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Date: 1-January-2019 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Answers 911

  1. 1.Mineral appearing in certain ground
  2. 2.Sponges on one endlessly day after day, American feller!
  3. 3.Revolutionary solarium's offering to put in some opera and swimming facilities
  4. 4.Fizzy drink readily available after second one's flat?
  5. 5.Eleven in Rome putting forward old philosopher
  6. 6.Stop sticking smug nurse's exhibits up
  7. 7.Instrument requiring practice in it by 5th of October — no later
  8. 8.Half-inch tip cut from article in secrecy
  9. 9.Nonjurors maybe people getting on with case for unions
  10. 10.Character joining Welsh and UK politicians sharing Mass on odd Sundays
  11. 11.Increasingly convinced earlier tablet's lacking bite
  12. 12.Catch vizier slyly dismissing one royal heir
  13. 13.Workers, abuzz, gather in this seedy Cairo club
  14. 14.Manager runs in upset to provoke a little laughter
  15. 15.Sea vessel getting thus to harbour area
  16. 16.Team quietly welcome, with signs of hesitation, boxer's muscle
  17. 17.Last article dispatched before raising a female tree spirit
  18. 18.The same, gracious, description of church roof?
  19. 19.Two shakes detaching bottom from type of bag
  20. 20.Bores, first rate, and without blame, lacking heart, and never ending
  21. 21.A number of Poles performing after tea
  22. 22.Fashionable binding round middle of area of foot
  23. 23.Dinosaurs in modern times mostly bound to embrace queen
  24. 24.Fuel recycled, since uninitialled order returned
  25. 25.Offend first king in speech about son being a right twister!
  26. 26.Area of pitch out left covered by female magician
  27. 27.A debt collector caught with a crook
  28. 28.Listening device, one about to be replaced with a fibre

Crossword Answers 911