6. 6.Outstanding, like famous entertainers
  7. 7.German composer whose first symphony took him 21 years to write
  8. 8.Move them to change aims to ensure the result you want
  9. 9.Football stadium or cricket ground in Manchester
  10. 10.The strait of ____, location of Charybdis in The Odyssey
  11. 11.Max Beerbohm novel, featuring mass drowning in Oxfords Eights Week
  12. 12.City on the Rhine; its gothic cathedral was the tallest building in the world, 1880-4
  13. 13.The first Bond film to star Pierce Brosnan
  14. 14.____ Dawg, US cartoon series with catchphrases Just a cotton-picking moment and Dagnabbit Muskie
  15. 15.Marshland plant used as a vegetable since antiquity
  16. 16.Cask-conditioned beers
  17. 17.Successor to Harold Macmillan as prime minister
  18. 18.West African country or the river that forms its boundary with Mauritania
  19. 19.Linen-weaver who adopts Eppie in a George Eliot novel
  20. 20.About six miles northwest of Ullapool, these include Tanera Mor and Tanera Beg
  21. 21.Saxonys capital, on the Elbe
  22. 22.US TV western series whose title sequence included a burning map
  23. 23.Large bird of prey with yellow-tipped head feathers
  24. 24.A possibly easier alternative to the original version of a musical passage
  25. 25.Rachel ____, Countdowns numbers girl
  26. 26.Title bestowed on Meghan Markle on her wedding day
  27. 27.Items to be crossed out
  28. 28.Presteigne was the county town of this former Welsh county
  29. 29.This fish is salted and smoked to produce a bloater
  30. 30.A nickname of the state of Virginia
  31. 31.In Il Trovatore, ____ is courted by the Count di Luna, but in love with Manrico
  32. 32.Peat moss
  33. 33.Glenda ____, actress and former Labour MP
  34. 34.Nickname for British commandos or US special forces
  35. 35.Former mining town in the Somerset coalfield
  36. 36.Member of a religion regarding Haile Selassie as a manifestation of God
  37. 37.Dark and gloomy, like a river in Hades
  38. 38.The hod carrier who dies in James Joyces final novel
  39. 39.____; or, The Lass that Loved a Sailor
  40. 40.Martin Freeman played ____ Baggins in The Hobbit films
  41. 41.Cats with a long body and a short brown coat with black or dark brown markings
  42. 42.The city where John of Gaunt was born
  43. 43.Worldwide crime-fighting organisation
  44. 44.Marcel Duchamp?€™s Fountain is a well-known example of this art form
  45. 45.Broadway or the West End, eg
  46. 46.States which are weaker than they seem
  47. 47.Vanessa Redgrave starred in this 1968 film about a pioneer of modern dance
  48. 48.Large black and tan rough-haired terrier
  49. 49.A triangle with angles of 60 degrees is ____
  50. 50.Rouen?€™s d?©partement
  51. 51.Type of cormorant which is not seen on inland water
  52. 52.Jean Simmons plays the title role in this 1954 historical movie, with Marlon Brando as Napoleon
  53. 53.A possible home for a billionaire
  54. 54.Privates ____, 1977 farce (later filmed) about camp song and dance shows in late 1940s Singapore
  55. 55.This may be plain, keema, or peshwari