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  1. 1.Narghile and sheesha are other names for this pipe
  2. 2.His ____ is easy is the chorus ending part one of Handel?€™s Messiah
  3. 3.The 1970 England World Cup squad?€™s No 1 hit
  4. 4.Bird with distinctive ear tufts
  5. 5.Just after the boycotted 1980 Olympics, 100m winner Allan ____ beat the best Americans at a meeting in Koblenz
  6. 6.Athyrium filix-femina, a plant found in shady woodlands
  7. 7.Instrument with tuned metal bars and resonating tubes
  8. 8.Apfelwein is the German version of this drink
  9. 9.The black box which is actually orange
  10. 10.In boxing, a wild swinging punch
  11. 11.A policeman, informally in France
  12. 12.Windsor Davies and Donald Sinden played rival antique dealers in the sitcom Never the ____
  13. 13.Selected as a member of a jury
  14. 14.Hero of Greek myth, transformed into a stag and killed by his own hounds after seeing Artemis naked
  15. 15.A manoeuvre placing someone wrongly in the blame
  16. 16.William Jennings ____ was the losing Democratic candidate in three US presidential elections
  17. 17.Proverbial warning about unnecessary investigation
  18. 18.Game usually played with 144 tiles
  19. 19.Overseas department of France consisting mainly of the islands Basse-Terre and Grand-Terre
  20. 20.A haddock as prepared in Arbroath
  21. 21.The three-tiered version of this item is often used for afternoon tea
  22. 22.First Soviet space station programme, 1971-86
  23. 23.Of a statistical distribution, asymmetrical
  24. 24.____, I die a little (Cole Porter song lyric)
  25. 25.The parasite that causes scabies
  26. 26.Emperor of Japan for more than half of the 20th century
  27. 27.Nation bordered by Ghana, Burkina Faso and Benin
  28. 28.Paddy?€™s milestone off the coast of South Ayrshire
  29. 29.The enemy of Billy Yank in the American civil war
  30. 30.Corsica?€™s largest city, where Napoleon was born
  31. 31.Medium-sized antelope of eastern and southern Africa
  32. 32.Benign tumour of epithelial tissue with glandular origin and/or characteristics
  33. 33.Island where British-style pillar and telephone boxes are painted blue
  34. 34.Apocryphal book about a religious Israelite and (mostly) his son
  35. 35.In French, a flash of lightning; in English, a cake filled with cream
  36. 36.A tractor unit and multiple trailers
  37. 37.Terry ____ was both captain and manager of Arsenal
  38. 38.Host city of the 1952 Winter Olympics
  39. 39.A meat and vegetable stew, especially one with sauce added just before cooking ends
  40. 40.William ____ is best known for the book Rural Rides
  41. 41.Richard Doddridge ____ wrote Lorna Doone
  42. 42.German dramatist Frank ____?€™s best-known plays were the basis of Alban Berg?€™s opera Lulu
  43. 43.Pesto ingredient
  44. 44.A London market, or profane language
  45. 45.Vitamin B3
  46. 46.French poet born Wilhelm Apollinaris de Kostrowitzky
  47. 47.Officer ____ was the main human character in Top Cat
  48. 48.A description of most trees at this time of year
  49. 49.The poet among the three founders of the Pre-Raphaelite brotherhood
  50. 50.Euphemistically, reprobate
  51. 51.North American equivalent of grill
  52. 52.Winning is a ____. Unfortunately so is losing. (Vince Lombardi)
  53. 53.The oldest living former world chess champion
  54. 54.Dry white wine from Italy?€™s Veneto region