Category: The Times – Cryptic
Date: 13-March-2019 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Answers 911

  1. 1.Supply to the full at sea, it's fantastic
  2. 2.Mo's back!
  3. 3.One might make catch, some hero, dashing?
  4. 4.Primate's mischievous child overwhelmed by church
  5. 5.Rich confections —the old man's samples
  6. 6.Competitive activity could yield cigar - grand!
  7. 7.Back in resort, siblings find somewhere to eat
  8. 8.Be lent geezer at work — no fast mover!
  9. 9.Bungling writer brought up in centre of Linlithgow
  10. 10.English cleric backing new plant?
  11. 11.Fiddling taximeter — that could lead to penalties!
  12. 12.Boxer on street celebrity roll
  13. 13.Spear produced by stupid person, say, leading to fine?
  14. 14.Dodgy presentation of light sauce?
  15. 15.Title seems ideal, respectful first of all
  16. 16.Revised rent decree that puts people off?
  17. 17.Rich confections -the old man's samples
  18. 18.Haughty nature of knight entering plant with sons
  19. 19.German author's attempt overlooks English theory, half completed
  20. 20.Plain about account for ham
  21. 21.Dispatch oxygen round Herts town, gradually increasing speed
  22. 22.Criticise sleep on return
  23. 23.Content, but extremely hazy about download?
  24. 24.A loan peer arranged, one moving up?
  25. 25.Tabloid, possibly, not unknown in lower chamber
  26. 26.Mike leaving wood finds river
  27. 27.Arab artillery invading islands without question
  28. 28.Long way off about the originator
  29. 29.Man in charge of army journal's last description of decree
  30. 30.Fiddling taximeter - that could lead to penalties!
  31. 31.Sad endeavour to secure run for American singer
  32. 32.Showcase, industrial, displaying dairy product
  33. 33.Wicked US city accepting anything once!
  34. 34.Noticed spades, multi-coloured
  35. 35.In Peel's day he mistreated a dozy kid?
  36. 36.Dodgy presentation of light sauce?
  37. 37.Fellow US attorney visiting a medium
  38. 38.Staid old lady, but about to relax at the front
  39. 39.Boxer on street celebrity roll
  40. 40.Excited cry over Lenin's first revolutionary device
  41. 41.Live with wooded area around
  42. 42.Competitive activity could yield cigar — grand!
  43. 43.It could hold sweet drops one's set to move around
  44. 44.Opera in which priest is bitten by dog?
  45. 45.Bird identified by a good friend in Paris
  46. 46.Reject with contempt ultimately useless banal stuff
  47. 47.Gave talk, producing part of wheel
  48. 48.Well-known Republican feeding dog where otolaryngologists work
  49. 49.Dutch painter left with worker, one making plea
  50. 50.In poem bishop replaces second hat
  51. 51.Principal lecturer's claim disheartened Oscar
  52. 52.In the main it constitutes a seismic convulsion
  53. 53.Have same opinion: an excessive desire must be cut
  54. 54.Propose article on music, meeting challenge
  55. 55.Be lent geezer at work - no fast mover!
  56. 56.Lover upset a sailor of Arabian origin
  57. 57.Baking stolen
  58. 58.Pie cooked by French priest, an enjoyer of good food
  59. 59.Written comment about king made after upset in Cathedral
  60. 60.Move suddenly east after a breather