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  1. 1.Codename for the Allied operation to invade Normandy which began on D-Day in 1944
  2. 2.Sulphur left out, paint mostly blended as before
  3. 3.Part of the northern Mediterranean, between Corsica and the Italian Riviera
  4. 4.Indifferent couple of broadcasts heard
  5. 5.The Green Party's first MP who has held the Brighton Pavilion seat since 2010
  6. 6.Shelter mentioned earlier taking cases
  7. 7.Hanna-Barbera cartoon series combining 1960s lifestyles with a prehistoric setting
  8. 8.Small sandpiper with a brown back and black breast in summer
  9. 9.Reveal lady's bust
  10. 10.Undeciphered writing system, used in ancient Crete
  11. 11.Morse with two idiots wanting leads
  12. 12.As Geoffrey Crayon, ____ wrote a Sketch Book with stories including The Legend of Sleepy Hollow
  13. 13.Driver has week in Glasgow, thoroughly wet there
  14. 14.A drawing pencil made of an amorphous form of carbon
  15. 15.Master bitten by dog — what language!
  16. 16.Characters such as Molière's Alceste
  17. 17.Composed of stone
  18. 18.Home town of Strictly Come Dancing's Kevin Clifton
  19. 19.One vote's nothing for this looker
  20. 20.On Metropolitan line, former chief's one up front
  21. 21.Radio producer Douglas ____'s work included the premiere of Under Milk Wood in 1954
  22. 22.Fourth estate
  23. 23.Nationality of the inhabitants of Streymoy and Eysturoy
  24. 24.Art Nouveau designer René ____ was noted for frosted glassware
  25. 25.Illicit whiskey (term for it even in Chambers)
  26. 26.Dutch or Huguenot colonists who settled in South Africa
  27. 27.Kid tucking into last pieces of delicious sponge cake
  28. 28.Group of Dutch artists and architects of the 1920s which included Mondrian and Van Doesburg
  29. 29.Segment of the spine
  30. 30.Metal ornamentation, with engraved areas filled with a black compound
  31. 31.A row right away over the French watercolour
  32. 32.Employed or found on dry land near a coast
  33. 33.Potter role put in play
  34. 34.Civic leader of Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen, or Dundee
  35. 35.The ultimate recipient of a product being sold
  36. 36.Record damned poet's revealed
  37. 37.Maurice ____, French vaudeville actor whose dancing partner was Mistinguett
  38. 38.The setting for Twelfth Night
  39. 39.Take tea before noon and you fancy ceremony with it
  40. 40.Units on a royal ship
  41. 41.County town on the River Nene
  42. 42.Bread dipped in egg and milk, and then fried
  43. 43.Southern Ireland introduces rolling maul that's feigned
  44. 44.Port on the Gulf of Guinea: its country's capital until 1991
  45. 45.As quick as lightning!
  46. 46.Makeshift court house during stoppage accepted
  47. 47.Large cooking apples
  48. 48.General coming from local, left in charge
  49. 49.A ____'s Ring is received by each pope at his inauguration
  50. 50.Join pieces of wood, say, dropping over for ditch outwork
  51. 51.The ____ Protectorate became Botswana in 1966
  52. 52.Nickname of the Second World War RAF commander-in-chief who oversaw attacks on Berlin and Nuremberg in 1944
  53. 53.Shock as before leaving New York is concerning
  54. 54.Gertie Gitana's famous musical hall song, with a chorus starting "There's an old mill by the stream”
  55. 55.Creased skirt in reproduction, nothing excluded
  56. 56.2018 historical drama film starring Saoirse Ronan as the eponymous royal
  57. 57.Leader retiring can secure backing re early transitional period
  58. 58.The Five ____ is one of the Lord Peter Wimsey mysteries by Dorothy L Sayers
  59. 59.Journal agreed Hard Times novel for comic
  60. 60.____ of Spring is the third of Sinding's Six Pieces for piano
  61. 61.Fenced with royal support so to speak
  62. 62.Flatter fairway, champion's flourished
  63. 63.The ____, Nathaniel Hawthorne's novel about the adulteress Hester Prynne
  64. 64.Takes off a cape
  65. 65.A dish made with sheets of pasta
  66. 66.____ whales are those with throat grooves, including minkes and humpbacks
  67. 67.Bugle-call from large room on American Long Island
  68. 68.Growth in wine-making? Look in France and Florida
  69. 69.English silver coin worth four pence, only rarely issued after the 16th century
  70. 70.In Dad's Army, William Hodges is a greengrocer and ____
  71. 71.Insectivorous bird with long downward-pointing bill and long pointed wings and tail
  72. 72.Likeness of embryonic tissue
  73. 73.Timber producer okays different screening type
  74. 74.Eurasian swallow with white and bluish-black plumage
  75. 75.Ma in concert edition was very unsettled
  76. 76.Lacking generality
  77. 77.Frank Hornby's mostly metal toy patented in 1907
  78. 78.The USA's 'Magnolia State
  79. 79.Former simply vile rule ignored
  80. 80.Tallis's 'Spem in Alium' is a ____ with 40 singing parts
  81. 81.Adult view in Pennsylvania shows a clumsy type
  82. 82.A painting which gives a convincing illusion of three-dimensional reality
  83. 83.Mushroom-shaped arrangement of pieces of rock supporting a haystack or other food store
  84. 84.Relish removing top recently? Long ago
  85. 85.Not 'England's green and pleasant land'!
  86. 86.An alternative name for the Book of Revelation
  87. 87.Character well-informed on refined oil in tin
  88. 88.MP for Aberavon, married to former Danish PM, Helle Thorning-Schmidt
  89. 89.Jam sandwiches soft for a little girl
  90. 90.British-born, but naturalised US poet who wrote Funeral Blues
  91. 91.Dismal old blunt head in Lancing
  92. 92.A series of related novels, like The Forsyte Saga