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  1. 1.The only winner of three Olympic 100m freestyle golds
  2. 2.People fleeing to escape prosecution or punishment
  3. 3.Asian pear variety which is not "pear-shaped”
  4. 4.Frame marking one square metre areas in plant research
  5. 5."That's me darling. ____ places, ____ love affairs” (Sally Bowles, in the 1972 Cabaret film)
  6. 6.The river ____ flows through Carlisle to the Solway Firth
  7. 7.British commander at the battle of Omdurman, who later appeared on a First World War recruitment poster
  8. 8.In Greek myth, the personification of the evening star
  9. 9.Euphemistic description of bad sporting performance
  10. 10.Wine, windows and coal were all once ____ in Britain
  11. 11.Version of "pale”, normally describing faces (5)
  12. 12.According to an Office for Budget Responsibility forecast, Britain's state ____ could reach 70 by the mid-2060s
  13. 13.The largest square in Paris
  14. 14.____ set a new record for a single-handed circumnavigation of the world in 2005
  15. 15.In eastern India, the Ganges splits into the ____ and Hooghly
  16. 16.Joint for which the Latin is cubitum
  17. 17.The ____ coast is a tourist destination on the gulf of Salerno
  18. 18.List of passengers and cargo on a plane or ship
  19. 19.An Englishman after whom a US state capital is named
  20. 20.Philosopher, one of very few Germans commemorated in Kaliningrad, formerly Konigsberg
  21. 21.____ engineering adds or removes DNA
  22. 22.1990 teen musical romantic comedy film starring Johnny Depp as the eponymous character
  23. 23."____, could, would — they are contemptible auxiliaries” (George Eliot)
  24. 24.Disease also known as hog cholera
  25. 25.The Bayer pharmaceutical company is based in this city in North Rhine-Westphalia
  26. 26.Northernmost point on Great Britain's mainland
  27. 27.Historic Methodist church in London's City Road
  28. 28.In ice skating, a toe jump taking off from a back inside edge and landing on the back outside edge of the opposite foot
  29. 29.Long gun of the 15th century
  30. 30.A participant in certain online auctions
  31. 31.Indonesian ____ was added to Unesco's Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 2009
  32. 32.In Scotland, a reel, jig or strathspey
  33. 33.Town, lake and canton in French-speaking Switzerland
  34. 34.In astronomy, a point on the celestial sphere at which the ecliptic intersects the celestial equator
  35. 35.Birmingham's ____ building appears in a Windows 7 desktop background
  36. 36.1961 film which ends with a search for a cat
  37. 37.In 1979, Pietro ____ set a 200m world record in Mexico City, which is still the European record
  38. 38.Terence Rattigan play of 1976, surprisingly for one actor
  39. 39.Light brown type of sugar, originally from Guyana
  40. 40.Hornless cattle breed, originally from northeast Scotland
  41. 41.An electron or positron emitted in radioactive decay
  42. 42.Bicycle ____ Man was a parody superhero in a Monty Python sketch
  43. 43.The ____ of Greece were 6th-century BC philosophers and politicians renowned for wisdom
  44. 44.Baked dessert containing caramelised fruit
  45. 45.English city name translating another Down answer
  46. 46.Fantastical creature functioning as a long waterspout
  47. 47.Gitega has recently replaced Bujumbura as the capital of ____
  48. 48.Yeast is used to ____ dough
  49. 49.Tony ____ won one grand slam title in singles and thirteen in doubles, twelve with John Newcombe
  50. 50.Siberian city where Dostoyevsky was imprisoned
  51. 51.Middle-Easterner said to be in a pub, wet
  52. 52.Since no longer used, import not concluded
  53. 53.No Parking in rise is a policy reversal
  54. 54.Pen myth about sexy girl
  55. 55.Row with footballer perhaps left out — he must settle tax bills
  56. 56.Clubs to break old rule for French writer
  57. 57.Person at square one not half taken aback by protuberances
  58. 58.Network screens so much of a strip
  59. 59.England opener's smashing cricket shot
  60. 60.One's absorbed by soft and hard hats for cricketers
  61. 61.Free party in smallest room gets squid
  62. 62.Not entirely cool person in jug
  63. 63.Dress nattier with no end of satin?
  64. 64.Erratic alto surprisingly outside on pedestals
  65. 65.Lord's back, fat and stupid
  66. 66.Hard work as before, Harry of Spurs and England's special up front
  67. 67.Hospital supplies coming from Sweden are defective
  68. 68.Head admits good attack upset reserves
  69. 69.Rough sound made by donkey on losing tail?
  70. 70.A time for Pastor in sole US city
  71. 71.Injured right away getting round pit lined with stones
  72. 72.Fruit and nuts not started
  73. 73.Bury more acceptable for a heat exchanger
  74. 74.Warriors involved in counter-claim pilloried
  75. 75.Old battle-axe in dispute beginning to trouble husband
  76. 76.Boy reportedly discarded sharp instrument
  77. 77.Dot in Perth has ring about right
  78. 78.Chicken and duck from France (not North America) getting official cautions
  79. 79.Beetle in brief trip ahead of international sport
  80. 80.Emperor comes first and sues

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