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The Times Specialist Crossword Answers -24-March-2019
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  1. 1.Soldiers keeping traditional fiddle for dances
  2. 2.Sees, but not dioceses!
  3. 3.Review of Stir Crazy brought up
  4. 4.Scottish engineer, dubbed 'Colossus of Roads' by his friend Robert Southey
  5. 5.Fish caught by English angler taking day off
  6. 6.Dry white wine made in Burgundy's Côte de Beaune
  7. 7.Being unable to go to session abroad, ring off
  8. 8.Tropical American shrub of the vervain family with flamboyant spikes of orange flowers
  9. 9.Philosopher provided packing cases
  10. 10.Fred ____ played piano and sang I Won't Dance in the 1935 musical film Roberta
  11. 11.Nigerians having success in New England
  12. 12.Knighted actor who said 'Acting is a masochistic form of exhibitionism. It is not quite the occupation of an adult.
  13. 13.Almost reach behind duck and antelope
  14. 14.Medieval parade ridiculing (eg) an unfaithful husband
  15. 15.2014 comedy drama film starring Jodi Rutherford as Katie McGrath
  16. 16.Muse about retaining pink in moulds
  17. 17.En français, let's get back to the matter in hand
  18. 18.Is leaving French port with vintage alcohol in jug
  19. 19.Computer-animated 2005 DreamWorks film about animals from Central Park Zoo living in an island jungle
  20. 20.Johan Cruyff played for and managed this football team
  21. 21.One's bound to follow Bible's lead?
  22. 22.1997 animated film, retelling the childhood of Tsar Nicholas II's daughter, voiced by Meg Ryan
  23. 23.Miles away, most prattle in Finno-Ugric tongue
  24. 24.Impede the motion of
  25. 25.An authoritative decree
  26. 26.Odd people around winning post facing eastern ornamental trees
  27. 27.3, in cards or dice
  28. 28.Ferdinand, say is in ward getting a string instrument
  29. 29.Someone ____ something is determined to get it
  30. 30.The playing positions on this mixed gender basketball team's roster include 'showman
  31. 31.Bright orange colouring matter obtained from the seeds of a tropical American tree
  32. 32.Byes regrettably brought about expression of shock
  33. 33.The ____ magazine was the first colour supplement in a UK newspaper
  34. 34.Sounds like sword handle
  35. 35.Meadowland on the south bank of the Thames near Egham where a historic signing was held in 1215
  36. 36.Weapon coming from European capital after internal switch
  37. 37.Attempting
  38. 38.German playwright has British cast to be authentic
  39. 39.Best-selling song of John Lennon's solo career
  40. 40.Poetry relaxes right away
  41. 41.Basis of a belief or course of action
  42. 42.It's a busy town in Piedmont
  43. 43.Princely state of north-central India, annexed by Britain in 1856
  44. 44.Standards of comparatively racy Sun
  45. 45.Australian tennis player who won 12 Grand Slam singles titles including Wimbledon in 1964 and 1965
  46. 46.Cliff and father run away
  47. 47.The only breed of monkey to live in the wild in Europe
  48. 48.See string of onions reduced supply
  49. 49.Changes of wave frequency causing the rise and fall of pitch as a train passes you
  50. 50.Cash on No 1 returns, enjoying success
  51. 51.The ____ of Liff, Douglas Adams's book of place names which describe feelings or items for which no English term exists
  52. 52.Lake District reservoir serving Manchester
  53. 53.Uninhibited types during half-term making one cross
  54. 54.In 1982, the Prince of Wales gave a royal warrant to ____ as a motor car manufacturer
  55. 55.Cave shelters small Russian mammal
  56. 56.Tradename for adhesive bandages
  57. 57.This duke's seat is Inveraray Castle
  58. 58.Sealed bid regularly rejected as useless
  59. 59.____ became bishop of Tours in AD371 and founded the nearby Marmoutier Abbey
  60. 60.Pain lad suffers on outskirts of run is stitch
  61. 61.Johann Strauss operetta which includes Adele's Laughing Song
  62. 62.Term of address to a Portuguese girl
  63. 63.Making one Fellow independent head of classics after one-on-one
  64. 64.Former mining town in the Rhondda where Churchill sent troops to reinforce police facing rioting miners in 1910
  65. 65.Saints in port — it should attract attention
  66. 66.Statesman who wrote Coningsby
  67. 67.The ____, Scott Joplin rag used as theme music for The Sting
  68. 68.Fuel supplied by the Standard Oil Company of New Jersey
  69. 69.Struggled again losing money - it's a racket!
  70. 70.Cricketer Ben ____ holds the record for England's fastest ever Test double-century
  71. 71.Reverberation from breech? OK
  72. 72.A very small square tile of stone used in mosaics
  73. 73.Not entirely luxurious sign of more to come
  74. 74.Terry ____ lived and worked with Gavin Maxwell at Camusfearna and was later a co-presenter of Animal Magic with Johnny Morris
  75. 75.Perhaps mountain pasture is reflected in temporary lakes
  76. 76.The Royal Northern Sinfonia is based at Sage ____, which was designed by Norman Foster and opened in 2004
  77. 77.Part of a lathe behind block
  78. 78.Music for trombone, cello or bassoon may use the ____
  79. 79.Money in Peru once close? No mate!
  80. 80.Draw a weapon from its case
  81. 81.Embodiment of justice emerges, catching mood in Scotland
  82. 82.Member of Les Six who composed the surrealist ballet Le Boeuf sur le toit
  83. 83.Rejoicing and being cock-a-hoop: laetans et ovans
  84. 84.I shall be what you are: quod es ____
  85. 85.____ dea: the goddess herself (so-called determinative pronoun)
  86. 86.Alone you stand
  87. 87.You may be a sibling, a nun, a nurse
  88. 88.Lit., by root therefore, by family line: radice, genere
  89. 89.It stirs or disturbs: agitat, ciet (a rare verb but one well worth knowing)
  90. 90.Turni sortem ____: the unjust lot of Turnus, confer Aen. 12.243
  91. 91.Postpositive assertive conj., for — in usu confer, nam
  92. 92.Very best superl. adv. derived from bonus, -a, -um
  93. 93.Bring me sunshine', Morecambe and Wise
  94. 94.I carry across, I copy out, I translate
  95. 95.My pronoun (m. gen. sing., inter alia)
  96. 96.Eagerness, zeal (2nd decl. n.)
  97. 97.It increases (intrans.), it redoubles (trans.)
  98. 98.Through (used in most of the modern senses), prep. + acc.
  99. 99.Most sharp or bitter: per iocum dicam 'most like a maple tree
  100. 100.Oxen (3rd n.): poculi calidi reminisceris
  101. 101.They seize and carry off: sic iuvenes Romani illas iuvenes Sabinorum
  102. 102.Let's eat, mangiamo
  103. 103.Doubt, uncertainty: dubitatio, ____ (3rd f.)
  104. 104.Mea ____ est caruisse Urbe: my sadness is to have missed the City
  105. 105.Sum, ____, fui, futurum
  106. 106.One banished, eg Alcmaeon Ovid Met. 9.409 (3rd common gender)
  107. 107.He burned (lit. on fire but also metaph. consumed by any emotion)
  108. 108.A bride or young woman (think Greek)
  109. 109.One setting of the sitcom Gavin & Stacey
  110. 110.A story about the old man that took astronomical measurements
  111. 111.Richard of York gave battle in vain' for example
  112. 112.Beirut is the capital of this country
  113. 113.Satire performed receives stick? The opposite
  114. 114.Blow, blow, thou winter wind / Thou art not so unkind / As man's ____' (As You Like It)
  115. 115.Old soldier, a bit of a nut left to pass away
  116. 116.Greek Muse of tragedy
  117. 117.Vagrant in street, exhausted person
  118. 118.____ paper may also be used for dictionaries
  119. 119.Less inclined to show bias as female broadcaster?
  120. 120.Rappel
  121. 121.Follower of Jesus in Chinese city
  122. 122.Wading bird of the sandpiper family with long, downcurved bill
  123. 123.What could be boring for Scot? Terrible English — no good!
  124. 124.Winterbourne is the suitor in this 1879 novella by Henry James
  125. 125.Flog WI produce maybe — second-rate/satisfactory?
  126. 126.Part of the body to which the word "ungual” applies
  127. 127.Fibrous plant in very small area east of heath
  128. 128.An alternative to 'strength' and 'schnapps' as an eight-letter word with one vowel
  129. 129.Time to face mistake about charge — legal resolution needed
  130. 130.Changing position to gain advantage
  131. 131.Polish nails inappropriately inside quiet hotel
  132. 132.Current top-ranked British male tennis player
  133. 133.As before, observe flood in which fish flips over
  134. 134.Church partition surmounted by a crucifix, many of which were destroyed in the Reformation
  135. 135.Vessel making speed interrupted by bar
  136. 136.Informally, the Treaty of Friendship, Cooperation and Mutual Assistance
  137. 137.Is everything found in a last resort?
  138. 138.1971 novel by V S Naipaul, winner of that year's Booker Prize
  139. 139.The centimetre-gram-second unit of work
  140. 140.____ played Esmerelda in the 1957 film The Hunchback of Notre Dame
  141. 141.Spiders one's found in region
  142. 142.To soak in liquid to loosen fibres
  143. 143.ampshire town as before
  144. 144.The ____, popular title of Skrik by Edvard Munch
  145. 145.Local official in Anglo-Saxon England
  146. 146.Wonderful to tell (Latin)
  147. 147.Invalid sadly losing pounds — protein required
  148. 148.Alphabet used for Slavonic languages
  149. 149.I'm in a financial scheme with others — there's money in cosmetic stuff
  150. 150.Protagonist of Gustave Flaubert's debut novel
  151. 151.Language of old group of people enthralling a number
  152. 152.The 'man-cub' of stories by Rudyard Kipling
  153. 153.Spanish province between Malaga and Almeria
  154. 154.Items of furniture, especially in kitchens
  155. 155.This old language sounds dull
  156. 156.Cricketer who captained England in the early 1960s
  157. 157.German sausage
  158. 158.Old characters in NZ settlement with toilet on island
  159. 159.Feeding on any kind of food available
  160. 160.Big old footballing boy keeping order
  161. 161.To do something 'pour ____ les bourgeois' is to attempt to create a sensation
  162. 162.Record chief troublemaker in Greek province
  163. 163.The slow ____ is a nocturnal primate
  164. 164.Some viewers' areas had planned activities time set up
  165. 165.Fictional detective introduced in The Mysterious Affair at Styles
  166. 166.Money pursued by academic sharks
  167. 167.She cut her hair and her ties to the past' is an example of this figure of speech
  168. 168.American food in small East End home we fancy?
  169. 169.Easternmost point on the Republic of Ireland's mainland
  170. 170.Invention with one not quiet showing vanity
  171. 171.New town in Hertfordshire; birthplace of golfer Nick Faldo
  172. 172.Word of appreciation by fellow for meat dish
  173. 173.Pension off
  174. 174.Playwright's run
  175. 175.The oldest male tennis player to play in two Grand Slam finals in the same year (1974)
  176. 176.Position of soldier that's horrible without support — start to panic
  177. 177.The last character to speak in Hamlet
  178. 178.____, Carrick and Cumnock is a Scottish parliamentary constituency created in 2005
  179. 179.A large merchant sailing ship
  180. 180.Spots patterns
  181. 181.An ____ order allows search and seizure of evidence without warning
  182. 182.Cheese in cake always
  183. 183.The original 'It girl
  184. 184.Gordon Ramsay has recently added a vegan ____ to the menu at his Bread Street Kitchen
  185. 185.The herb Salvia officinalis
  186. 186.Unpopular doctor with pained expression, college type
  187. 187.____ is fine — but human nature is finer' (John Keats)
  188. 188.Proper friend in the first place
  189. 189.Canadian province to the east of Ontario
  190. 190.Small red fruit, rich in vitamin C
  191. 191.The pop duo of Richard Drummie and Peter Cox
  192. 192.Growing as twins at home beset by rage
  193. 193.Type of snake which gives birth to live young
  194. 194.A second degree restricts one ultimately — one doesn't have much of a life!
  195. 195.Cum ____: at daybreak (abl. sing. 5th), eg Ovid Met. 13.677
  196. 196.Hastam ____ vito: I dodge the spear which has been flung
  197. 197.Bears (non 'portat' sed quae consolantur dormientes puerulos)
  198. 198.They will be able: quibunt
  199. 199.Spoils stripped off from the enemy (f. pl): praeda, spolia
  200. 200.Be afraid! Metue, formida, pavorem habe!

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