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Date: 8-August-2018 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Answers 911

  1. 1.Note to obtain national insurance, looking up number
  2. 2.Pictures of retreating men obstructing US agents
  3. 3.A consequence of murders: riot
  4. 4.Amorous affair of family member on QE2?
  5. 5.Jump is something that takes pluck, with unknown ending
  6. 6.A jar containing rice for the most part, or fruit
  7. 7.Images that are missing beginning to cause doubts
  8. 8.Tutorial ultimately left Suzy bursting with enthusiasm
  9. 9.Filming technique: fancy German one
  10. 10.Money matters
  11. 11.Warning from jobcentre lady when coming back
  12. 12.There?€™s a surprise, seeing hotel amidst castles
  13. 13.I dont know way through mountains
  14. 14.Uncle Andrew partly Polish, maybe
  15. 15.Exaggerated passion about which to sing sometimes?
  16. 16.Sharply-defined foreign character, marketed incorrectly?
  17. 17.Fancy telling niece what MI6 is after!
  18. 18.Teacher of Old Testament, stuck in rut, heading north
  19. 19.East Windows ?€” since replaced ?€” permitted, revealing everything
  20. 20.Religious leaders call for peace: give affirmative answer back
  21. 21.Dropout Charlie banned from fast-food joint
  22. 22.Stomach beginning to tighten? Im not sure
  23. 23.Drawing stick from a crony for corruption
  24. 24.Poles belonging to the workforce
  25. 25.Diarist has a furtive look, they say
  26. 26.Sat very still after lady of the night suggested marriage
  27. 27.Bounty I resolved to accept
  28. 28.Our standard of higher education about to drop
  29. 29.Coped with ice somehow that was attached to hose
  30. 30.Rebuild ancestral city in the north
  31. 31.Ancient Roman wheel mark crossed by modern vehicle
  32. 32.Match-winner, or miss? There?€™s nothing in it
  33. 33.Advocates mail found in a pile, half missing
  34. 34.In place of wild dancing, doctors knock around quietly
  35. 35.What wineshops can do for a town
  36. 36.Girl from Central Europe, Polish
  37. 37.Touring Australia, leave for island
  38. 38.Exemplary message: secure?
  39. 39.Irritated butcher one November day
  40. 40.Vegetable sisters eating? Its a bit of broccoli
  41. 41.Someone evidently bad-mouthing weakness is wrong
  42. 42.Gossip about Panama producer?
  43. 43.Ugly sight I witnessed, you might say
  44. 44.English going out of fashion for American writer of history
  45. 45.Scolded, as things removed from to-do list?
  46. 46.Estuaries regularly neglected? You bet
  47. 47.Supplier of food from rocky terrace
  48. 48.Drink up on ones own, welcoming men round
  49. 49.Release body of Manhattan Yank
  50. 50.Doctor home at ten, worn out
  51. 51.Shrink back in fear on meeting snake
  52. 52.Cardinal featuring in sex-change, excommunicated
  53. 53.Perform a track using axe
  54. 54.Criticise author after change of heart
  55. 55.Reverie produced by putting E in drop of Scotch?
  56. 56.Big Brother and co? Resistance vital, yet hopeless