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Date: 16-April-2018 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Answers 911

  1. 1.Accommodating way to deal with shares?
  2. 2.Rage at English being self-restrained
  3. 3.Anger about the start of Germany?€™s nonsense
  4. 4.Hum melodic piece, with piano drowning out first of singers
  5. 5.Alarms in British measurements that are outdated
  6. 6.Former region of England: South American goes over it
  7. 7.Very wet day likely to be experienced by the entire family?
  8. 8.Fit internal components of portable computer
  9. 9.Partner?€™s after child one hundred per cent
  10. 10.Theatre company to take dislike to show
  11. 11.Drivers fare for crossing river
  12. 12.What signals set unapproachable limit?
  13. 13.Impossible illusion having to strike artist
  14. 14.School having money to recruit art specialist
  15. 15.Crack on bottom of cruise ship
  16. 16.Vehicle run for freight
  17. 17.Fruit ?€” a number outside broken crate
  18. 18.One who built dyke to protect those people parking in remote spots
  19. 19.Comedian such as Laurel, fool maybe making comeback
  20. 20.Source of heat regularly delivered by H-bombs
  21. 21.Exhibit concern for the world of entertainment
  22. 22.Might nylon garments need shortening?
  23. 23.Chaplains to make internet call briefly before current mass
  24. 24.Snake heads for me and my black Airedale
  25. 25.Cake rising in central point
  26. 26.Let down, was blooming female going AWOL?
  27. 27.Apparently fragile girl taken in by heartless guy
  28. 28.Reject unfashionable shed
  29. 29.As it?€™s undergoing restructuring, plant is good enough
  30. 30.Landlord initially gets in double rent
  31. 31.American artist?€™s representation of Harlow
  32. 32.Grass user ultimately wants a large amount
  33. 33.Waved tin containing fish
  34. 34.Former actor returned container with gold
  35. 35.Turned on wild wanderer
  36. 36.Fans fantastic wine is drunk
  37. 37.Part of church left following risk
  38. 38.Speaks about pantomime but not popular musical
  39. 39.Divides US agents into groups
  40. 40.What could be mass stampede for an addition to the menu?
  41. 41.Greek for top of a house?
  42. 42.Rock band failing at first: see it falling apart subsequently
  43. 43.Compare Liberal president with nationalist leader
  44. 44.Sudden attack of fright is small worry
  45. 45.Family member has no right to show great happiness
  46. 46.Nuts removed from available selection?
  47. 47.City in Home Counties repeatedly accepts reality
  48. 48.Some nasty lefty type
  49. 49.Cornet finally replaced by a part for an organ
  50. 50.Medical procedure poorer than all the others?
  51. 51.Bug in messaging system causing scornful grins
  52. 52.Renowned runner of EC getting involved with Heath
  53. 53.Bishop having not as much to ask God?€™s favour for
  54. 54.Left figuring on what could turn out easy pickings