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Date: 9-February-2019 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Answers 911

  1. 1.Blimps regularly track aircraft
  2. 2.She's example of one backing demise of world body?
  3. 3.No half measures from lowdown artist, female, and lowdown artist-poet
  4. 4.Dads ultimately get some stick
  5. 5.Remain behind brook
  6. 6.Members bound to keep to themselves, even?
  7. 7.Order gal to feel pulse
  8. 8.The likelihood of only smaller bras being available?
  9. 9.In theory, little time to intercept an enemy, presumably
  10. 10.In Ancient Greek, no end of grammar
  11. 11.Grab food and beer, heading off
  12. 12.Old single guys dig tarts bursting with pizazz in the East End
  13. 13.Cheerful girl, by and large
  14. 14.Man perhaps stops crazy fool
  15. 15.Crustacean's shortened tongue put out, briefly
  16. 16.Villain's Irish accent putting off British
  17. 17.Greener gym conserves power
  18. 18.Skimpy attire Keith gingerly covers up
  19. 19.Bright bird one missed from different late quiz shows
  20. 20.Badly want to lose weight
  21. 21.One providing a flavour of scripture lessons with Irish in school
  22. 22.A month from Quebec to the Alaskan port
  23. 23.Winds up unnecessary contracts
  24. 24.Out-of-tune shepherd-tenor would ruin opera
  25. 25.After short taste of Broadway, courts certain opera lovers
  26. 26.Oddly neglected fiances kiss saucy amateur
  27. 27.That familiar person embraced by Tokyo, UK, now wholly
  28. 28.With this tweet, mean to be heard?
  29. 29.Restore control over country
  30. 30.Pay to have hotel for vacation in Irish town
  31. 31.Alternative to banger, maybe displaying zip
  32. 32.Volatile vet is fearless and forceful
  33. 33.European champion missing out on gold is put out
  34. 34.Switch positions with English girl: promotion wasted
  35. 35.Hosting plays at time of presentation
  36. 36.Depleted after too many catches dropped by some cricket girl
  37. 37.Without leaders we might see an age of maturity
  38. 38.Ran out of drink and cursed, half-cut
  39. 39.Son in light blue tee, crouching
  40. 40.Nice area where young retire in western Europe: endless astonishment
  41. 41.Patois of old boy one had easily picked up
  42. 42.Groom footballer for award?
  43. 43.Maud sheds clothes after endless lager and spicy rice
  44. 44.Brief all guards in Washington, first line of defence
  45. 45.Roughly, American grabs one ancient jurist
  46. 46.Spanker, maybe, was made to pull up bloomers
  47. 47.Tea party excluding Bohemian fellow
  48. 48.Journalist's heading to court on business
  49. 49.Gradually, Post Office couple refusing to serve grasping pensioner
  50. 50.Feline couplings can be heard
  51. 51.Tot's initial reprimand for crying
  52. 52.Baker in a suit
  53. 53.Lady jockey in the news, almost always
  54. 54.Poor sap treated suitably
  55. 55.After present, left watch for sculptor
  56. 56.No leaves left? Park closed
  57. 57.Sanctimonious, before experiencing pain
  58. 58.Criticise "daft” clothes? They might
  59. 59.Peter out of luck at first, if at races
  60. 60.Departs from New Zealand port after time, having found the station?
  61. 61.Father got us bananas, much in demand
  62. 62.Had lilies regularly dropped round for girl
  63. 63.A way to colour match — with pronounced finish
  64. 64.Advancing relatives turn up gaping and twitching
  65. 65.Native of Channel Islands, note, descending on Japanese school
  66. 66.Flag Nazi's stolen originally now national property
  67. 67.Quiet old man hiding in an under-fire vessel
  68. 68.City once through hesitation allowing unknown enemy to enter
  69. 69.See tailless sloth's burying its head in squalor
  70. 70.Mostly working with university, in one's element
  71. 71.Issue pack that's easily handled
  72. 72.Proposal by board that can be put to bed?
  73. 73.Anxiety about millions leaving huge country
  74. 74.Confusion resulting from action of forge: what's new?
  75. 75.Pretty good routine that holds attractions
  76. 76.It's a gas using axes to slice melon!
  77. 77.Sailor on watch may start to sleep, outrageously
  78. 78.After skirmishing ok — the rest on stretchers
  79. 79.Officer pulling wings off lady beetle and termite
  80. 80.Declare capital of Venezuela just the thing for royal assignment?
  81. 81.Dish when warm emits aromas at the outset
  82. 82.Restless energy in reverse kicking action?
  83. 83.Smart men dressed down — one found in bed?
  84. 84.Answer four consecutive letters about a new currency
  85. 85.Stop someone telling joke
  86. 86.Pressing obsession to contain evil spoken of
  87. 87.One doing handouts allowed in chap to feed baby
  88. 88.One staring too long: will he disappear, finally?
  89. 89.Undergarment picked up for revel
  90. 90.Make revolting violet-coloured biscuit