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Date: 13-June-2018 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Answers 911

  1. 1.Left tips for kitchenmaid and butler under lamp ?€” or place high up
  2. 2.Popular golfer?€™s position, for example
  3. 3.Eg caterpillar right in middle of volcanic discharge
  4. 4.Agreement to stop battling regularly hairy and dangerous driving conditions
  5. 5.Ignoring public invading pitch
  6. 6.Black bird in vessel
  7. 7.Go back on sailing vessel on river, say
  8. 8.Work that one might turn down
  9. 9.Financial institutions, etc, hit by reforms, losing billions
  10. 10.Perception subject to status
  11. 11.Stream in gorge rising
  12. 12.Drinking vessel that could bring ultimately nothing but joy
  13. 13.University quietly restraining resistance as a top priority
  14. 14.Old sailor housed by New York official
  15. 15.Retreats, when there?€™s nothing but rejection?
  16. 16.Doctor getting cross about slur?
  17. 17.Stylish English support worker
  18. 18.Native of Continent ?€” a pure one, surprisingly
  19. 19.Patch marks boundary
  20. 20.Company found document for customer
  21. 21.Shorten a game
  22. 22.Group of soldiers also involved in scheme
  23. 23.Misinterpret move to end bachelorhood?
  24. 24.Beams, forgoing starter for dessert
  25. 25.Schedule of events, clear and organised
  26. 26.Friend took food, having sense of taste
  27. 27.Made easy advance in working methods studied
  28. 28.Practise greater economy? That?€™s pathetic!
  29. 29.Fat girl?€™s illegal involvement in two unions?
  30. 30.Arab airline personnel at home visiting capital
  31. 31.Income Zoe?€™s blown? She may have to!
  32. 32.Doomed person ?€” one imprisoned by King George
  33. 33.Human flesh once found in pine over gorge
  34. 34.Wrong number set back this performer?
  35. 35.Food store getting carpet measured
  36. 36.Trading centre outside disturbed this bird
  37. 37.Film of novel I judge a notable hit
  38. 38.Where the unsuccessful get, currently in this place?
  39. 39.One who appreciates person employed in excavation
  40. 40.Solvent, moisture-based?
  41. 41.Dont pay for each others fare, people!
  42. 42.The same longing to be senior member
  43. 43.Not very warm? That?€™s great!
  44. 44.Privy to American airline informally employing mantra
  45. 45.Damaging allegations about gallery took new form
  46. 46.Some extra illuminated track
  47. 47.High-ranking Indian woman for example feeding tramp
  48. 48.Noise coming from ghostly and isolated place
  49. 49.Blows to Conservatism?
  50. 50.See way to cross Italian river
  51. 51.Get together? It was proper once
  52. 52.Means to cover certain parts of diagram with thumb
  53. 53.Requirement of writer returning college flat?
  54. 54.Fellow going west with a visitor from Mars?
  55. 55.Basic themes returning in radio, potentially