Category: The Times – Cryptic
Date: 14-May-2019 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Answers 911

  1. 1.Overweight woman's shape brings older advisor
  2. 2.The French officer retreats, becoming confined
  3. 3.More than a hundred were spotted in film
  4. 4.Hiding pain, the Parisian wastes away
  5. 5.One after another, good books go in one large container
  6. 6.Caution about English — result of much study?
  7. 7.Turn down goal after review that's extended
  8. 8.Appealed, having switched sides, for subs
  9. 9.Praise one's given to Poet Laureate briefly in review
  10. 10.Destructive fly makes one terrified
  11. 11.Precious one getting lost somehow gets back
  12. 12.Problem with electricity supply has firm in torment
  13. 13.Hammock thus put up, small breather
  14. 14.Attempted to get lid off box of delights?
  15. 15.Claim poet is misguided, having old-fashioned ideas about the stars?
  16. 16.Helicopter heading off, one making short trip?
  17. 17.Place for three men in a boat, reported author
  18. 18.Male leading Queen, an experienced performer
  19. 19.Hang on: that is underclothing
  20. 20.Chap tours hot Belgian city
  21. 21.Democrat in running to be US President once
  22. 22.Step up and look to speak
  23. 23.Kind of average temperature after spring
  24. 24.A little tonic being added, miss the glass?
  25. 25.Shopping facility everyone's found by motorway
  26. 26.Fuss — daughter joins in also
  27. 27.Charlie departing for good in order to get academic award
  28. 28.Awnings in varieties of colours
  29. 29.Fellow works to produce plan
  30. 30.Not allow one to leave peaceful feast
  31. 31.Crowd departs on journey lacking purpose?
  32. 32.Pessimistic, vintage being ruined by tail of hurricane
  33. 33.Plant for making mixed drink
  34. 34.A curious flower
  35. 35.Artful nude, terribly dishonest
  36. 36.Low grades, although it is the first performance
  37. 37.Agreement to impose restraining influence on prisoner
  38. 38.Shaved hair not coming back, certainly
  39. 39.Drink in African camp
  40. 40.Make listener listen finally
  41. 41.Piano player ultimately avoids Chopin's pieces maybe
  42. 42.No time for stifling expression of disgust, revealing nothing
  43. 43.Orthodox believer possesses half-formed notion
  44. 44.Secure first of goals, playing on this?
  45. 45.Worker perhaps, one not pro
  46. 46.He has batted in cricket match briefly — in struggle for this?
  47. 47.Infection starting very innocently rocks us seriously
  48. 48.Exposing cleric somewhere in London
  49. 49.Rock up: best place for circus
  50. 50.Ace, endlessly gloomy, has nothing lovingly expressed
  51. 51.Miserable day in which to be sick
  52. 52.Disruptions — music-maker is not playing
  53. 53.Chord fluffed in opera gig
  54. 54.Bit of skeleton encountered west of a Turkish city
  55. 55.Strike together, making nasty wound round knight
  56. 56.Team on top of list? One could be up against the wall!