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Date: 15-April-2018 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Answers 911

  1. 1.First of the major Hebrew prophets (OT)
  2. 2.Teflon
  3. 3.Lowest part of the small intestine
  4. 4.Pay attention to your ____, because everyone else will (Hillary Clinton)
  5. 5.Current manager of Chelsea FC
  6. 6.Large vase, typically with a pedestal or feet
  7. 7.Chess piece whose name possibly derives from a Persian word meaning “chariot”
  8. 8.Informal American name for one supporting democratic capitalism
  9. 9.Canadian jockey best known for riding Seabiscuit
  10. 10.Sea monster described by Milton as the hugest of living creatures
  11. 11.In the Middle East, a counterpoise device for gathering water
  12. 12.African mountain range named after a Greek Titan
  13. 13.Popular houseplant presented as a symbol of middle class values by George Orwell
  14. 14.In music, a slide from one note to another
  15. 15.Actress who played Kevins mother in We Need to Talk About Kevin
  16. 16.What Mumble is able to do in the 2006 film Happy Feet
  17. 17.Peter Shelley wrote and sang Alvin ____s 1973 debut hit My Coo-Ca-Choo
  18. 18.Gripping device at either end of a jump lead
  19. 19.A rolled and filled tortilla
  20. 20.TV broadcasting system used in most of Europe
  21. 21.Opening line of the Shelley poem To a Skylark
  22. 22.German-American pioneer of modernist architecture
  23. 23.A fortified retreat for a garrison
  24. 24.The poster tag line for this film was This is Benjamin. Hes a little worried about his future.
  25. 25.Novel whose first narrator is Mr Lockwood
  26. 26.Former republic whose territory is now divided between six European nations
  27. 27.The dried seeds of an Asian plantain, used in the treatment of dysentery
  28. 28.Martin ____ wrote the novel Times Arrow
  29. 29.100 cubic metres
  30. 30.Durable wood of the Tectona grandis tree
  31. 31.Long-handled spoon used for serving soup
  32. 32.Colloquially, both expensive and the northernmost area of Australias Northern Territory
  33. 33.Lack of worldliness
  34. 34.Capital de Andalucía
  35. 35.Indian side dish of yoghurt, typically with cucumber
  36. 36.Bill ____, cartoonist who created The Fosdyke Saga
  37. 37.Proprietary name of a disposable cleaning rag
  38. 38.In Spanish, a mule driver
  39. 39.Actress who won an Oscar for her role as Carol Connelly in As Good as It Gets
  40. 40.Writer of lyric poetry
  41. 41.Place of religious retreat
  42. 42.Holocaust survivor who wrote If This Is a Man
  43. 43.A ruler of the Church
  44. 44.Two-part collection of preludes and fugues for solo keyboard by Bach
  45. 45.Peninsula which is the only part of Egypt in Asia
  46. 46.Grassy area (often poetic)
  47. 47.A heavy but soft type of satin
  48. 48.The ____ Bengals have never won the Super Bowl
  49. 49.Number from which another is subtracted
  50. 50.Found in various places in a published work
  51. 51.1969 comedy western starring James Garner
  52. 52.The maidenhair tree
  53. 53.Means of world wide web access for small devices such as mobile phones