Category: The Times – Cryptic
Date: 13-May-2019 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Answers 911

  1. 1.A middle section in dire tune
  2. 2.Posh fur fit for purpose
  3. 3.Man with no end in sight, repeating certain steps
  4. 4.Pay Greek character heading for Belgium to follow truck
  5. 5.Hit most of the spots
  6. 6.Representative from state capital holding small article
  7. 7.Upset or placate female ruler
  8. 8.Uninhibited person, say, on end of pier
  9. 9.A drug ring supplying interplanetary travellers
  10. 10.Rogue may tease a mug
  11. 11.Creatures overcoming resistance with each lot of cold water
  12. 12.Second letter in a large, complicated branch of mathematics
  13. 13.Sort out middle section of tune with composer
  14. 14.Divine smell, for example
  15. 15.Neurotic ignoring cold snaps as usual
  16. 16.Lass there, awfully cruel
  17. 17.University plugging dissertations in ancient Greek
  18. 18.Universal acclaim for lift
  19. 19.Fold petal another way
  20. 20.Group getting cold in tub
  21. 21.Spy about right in capital of Asian country
  22. 22.Conveyed cases almost once a week
  23. 23.Execute that man bathed in a little sweat?
  24. 24.Cheek — that's by the mouth
  25. 25.Get rid of brushwood
  26. 26.Tell all lighter Greeks to conserve energy
  27. 27.First in hierarchy, number is top
  28. 28.Drink that's exceedingly short, say
  29. 29.Religion in Wiltshire regularly occupying various imams
  30. 30.By the sound of it, taken to court for fraud
  31. 31.Strangest idea to rebuild West Sussex Town
  32. 32.Beam left at home by Lawrence initially
  33. 33.Drunk? That's illegal
  34. 34.Thankless spy and head of security greeting teacher
  35. 35.Student, bit of a looker?
  36. 36.Kindling catches on
  37. 37.Remove Times puzzle, finally
  38. 38.Private meal with no starter
  39. 39.Empty carriage destined to take away a joiner
  40. 40.Demon in Mephistopheles personified, originally
  41. 41.Frightful Tory here? But so is a poet
  42. 42.Fifty per cent of dumb animals making money
  43. 43.A blast — methane, perhaps?
  44. 44.Awkward getting some sleep in it
  45. 45.Arrest reversed during crisis at surgery
  46. 46.Hard worker supporting architect
  47. 47.Smooth gelato melted
  48. 48.Stepping down, agreeing terms again?
  49. 49.Long period beginning in November
  50. 50.Adriatic port targets problem with locks
  51. 51.One relative and one friend lacking spirit
  52. 52.Substitute book
  53. 53.Painful sensation of deer crossing English stream
  54. 54.Place under collar for punch