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Date: 24-January-2018 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Answers 911

  1. 1.Mayonnaise a lad dropped: thats so funny
  2. 2.Austrian prince: he initially cared madly about our country
  3. 3.007s boss in charge of Italian spy will keep me in tight control
  4. 4.Lie about Republican wrangling
  5. 5.Leave boat, half submerged by water in Devon
  6. 6.23 dined, revealing sense of taste
  7. 7.I may get in new order for artist?
  8. 8.Woman resolved issue
  9. 9.Guess its taken by one driving off
  10. 10.Try quitting business for an Asian river
  11. 11.Judge leaves second? That?€™s dubious
  12. 12.Those conferring about how to show resistance
  13. 13.Feeling retired priest is behind diplomacy
  14. 14.Some fancy nice person holding sceptical views
  15. 15.Former copper takes fur? It?€™s defensible
  16. 16.Scone removed from wrapping, provide jam
  17. 17.Dogs crowd round headless corpse
  18. 18.Riddle of sister tucking into fish and strong drink
  19. 19.Fire bank employee
  20. 20.Recognised border raider one might catch abroad
  21. 21.Dad?€™s sort of music?
  22. 22.Dance with a tall, so-called Western hero
  23. 23.Reportedly battled in stronghold
  24. 24.One receiving money from family member getting support of course
  25. 25.Chicken thieves may do it, before and after the crime
  26. 26.Carrier of heavy loads in particular
  27. 27.Presbyter of greater seniority in the family
  28. 28.North-facing parkland including terrain originally for farmer
  29. 29.Cargo thrown out of planes before noon
  30. 30.Appearing as card game champion
  31. 31.Minor setback here in ancient Rome over award
  32. 32.Looked after the sappers recruited by government department once
  33. 33.Act as guide to NI county, provoking clash
  34. 34.Islanders about to sunbathe in empty coves
  35. 35.Work planting hops, avoiding hard earth
  36. 36.Heathen commander invading borders of Pakistan
  37. 37.Type that is wearing glasses
  38. 38.First of exceptional leads for acting dame
  39. 39.Specific study introducing Greek island
  40. 40.Friend left with personal assistant
  41. 41.South American training to race across Roman road
  42. 42.Ducks lose strength after eating some corn
  43. 43.Sketch newlywed outside trendy place of relaxation
  44. 44.Fly back, beginning to organise dance
  45. 45.Relative I dont like that is involved in dodgy trade
  46. 46.Divers dehydrate thus after open-air dip?
  47. 47.Reverberant sound from the chorus
  48. 48.Failure to cooperate changing FA rules
  49. 49.Raised a second order, for example, for pastry snack
  50. 50.Choose a deep sound? Not from this!
  51. 51.Caterer left one to have in meal
  52. 52.Record in field event ?€” not American
  53. 53.Old university in America when holiday starts is empty
  54. 54.Catch parent out
  55. 55.Awfully big day coming up for old poet
  56. 56.Morally upright, as the laic may be