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Date: 1-December-2018 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Answers 911

  1. 1.Minor software problem that produces shrill reports?
  2. 2.A bright girl, possibly loud
  3. 3.Discarded bits of gold line considered magical reflected American vanities
  4. 4.... and by military training: ____ militaris, Livy 1.19.4
  5. 5.Release Australian plant-eater south of grassland
  6. 6.An ethnonym for Turnus, eg Aen. 9.728 (nom. requiris)
  7. 7.I deeply lament abuse about climate indicators
  8. 8.Guard posts, forces (milit.)
  9. 9.Tricky to read clue free of impurities amenable to solution
  10. 10.Woodland, grove: nemus, saltus, lucus
  11. 11.Crippled by indecision, regularly ignored and upset: chill out, brah!
  12. 12.Violent bishop accepted by God passed easily in America, having leather straps
  13. 13.Under, below, prep. with abl. and acc.
  14. 14.Hazards and risks: casus (4th), fortasse
  15. 15.Stick with bent head master in jug?
  16. 16.A mountain, either i) on Crete, ii) SE of Troy
  17. 17.Reluctant to wear headless dummy's strip
  18. 18.Haec ____: let these things happen
  19. 19.Poisonous smoke with auto fouled by internal-combustion
  20. 20.Too, also, and also: quoque
  21. 21.I repair junk: I live in Philippine mountains
  22. 22.Recently discovered papyrus: papyrus nuper ____
  23. 23.Recall Noah's son, mostly groomed within religious schools
  24. 24.Filius Neptuni concham habet, vide Ovidi Metam. 1 et 2
  25. 25.Prisoner releases a one-pound rodent
  26. 26.She begs: implorat, quaesit
  27. 27.One has permission to set about guenon monkey raised for forest-dwellers
  28. 28.That woman of yours, those things of yours
  29. 29.Must for fermenting?
  30. 30.THE loyal friend (acc.): fidum Aeneas adfatur ____, Aen. 10.332
  31. 31."Overarching” philanthropist hot on ostrich cages
  32. 32.Grass (illa quae a hortulano resecatur, non delator)
  33. 33.Birchbark-oiled leather tent of Siberia with right side cut off almost-lowest part?
  34. 34.Before, in front of (prep. with abl.)
  35. 35.Reminder that there's potassium in long green fruit
  36. 36.Catfish killed when coming from the bottom
  37. 37.Christian soldier statues were buried here in China
  38. 38.Properly, he affirms, asserts; in epic simply, he says
  39. 39.US president more than half crazy, exhibiting array of bloomers
  40. 40.You'll watch on your own
  41. 41.Aberdeen's distant: return its grant to stop minor injury
  42. 42.Auctor's answer when you ask who made this puzzle?
  43. 43.Object for lawyers is to protect witch and plug cracks in one's case?
  44. 44.He shakes (intrans. and trans.)
  45. 45.Proper lives led by instant messaging in the first place
  46. 46.Last and greatest male
  47. 47.Once reproachful former right-winger gathering for support?
  48. 48.Adv. by chance, perhaps; subs. n. nom., acc. sing. strength
  49. 49.Intensity of warmth, both reduced by flapping true spotted cloth
  50. 50.Most rough, superlatively crude
  51. 51.Bring up half-forgotten Hawaiian dress scandal a few days before a feast
  52. 52.An instance of misspeaking? Slip of the tongue
  53. 53.Ruddy six-footer as Walloon's rival?
  54. 54.I pursue or I vigorously follow