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  1. 1.Casting a lot, fisherman tackles huge fish
  2. 2.Lounge about with father, eating one's boiled sweet
  3. 3.Squatter - I must leave truck
  4. 4.Heavenly body trade union leader finally observed in sickbay
  5. 5.Way to circle tier
  6. 6.Chestnut, I claim regularly, is hot to eat
  7. 7.We are very busy, also housing relatives
  8. 8.Poem, the first turned out in Irish Gaelic
  9. 9.Poor card game - lead is clubs
  10. 10.Out on a limb, raced our military transport
  11. 11.Equality initially introduced in political organisation
  12. 12.Forbidden drink, we hear, for a non-member
  13. 13.Not becoming popular, appreciate possessing brother
  14. 14.Grey in mountain range? Shame
  15. 15.Plot chapter on church feature
  16. 16.Priest's bell, hit regularly
  17. 17.Sadly no bar stops robber, one regularly at his peak?
  18. 18.Leave out books about Military Intelligence
  19. 19.Deer found when guns are brought back
  20. 20.Bung soldier back into hazardous situation
  21. 21.Cleaner departs, pounds removed from overcoat
  22. 22.Libertine reluctant to go over a Brazilian port
  23. 23.Recall soldier enlisted in Royal Engineers?
  24. 24.Formally, I triumphed in speech
  25. 25.GP's motto: "I'm not bothered!"
  26. 26.Characters in train following news
  27. 27.Coat back-to-front of no benefit for William
  28. 28.Tried hard to get last of dinner in oven
  29. 29.Some may understand this character to be a consumer
  30. 30.Canned beer originally taken before game
  31. 31.Burn boxes turned off platform
  32. 32.Exercises cunning about key source of fruit
  33. 33.One induced to get up on tiger? Outcome finally requiring careful handling
  34. 34.By leaving close trap
  35. 35.Computer experts' jibe: after a period, reject it
  36. 36.Put on in layers
  37. 37.In cricket, Edgbaston's principal scorer
  38. 38.Embrace European of substantial size
  39. 39.Precocious girl's speed in swimming Tyne
  40. 40.One stolen by Knave almost, or Jack
  41. 41.Water heater chap talked of
  42. 42.First of readers liable to be absorbed
  43. 43.No end of stress good for junior
  44. 44.Baffle mixed-up characters in bridewell, almost
  45. 45.Very large area of London, by the sound of it
  46. 46.Touch judge officiating at the start in a row
  47. 47.Hurting after exercise is excellent
  48. 48.Eg butterfly, caught in small picture
  49. 49.Sharp nail found in equestrian equipment
  50. 50.Travel with new leader for military sport
  51. 51.Blue being cancelled, look embarrassed
  52. 52.Advance without companions, reportedly
  53. 53.Part of circle formed by a church member
  54. 54.Polish girls here - Hogwarts?
  55. 55.Odd evidence people can't settle yet for dogs?
  56. 56.It's somehow loaded into lorry pleasingly arranged
  57. 57.Attend to Antony and learn English, free
  58. 58.Mournful bloke holding up map

Crossword Answers 911