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Date: 6-November-2018 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Answers 911

  1. 1.Shrew runs in through crack
  2. 2.Expression in Sharpe novel
  3. 3.Mean to declare how old a person is
  4. 4.A retired GP tucks into layer cake
  5. 5.It's a chopper blade, whichever way round it goes
  6. 6.Application of string theory, "relatively” speaking?
  7. 7.Times lifted after leaving hotel room
  8. 8.Bearing weapons, is imprisoned, making lucky escape
  9. 9.Band associated with Mozart half-cut
  10. 10.What's initially awkward to hold in with belt?
  11. 11.Tailless monkey making a racket
  12. 12.Pudding is a lemon confection
  13. 13.Twopence piece is visible
  14. 14.Craftsman: Ring me up in a moment, right?
  15. 15.Talked about missing DIs being awkward
  16. 16.Remote gents hugged by a female
  17. 17.Old king, set to move, hiding inside tree
  18. 18.Nice intimate conversation?
  19. 19.Endless rotten ale upset stomach
  20. 20.Do they make cocktails for US religious groups?
  21. 21.One goes on airship?
  22. 22.Seeing changes within a couple of days, as planned
  23. 23.Some fear bankruptcy coming up for Scottish bank
  24. 24.Lady who embraces one in AIDA
  25. 25.Creative individual's scratching head
  26. 26.Lots of sketches, but missing the first . . .
  27. 27.Rude about very small bust
  28. 28.Brass band regularly entertains United and a rival team
  29. 29.Drink brewed by teenager
  30. 30.Vacant area in pub to the rear of lounge
  31. 31.All this is admitting what outstanding bills are
  32. 32.Note river without end
  33. 33.Eastern couple of trees rot
  34. 34.Strike bar before heading in goal
  35. 35.Using sticker? That's surprising
  36. 36.Coach follows game in which there's the potential for rain
  37. 37.Rent from large shop not small
  38. 38.Careless about penalty failure?
  39. 39.Has flung out photographic device
  40. 40.Good one shows you to your seat well
  41. 41.Very serious fellow in conversation
  42. 42.Extremely cold in Canadian province — Quebec's the leader in snow vehicles
  43. 43.One soldier decorated houses in spring
  44. 44.Key accountant leaving a Spanish island
  45. 45.Stunner posed again, facing the other way
  46. 46.Hospital unit is perfect
  47. 47.Fellows taking over, not quietly, causing confusion
  48. 48.Stop when holiday's cancelled
  49. 49.Church high flier seen in Russian port
  50. 50.Not losing heart, at first the guy will be determined
  51. 51....of many thousands lost for ages
  52. 52.Lady: one you'll see in Aida
  53. 53.I love being in south of France, returning with fine wine in particular
  54. 54.Ply a street in central London
  55. 55.Vessel has poorly kept guns