Category: The Times – Cryptic
Date: 14-September-2018 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Answers 911

  1. 1.Wealthier gambler not going into work
  2. 2.Enjoyment obtained by lady with holy books and friend, in essence
  3. 3.Endlessly carp? Coming round in the end
  4. 4.Aboard ship try to get a cutting tool
  5. 5.Censure over card game
  6. 6.Part of USA I love - want, not half, to go to it
  7. 7.Keen to eat old duck
  8. 8.Playwright that's taken round for a staged production
  9. 9.Outline provided by a stupid judge
  10. 10.Rod, being pale, died
  11. 11.Fear ferret I introduced to father
  12. 12."Cast in Chains" - song by The Wretches
  13. 13.Muse about wild animal losing tail
  14. 14.Officers work in Civil Service
  15. 15.Run home to look up family line
  16. 16.East Anglian student involved in a row?
  17. 17.I reuse film running in mixer
  18. 18.Willing factotum, European, holding party up
  19. 19.Big loud unit relocated in separate housing
  20. 20.A coastal feature sited inappropriately
  21. 21.Acquire small area for training bats?
  22. 22.Charm of various animals after first bit of training
  23. 23.Pedestrian in public location
  24. 24.Country given stamp of approval when holding information back
  25. 25.Ecosystem merits having this wheat planted in it
  26. 26.Man's getting sunshine maybe
  27. 27.Slow and dignified film, but not indispensible
  28. 28.Knight is recalled by king
  29. 29.Complain luxury boat is unfinished, cutting beauty
  30. 30.Possibilities to change the inhabitants of a community?
  31. 31.Son gets rather mad covered in acne
  32. 32.Fish making one bad tempered?
  33. 33.What keeps nurse going, perhaps German convenience food
  34. 34.Difficulty of a year that never was
  35. 35.Carriage departed before time during endless floods, perhaps
  36. 36.Fungus certainly turns up after vase is removed
  37. 37.Some island seized by Henry I
  38. 38.Being favoured, yesteryear's collaborator with the police
  39. 39.Like an old civilisation rains, say, destroyed
  40. 40.A Tuesday's fare, not fast food by tradition
  41. 41.One enters level two
  42. 42.Fish salon's No.1, given trophy
  43. 43.Hotels mounted very intense type of water sport
  44. 44.Witchcraft needs redbreast with wings plucked off
  45. 45.Hurry up - seems diaper is needed here
  46. 46.Showing little enthusiasm, cut down on agenda?
  47. 47.Mostly ancient member of a noble line
  48. 48.Arrives with something to eat and drink
  49. 49.Depart this earth - left to disappear as soon as possible
  50. 50.As hermits, say, in trouble, creating widespread emotion
  51. 51.Conceding Yankee playing cricket has no following
  52. 52.One struck perhaps in game
  53. 53.Champion drink, beer
  54. 54.Sacked person, initially unwell, deteriorated over time