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  1. 1.Turf in resort is back
  2. 2.Alphabetically, the fifth of Santa's reindeer
  3. 3.Sharpen up one making first appearance with trumpet
  4. 4.Rooster featured in the tales of Reynard the Fox
  5. 5.1 ____-hour = 3600 coulombs
  6. 6.Band on building? We catch set and what numbers do?
  7. 7.Team GB's flag bearer at the 2016 Olympic Games closing ceremony
  8. 8.Char's voice beginning to naff off
  9. 9.Writer and comedian whose famous roles include Edward Elizabeth Hitler
  10. 10.Stormy Daniels went very slowly
  11. 11.A member of the genus Rhinolophus
  12. 12.This woman with BA, say, pulled back a day's work up north
  13. 13.I think, therefore I am
  14. 14.Playwright who one might think was afraid of Christmas
  15. 15.Assume control over historic pain in cast - aargh!
  16. 16.Poet retaining fashionable narrative style ignored by New Wave
  17. 17.Poet whose most famous work was The Windhover
  18. 18.Loose, sleeveless outer garment of the Middle East
  19. 19.Strasbourg-born Jean (or Hans) ____ was a 20th-century poet, sculptor and abstract artist
  20. 20.Dire price paid out for being stuck on rock
  21. 21.Muhammad's rightful successor, according to Shia Muslims
  22. 22.Saki's struggling and writes out examinations
  23. 23.Sheep breed, originally from Spain, producing fine wool
  24. 24.The Australian national football team
  25. 25.To ____ oneself is to gain favour, often using flattery
  26. 26.Level in much-loved place where con was done to death
  27. 27."If you think that the ____ is not blowing hard enough, tone it down another shade or two" (Richard Strauss)
  28. 28.Scot's coal-yard close to kirk that is full of smoke
  29. 29.Traditional remedy for nettle stings
  30. 30.A motorcyclist might buy this from Watsonian Squire
  31. 31.Rock group fronted by Captain Beefheart
  32. 32.Bushy-tailed African is bizarrely red in South Africa
  33. 33.Jos Buttler's role in the current England test cricket team
  34. 34.Polaris is the brightest star in ____ Minor
  35. 35.One chosen to settle disputes
  36. 36.Spanish peninsula, its name reflecting the ancient Roman belief that it marked the end of the known world
  37. 37.Lower part of the alimentary canal
  38. 38.Pull a funny face about summer's last drink
  39. 39.Admit Military Intelligence infiltrated popular Red
  40. 40.Electrical property represented by the Greek letter omega
  41. 41.Language with a couple of laughable fallacies
  42. 42.Cleon's wife, who plots to kill Marina, in Pericles, Prince of Tyre
  43. 43.An alternative to "avifauna" as a term for an area's birds
  44. 44.Help spinning this form of fluke
  45. 45.Wonder Woman's main adversary is Dr Barbara Ann Minerva, aka The ____
  46. 46.Release a new series in Roman type
  47. 47.Former Birmingham City and Portsmouth footballer, currently head coach of the Senegal national team
  48. 48.Le Manoir's dainty is minute packing a bit of gorgeousness, agreed
  49. 49."I'm nothing special, in fact I'm a bit of a bore" is the first line of this Abba song
  50. 50.Message of respectful goodwill at the end of a letter
  51. 51.Ground where Beatle's introduction precedes every one
  52. 52.Author whose final novel, Silent Lady, was published four years after her death
  53. 53.One passionately disliked pulling off black top
  54. 54.Mineral sometimes called ruby of arsenic
  55. 55.Principal of conservators loads fragments
  56. 56.Bring something into position for (usually military) action
  57. 57.A little one's misrepresented Taggart's fraud
  58. 58."My wife is ____, but by whom?" (Sam Levenson)
  59. 59.Cobbled street which is one of Norwich's most famous landmarks
  60. 60.Holy humbug! Drink up, a German wife burst in
  61. 61.One flapping about National Trust sentence
  62. 62.New Romantic band which released the 1982 album The Lexicon of Love
  63. 63.UK online supermarket with no bricks and mortar shops
  64. 64.Old fence rarely gives up half - right time to "do" grass
  65. 65.Stirring drama about invasion force
  66. 66.South Africa's 55-mile Comrades marathon is run between the cities of ____ and Durban
  67. 67.Exhibition showing the development of an artist's work
  68. 68.Wrapped up in oneself
  69. 69.Net otherwise closed by Egypt
  70. 70.Responsibility, according to Winston Churchill
  71. 71.Cap is for French least exciting
  72. 72."I'm happy to report that my inner child is still ____" (James Broughton)
  73. 73.1984 romantic comedy starring JoBeth Williams and Tom Conti
  74. 74.In Bizet's opera, Carmen is normally sung by a ____
  75. 75.Take in new Tesco bag - it adds support
  76. 76.Undemanding literature regarded as suitable for holidaymakers
  77. 77.The held end of a string player's bow
  78. 78.A pinch of snuff, to a Scot
  79. 79.Dialect originating in southeastern China
  80. 80.Saints amongst those working tapestries

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Crossword Answers 911