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Date: 9-August-2018 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Answers 911

  1. 1.Popular comic rated poorly
  2. 2.Hit head on mirror entering tavern the wrong way
  3. 3.After a piece, leave tropical food
  4. 4.Change in speed, I think
  5. 5.Original sinner claiming saint is to preach
  6. 6.All the best beer good to take on holiday
  7. 7.Merchant keeping upright boss on track
  8. 8.Wanting drug, smuggled a bit for dirty money
  9. 9.Genius, Humpty Dumpty?
  10. 10.Who sat fidgeting? Who cares?
  11. 11.Excited, one head of government going past
  12. 12.Stuff knocked back is intoxicating stuff
  13. 13.Extraordinary reduction present
  14. 14.TV award bowls me over ?€” good Lord!
  15. 15.Don headgear: sombreros back
  16. 16.See Frenchmans housing in this?
  17. 17.Distant limits of Swahili language
  18. 18.That thing follows start of football match
  19. 19.Daggers sheathed in Nobel Institute
  20. 20.Red Sea round cape
  21. 21.Devout Indian, uniform on back
  22. 22.Starter of pastry that is ?€” for this?
  23. 23.Close to you, swell mans inattentive
  24. 24.Rank top athlete
  25. 25.Songs heard ?€” Queen, possibly?
  26. 26.Calm old representative retained by firm? Yes
  27. 27.Cosmetic ?€” half made to cover a blemish
  28. 28.Programme womans included in broadcast film
  29. 29.In hock, I need family
  30. 30.Assess accounts of corrupt statesmen
  31. 31.Clear body of text I assess
  32. 32.Picked up Mobs store of money
  33. 33.Bet volcano is elevated
  34. 34.Most of record hire for free
  35. 35.Wrong step: I moved on less common routes
  36. 36.Help politicians to follow virtuous book
  37. 37.The writers drawn to men and womens feet
  38. 38.Formerly common excuse
  39. 39.Very damp old township in South Africa
  40. 40.Dress outside army technicians van in quiet place
  41. 41.Speculation I rejected with fury as anathema
  42. 42.Drink a drop, shortly
  43. 43.Thought freedom found by outsiders in diocese
  44. 44.Disrespect shown by loud, aggressive sort
  45. 45.Scoff, with British retiring from defeats
  46. 46.Difficult responsibility of judge and jury?
  47. 47.T-shirt on to do exercises, one producing a lovely smile?
  48. 48.Country air taken in by doddery gran
  49. 49.Recoil from media bigwig up on trial
  50. 50.Sponsor darent go splashing out, penny saved
  51. 51.Charge after pass for winger
  52. 52.Country cousin ultimately dressed in Roman garb
  53. 53.Public schoolboy half-cut? Thats grave
  54. 54.Rep entertained by mother a shade
  55. 55.Back in study, with head down
  56. 56.Communist returns via English city