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Date: 15-April-2019 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Answers 911

  1. 1.Empty vessel another one's filled?
  2. 2.Eleven always comes before a hundred
  3. 3.A nice long novel can be relaxing
  4. 4.Frank often replaces these collector's items
  5. 5.Mystery when head of gold found in a hole pulled up
  6. 6.Living area accommodating French art gallery
  7. 7.Deport degenerates daily
  8. 8.Completed a couple of lines on average
  9. 9.Bill, popular singer
  10. 10.Stockpile a lot of documents head of army sent in
  11. 11.Finger problem exhibited by party pooper
  12. 12.Dispatched two varieties of diamonds
  13. 13.Some chimp, and another animal
  14. 14.Union rules schools introducing new uniform
  15. 15.Crowd shot all over the place
  16. 16.Observed transporting nine tons in square
  17. 17.Generally at sea?
  18. 18.Turning, smack annoying flier
  19. 19.Unproved statement in article, relative
  20. 20.Original shots, say, drunk by locals
  21. 21.Label club the wrong way
  22. 22.Running races after rocket: that's guts!
  23. 23.Dressed, pop group past it?
  24. 24.A milkman doing trips for beasts in general
  25. 25.Painful expression I am to write into prayer
  26. 26.Real sociable type's a help for builder
  27. 27.I had lake drained: it's not working
  28. 28.Grant a place in hospital
  29. 29.Stimulate boxer to eat large starter
  30. 30.Someone in acre with capital?
  31. 31.Mix in a dream sauce
  32. 32.Emperor backs a follower of another one
  33. 33.Mix in ingredients, tirelessly
  34. 34.Confident when taken to court about source of revenue
  35. 35.End of film remade as great for great celebrity
  36. 36.Fail to criticise a suggestion about power
  37. 37.Great movement of the sea
  38. 38.Having no base in Paris he meets soldier in pub
  39. 39.Father, very exhausted initially, put down stones
  40. 40.One who regrets imprisoning Liberal head of state?
  41. 41.Some land replacing the acre
  42. 42.Also spotted singer keeping book cleaner
  43. 43.A free family member
  44. 44.Frugal, like soccer team having had to spend pounds
  45. 45.Control race
  46. 46.Take weight off Green politician in bandage
  47. 47.Person stealing a pound
  48. 48.Miss school drama article placed for son in trust
  49. 49.Chief, best of the bunch?
  50. 50.Fortress initially constructed with ornate detail
  51. 51.Friendly taxi taking a long way round?
  52. 52.Missing header, circumstance for player
  53. 53.Reserves place for supplier of ham that's appetising
  54. 54.Flap over Dorothy lifted