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Date: 9-March-2018 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Answers 911

  1. 1.A guilty man, I cried uncontrollably after charge withdrawn
  2. 2.Red ?€” Irish county Marxist, ultimately
  3. 3.Dwell on team
  4. 4.No time for wildly enjoyable event about to be hosted by prize solver
  5. 5.As quickly as possible, lying down
  6. 6.Lower barrier enclosing empty space
  7. 7.Wine-producing area has some striking iron deposits
  8. 8.Is ready to edit royal film
  9. 9.Perks I slam, not terribly fair
  10. 10.Top up, backing partner to drink litre
  11. 11.In method of access, university going for good pay back here
  12. 12.Not at work, a shade ill
  13. 13.Surprised reaction about publication in market town
  14. 14.Greek hero seen oddly in America
  15. 15.Utter shambles?
  16. 16.Lacking feeling in end of toe, still
  17. 17.Report of British members losing way in German League
  18. 18.Book on unfinished temple has unusual origin
  19. 19.Supernatural being tormented priest
  20. 20.Inevitably ?€” but not now?
  21. 21.Queen boards large sailing ship
  22. 22.Be transported by a cigar, strange hallucinogen
  23. 23.Small instrument out of tune
  24. 24.Frenchman turning up after work, the first in?
  25. 25.Opposed to solitary confinement, ignoring small infringement
  26. 26.Act timidly as cat?€™s-paw
  27. 27.Sea with a unifying idea
  28. 28.Figures in various phases
  29. 29.One seabird in trap where people surf?
  30. 30.Check flower is forming anew
  31. 31.Nick is landed with hard work
  32. 32.With unfulfilled potential, chap starts to question universal education
  33. 33.Jump round ring; shouldn?€™t one jump through it?
  34. 34.Type that?€™s confused about way in mountain track
  35. 35.In part of ship, breakfast food served around wrong time of day?
  36. 36.Note singer voiced
  37. 37.Throwing game drops ball and walks out
  38. 38.Head of BBC wearing curious sleeve that shouldn?€™t unravel
  39. 39.New crack found in toilet, way back
  40. 40.Sound quality of wood finally being turned
  41. 41.Fix smart girl and yours truly up
  42. 42.Travelling, stop later on: it?€™s a place to fill up
  43. 43.Item at auction, American flower
  44. 44.Rabbit?€™s little problem: caught by predator
  45. 45.Benefit includes free new playing field
  46. 46.Some nightmare?€™s ultimate consequences
  47. 47.Gown kept in padres sideboard
  48. 48.Pointer the continental snake tailed
  49. 49.Addict under control in a month
  50. 50.Share last of sugar in the can, freely
  51. 51.Found in large room, ancient bag
  52. 52.Only part of the problem is eg the fibre-optic, sadly