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Date: 8-November-2018 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Answers 911

  1. 1.Strange passion arising in midweek?
  2. 2.See terms reorganised as one
  3. 3.Primate trapped in escape manoeuvre
  4. 4.Linette's new name
  5. 5.Girl carried round university city
  6. 6.Pastry served in Mostar, tasty
  7. 7.Follower died in this place, clutched by worker?
  8. 8.Adoptee supposedly lucky to miss first course
  9. 9.One's doctrinaire formulation provides review
  10. 10.Divulge private information about ration one spurned
  11. 11.Movement from English wives in approach to altar
  12. 12.Be informed boss has right to replace daughter
  13. 13.Let's not have cold chicken — it's uncivilised
  14. 14.Rise initially spoken of as ridiculous
  15. 15.Made effort to have more between the sheets?
  16. 16.New order to bang out for patrol vessel
  17. 17.Alumnus, represented at centre, having much to lose?
  18. 18.Show disapproval of US soldier over Eastern dance
  19. 19.Hurried round, one in flat being very suspicious
  20. 20.After training, pointer made to prevail
  21. 21.Insane expert better after reversal
  22. 22.One going over shortcoming, bore at heart
  23. 23.Play a record for one loving country
  24. 24.Person displaying bathroom fixture
  25. 25.Advocate having second beer brought round
  26. 26.Require massage, we hear
  27. 27.First-rate paper under discussion
  28. 28.Clever securing English tree
  29. 29.Meat product in crate
  30. 30.Opponent of privilege revising inter alia a guidebook at the start
  31. 31.One with doubts about contaminated houses
  32. 32.Clown getting a pet for pounds in capital
  33. 33.Extraordinary gesture
  34. 34.Author in guide regularly making stand
  35. 35.Portion to keep dry that remains in pipe
  36. 36.American clear about Eastern newsgroups system
  37. 37.Comedian takes tips from debtors and pays out
  38. 38.Wrong lock of hair Dad's cut
  39. 39.Restructuring the loan makes you solvent
  40. 40.Booked, saying little
  41. 41.Short while back put money into trust
  42. 42.A British poem — "Home”
  43. 43.One secretly loved Latin — even in translation
  44. 44.Manifest finished before time
  45. 45.What may constitute hangover goes without beginning
  46. 46.Torment journalists after work
  47. 47.Craft loses wings in space above the pond
  48. 48.Residence of royal friend, superb
  49. 49.Club in weapons collection
  50. 50.How rent under lease is paid, exact in every way
  51. 51.Assuming soldier is on discharge, briefly
  52. 52.Feature of writing unit act upon at work
  53. 53.Kind group almost always billets old dog
  54. 54.Part of world Eco's written about with enthusiasm at first ignored