Category: The Times – Cryptic
Date: 15-March-2019 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Answers 911

  1. 1.First couple of clubs to admit entertainer
  2. 2.Servicemen hop off to find general
  3. 3.All but last of ice creams dished up in pots
  4. 4.Born in Cambridge, the Backs
  5. 5.Food from fish regularly taken from Rhone
  6. 6.John is able to dance
  7. 7.Square within enclosure providing shade
  8. 8.Understand speaker's refusal
  9. 9.Press church to restrain island's senior politician
  10. 10.Square within enclosure providing shade
  11. 11.Serious funds
  12. 12.Series featuring King George's vexation
  13. 13.Yank is fool
  14. 14.Egg in spoon, I think
  15. 15.Artist key, perhaps?
  16. 16.Unattached police on island
  17. 17.Picked for team before start of season, showing guts
  18. 18.Nine hence unable to play tennis?
  19. 19.Check flower is being brought back to life
  20. 20.Copyist's basic error not resolved - zeros overlooked
  21. 21.Very old, wise person circling pitch
  22. 22.Flawed Republican alarmed hosts
  23. 23.Uncomfortable position that may set one's trousers on fire?
  24. 24.Scots borough blocking vote for salaried staff
  25. 25.Hot food: anything but, did you say?
  26. 26.Italian in action with Hun and E European
  27. 27.Go back on some lines
  28. 28.Reading out of letters hasn't paid off
  29. 29.Coming from behind, smack fly
  30. 30.Go off on the trail of very old Times interviews
  31. 31.Large dog destroying tea garden
  32. 32.Deception accomplished as short reservation's accepted
  33. 33.Run in training overnight
  34. 34.Rachel's new name after sex change?
  35. 35.Feature of footwear occupying prime locations in store
  36. 36.Messy drawing, possibly small fawn?
  37. 37.Copyist's basic error not resolved — zeros overlooked
  38. 38.Time to leave local green
  39. 39.Serious music disheartened grenadier on parade ground
  40. 40.Obliged to leave husband behind — the car can hold no more
  41. 41.A painful thing for a nut
  42. 42.Introduces fast way to travel round cape
  43. 43.Contacts from East cut by ambassador (it's in old records)
  44. 44.Mark twenty
  45. 45.Still figure unpalatable at first, nation's admitted
  46. 46.Covering traces of evidence, notorious villain running off
  47. 47.Become quiet, by Jiminy!
  48. 48.Obliged to leave husband behind - the car can hold no more
  49. 49.Barge floating more easily?
  50. 50.Lost land from biblical books, one in mountain range
  51. 51.In bed and snoring? Turn around please!
  52. 52.Stoical leader of Japanese school finding love
  53. 53.Part of the face: mindful that's fragile
  54. 54.What traitor did struck the wrong note
  55. 55.Servers of food in dilapidated terraces
  56. 56.People generally bearing blame after a model addict's treatment
  57. 57.Mask, very intriguingly, slipping on rogue initially