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  1. 1.Actors employed to play roles in the absence of principals
  2. 2.Small harpsichord with obliquely set strings
  3. 3."War should never be entered upon until every ____ of peace has failed” (US president William McKinley)
  4. 4.American TV host who married Portia de Rossi in 2008
  5. 5.Statesman imprisoned by Charles I for advocating parliamentary rights
  6. 6.In Dostoevsky's The Devils, the novelist Karmazinov is a caricature of Ivan ____
  7. 7.Lincolnshire village; stage name of stand-up comedian and musician James Rogers
  8. 8.Alternative to Spar as a "symbol group” supplying convenience shops in the British Isles
  9. 9.Create a word like "chnage” or "Cathoilic”
  10. 10.The second section of this Alexander Pope poem begins "Know then thyself, presume not God to scan”
  11. 11.Causing cold or freezing
  12. 12.Japanese tennis player currently ranked world No 1
  13. 13.US Secretary of the Treasury, 1921-32, and co-founder of an institute which is now part of a Pittsburgh university
  14. 14.Of protesters, contained in an enclosed area
  15. 15.Accessory mounting on a camera
  16. 16.Edward Lear nonsense poem inspired by the ruler of a mountainous area in present-day Pakistan
  17. 17.Serbia's capital
  18. 18.Real name of 3 Down and location of 4 Down
  19. 19.Mass of lymphoid tissue at either side of the back of the throat
  20. 20.To make Saxon blue dye, dissolve ____ in concentrated sulphuric acid
  21. 21.Daniel ____ is Nicaragua's current president
  22. 22.Irish jockey who in 1998 became the youngest to win a classic race
  23. 23.In the shape of a nail or claw
  24. 24.Level of proficiency in Japanese martial arts
  25. 25.Comedian often seen with a flying helmet and goggles
  26. 26.TV series featuring the members of a comedy troupe of the same name, formed in 1995
  27. 27.City served by Indira Gandhi International Airport
  28. 28.____ Blofeld, an arch-enemy of James Bond
  29. 29.Membrane enveloping the lungs
  30. 30.The first contestant to leave the 2018 series of I'm a Celebrity. . . Get Me Out of Here!
  31. 31."Fools are my ____, let satire be my song” (Byron)
  32. 32.Series of five novels by James Fenimore Cooper
  33. 33.Settlers in southern Britain in the late 4th century
  34. 34.King of Judah, succeeded by Jehoshaphat
  35. 35.Tradename for hydrocarbon formerly used in refrigeration
  36. 36.2006 film starring Jason Statham as Chev Chelios
  37. 37.Actress for whom George Bernard Shaw wrote the title role in Saint Joan
  38. 38.The best-selling type of salad dressing in the US since 1992
  39. 39.Lord Sepulchrave, Steerpike and Barquentine appear in this fantasy fiction series
  40. 40.Lancashire town at the eastern end of the M65
  41. 41.The Battle of Laing's ____ took place in the first Boer war
  42. 42.The ____ virus causes a fever, endemic in west Africa
  43. 43.South African opener, the only batsman to carry his bat in two test matches in the same calendar year (2018)
  44. 44.The ____ of Cats — a difficult matter according to a TS Eliot poem
  45. 45.Greek muse often depicted holding a musical instrument
  46. 46.Red (occasionally white) wine of northern Spain
  47. 47.Green anthropomorphic dinosaur in Nintendo video games
  48. 48.Bespectacled character in Walt Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
  49. 49.Animal is a sort without tail given extra protection
  50. 50.A rodent rolling over in bracken
  51. 51.Ranters upset about nothing turned up
  52. 52.Ache in gym — jump into bath, as before?
  53. 53.Pet making beastly noise in school
  54. 54.Small stone to irritate young animal
  55. 55.Unrighteousness gets rash Adam tormented, blessedness finally gone
  56. 56.Inclination to make a lot pay?
  57. 57.Written in haste, a nasty line
  58. 58.Son here is unaccompanied?
  59. 59.A kit brought out for treatment of fabric
  60. 60.Prisoner catching disease in the bottom once
  61. 61.Piece of lead finally fixed to bar
  62. 62.Friends outside tiptop dance-hall
  63. 63.Exclusive class does badly for fool
  64. 64.Season not quiet with drink in area of market
  65. 65.Faculty curtailed, from that time long ago
  66. 66.Material I once got in Devon? Length of it at home brought back
  67. 67.The old man, holy saint, is supporter of Rome
  68. 68.A subject for discussion making one hypersensitive
  69. 69.System of exercises mostly hard for an old character
  70. 70.Eminence of member of family with superior power
  71. 71.House that's turned over in crime story
  72. 72.Positive declaration once liked except for beginning and end
  73. 73.Like a terrible letter presented by a church fellow in ceremony
  74. 74.Naked chaps looking silly somehow sped off to get a coat
  75. 75.Fellow with an attempt to restrict a Scot getting hold of land once
  76. 76.Fired-up troublemaker having period inside, one of a young group?
  77. 77.Concerning vision, artist is held to be prophetic
  78. 78.Something that aids medicinal supply
  79. 79.More than one snipe gets away, heading off
  80. 80.What sounds like cookin' apple
  81. 81.Lathi's wielded in part of India
  82. 82.Look briefly, finally climbing on to flat piece of rock
  83. 83.Old purse fashioned in calf is cracking
  84. 84.Dope getting left in valley
  85. 85.She fills out (v. trans.)
  86. 86.Plain field, an open space eg ____ Martius
  87. 87.I'm free — Mr Humphries in 'Are You Being Served
  88. 88.You will not want' to get lunch ready: ____ prandium parare
  89. 89.Lit. I handed over, ergo in metaphora, I taught
  90. 90.He will call to account or abusively address (someone)
  91. 91.It is heard
  92. 92.One of two
  93. 93.Arbitrator: hunc 'iudicem' in foro disceptantem
  94. 94.I took or chose: sumo, sumere, ____, sumptum
  95. 95.I'm going to swim: sic dixit ante cursum Ellie Simmonds
  96. 96.They may go out for leave (iussive subj.)
  97. 97.In battle: pugna et certamine
  98. 98.What Richard III wanted more than his kingdom
  99. 99.She who's been wound up
  100. 100.To be asked, eg Plautus Asinaria 181
  101. 101.It stops, he checks
  102. 102.He had presented a gift: donum ____
  103. 103.Suffering (common gender ppl. of a deponent verb)
  104. 104.Interim
  105. 105.Like the bloke who's behind schedule
  106. 106.In ____ luxuriae: in the lap of luxury
  107. 107.I'm not here, I'm failing
  108. 108.Stars which are not on the stage (2nd decl. neut.)
  109. 109.Stimulate pub, perhaps, by ever changing
  110. 110.Pronoun for some informally here in US service
  111. 111.He favours flesh wobble, we hear, following excellent cut
  112. 112.Very good Latin for one who wasn't amused, an old monarch
  113. 113.Fine deer coming back finding land given to servicemen?
  114. 114.El Papa is one right into delegate in Rome finally
  115. 115.I know beforehand I'm admired without judgement
  116. 116.She lectures on fieldwork, mostly going west
  117. 117.Fast track career from GP beginning with absolute kindness
  118. 118.Religious jurisdiction is cautious about what spell contains
  119. 119.Italian copper, antimony, and iridium run out
  120. 120.Para Handy's incandescent in the hold perhaps
  121. 121.Employee's final cutting fluke with my mere profile
  122. 122.Grampa Simpson, among others, died laid up
  123. 123.What tops espresso but a gold liquid which is thick?
  124. 124.Firmly question murderer about quiet American nut
  125. 125.Japanese art's purpose? Slashing a winning blow
  126. 126.These are chunderous tourists one month off entering inch
  127. 127.Ego upsetting one hard sergeant-major may get you this!
  128. 128.Service digger wanting third
  129. 129.Somehow get nearer outsider from Rouen?
  130. 130.Take cap discarded from more posh parent
  131. 131.Crabbit sort's preferable twa-handed drinker with no breadth
  132. 132.Yes voter with term for Remain breed
  133. 133.You're ideally stopping waste
  134. 134.Wallflower I caught in flipping harbour towns
  135. 135.Silver tree borders on lovely
  136. 136.Card containing area suited to scoring?
  137. 137.Rest a steak transforming taste?
  138. 138.Airline attraction that is behind in Bannockburn
  139. 139.Ship to where Charon takes you? Forgotten land
  140. 140.Old slave women's anger during work
  141. 141.Thrust pawn, say, to capture rook
  142. 142.Tips off before going into branch of the wartime Navy
  143. 143.Fashion-eschewing itinerant trading odd bits
  144. 144.Roman emperor shortly back from Dobunni fighters
  145. 145.An early species of mankind
  146. 146."____ or Dutch admiral” is one of the 16 species listed under "pea” in Dr Johnson's dictionary
  147. 147.Parisian fashion house owned by Puig since 1998
  148. 148.Pseudonym under which Karen Blixen wrote her first novel Seven Gothic Tales
  149. 149.Largest city in France's Haute-Savoie department
  150. 150.The first line of the Jam's The ____ is "Sup up your beer and collect your fags”
  151. 151.Informally, the motor racing circuit in Stavelot, Belgium
  152. 152.French director of films including Hiroshima mon amour and Stavisky. . .
  153. 153.In darts, a score of 20, double 20, and treble 20
  154. 154.2013 Man Booker prize winner with The Luminaries
  155. 155.Musical direction which originally meant "at ease”
  156. 156.A subpoena ____ orders the recipient to produce documentary evidence in court
  157. 157.Fender guitar produced continuously since 1950
  158. 158.The Lord of the Rings
  159. 159.Deputy leader of the Labour Party under Gordon Brown and Ed Miliband
  160. 160.Nickname of the first female tennis player to win all four Grand Slam titles in one calendar year
  161. 161.Game show whose presenters included David Vine, Eddie Waring, and Frank Bruno
  162. 162.A type of tapering marine buoy, marking the starboard side of a channel into a harbour
  163. 163.Written by Otis Blackwell, a 1957 hit for Elvis Presley
  164. 164.The needle of a record player
  165. 165.Latin phrase used to describe deduction of causes from observed effects
  166. 166.Indian hemp
  167. 167.The Great Orme overlooks this Welsh seaside resort
  168. 168.A lower-class republican (literally "without breeches”) in revolutionary France
  169. 169.German-born philosopher who introduced the concept of the "banality of evil”
  170. 170.The Memorial to the Missing in Ypres
  171. 171.Midfielder who made 115 appearances for Liverpool 2014-2018 and now plays for Juventus
  172. 172.____ Homo (behold the man) is a depiction of Christ wearing the crown of thorns
  173. 173.The world's most remote inhabited archipelago
  174. 174."____ differ from ordinary mortals by their ability to admire loquacious and complicated delusions” (Anatole France)
  175. 175.Maize, to a South African
  176. 176.Actor mentioned in the Bangles hit Manic Monday
  177. 177.The avifauna of a region
  178. 178.A collection of writings in honour of a scholar
  179. 179.African country whose de jure capital is Dodoma
  180. 180.British sitcom starring Yootha Joyce and Brian Murphy
  181. 181.The ____ River connects lakes Erie and Ontario
  182. 182.Actress who won an Oscar for her role in Prizzi's Honor
  183. 183.The anterior naris
  184. 184.New Hampshire is known as the ____
  185. 185.Tennessee city immortalised in a 1941 song by Glenn Miller and his Orchestra
  186. 186.Establishments serving Italian food in a casual atmosphere
  187. 187.Dancing in the ____ was Toploader's biggest hit
  188. 188.The youngest member of England's 1966 World Cup winning team
  189. 189.A meeting hall of the Salvation Army
  190. 190.1922 silent film (also called Possession) based on the novel by Anthony Hope
  191. 191.Behaved
  192. 192.Archaic word for "dark brown”, used in ob____ate, to make unclear
  193. 193.Frango, ____, fregi, frectum: rumpere, to shatter
  194. 194.City, esp. Rome
  195. 195.As the lady of the house I held sway (dep.): ____ sum
  196. 196.There is need: ____ est
  197. 197.You dirty ol' man' Harold Steptoe, Steptoe and Son
  198. 198.Ducentis ____ Philippis: for two hundred gold Philippics, cf. Plautus Bacch. 1010-1
  199. 199.Twins: qui nocte in caelis volvunt
  200. 200.Me ____: while I'm crying (abl. abs.)

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