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Date: 12-September-2018 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Answers 911

  1. 1.Remarkable events in empty patch with flower springing up
  2. 2.Frequently become less harsh when son's not present
  3. 3.Retro company needs restructuring to become this?
  4. 4.Soldier wearing suitable American equipment
  5. 5.Proverbs about heroin that are employed by the chippy
  6. 6.Undercover spy misplaced clue? It's a little matter
  7. 7.Giant in forest wore odd pants
  8. 8.A college year provides friendship
  9. 9.Discharge returned bill first, producing capital
  10. 10.Language the French can put together
  11. 11.Meet rhyme for first clue?
  12. 12.Less threatening, to be deprived of all love
  13. 13.A number refuse to accept Conservative drift
  14. 14.A partner each and every year
  15. 15.Port that protects marine resource?
  16. 16.Academy dancers after training were very nervous
  17. 17.Complete tons of tests assessing liabilities at first
  18. 18.Look to eat little volume and go very hungry
  19. 19.No new sort of calendar girl
  20. 20.Take fish with rod, it's plain
  21. 21.Experimental set-ups in Labour chapels
  22. 22.Succeeded getting travelling salesman tied up
  23. 23.Scarcities known to be artificial are unacceptable
  24. 24.Where we are in line, following EU?
  25. 25.Good quality that comes from being 8
  26. 26.How unmarried couples used to live, swallowing extremely unusual hormone
  27. 27.Look right up across unnamed newspaper, for example
  28. 28.Some disastrous error is appropriate
  29. 29.Most recent cricket match in California?
  30. 30.Unskilled work from son of afflicted man?
  31. 31.Formerly a hated symbol broken in half
  32. 32.Decorates cake slices not using small lines
  33. 33.Detective, modest and attractive
  34. 34.Chain of human descent not complete
  35. 35.Part of opera, some number about sailor from foreign land
  36. 36.I agree about returning thanks for poet
  37. 37.Conspirator hanged: rope splits in two, we hear
  38. 38.Second working satellite around the earth
  39. 39.In mock game, have decided to be inconsistent
  40. 40.Provincial shopping centre in the way now made to move
  41. 41.Flourish when bran's left out for recipe
  42. 42.Defeated, beheaded and consumed
  43. 43.Carelessly, behind sofa husband dropped proof of honesty
  44. 44.Provided with backing, cease being addict
  45. 45.More understandable about Shakespearean king and queen
  46. 46.Those who steal erasers to make one change?
  47. 47.Doctors succeeded saving European national leader
  48. 48.One who's dubbed king before the end of the day
  49. 49.Decent carton redesigned and made stronger
  50. 50.Squirrel away almost months in terrible weather
  51. 51.The turf an object of derision for Cambridge college?
  52. 52.Worked on in secret, it becomes a road junction
  53. 53.Estimating the price of company swindle
  54. 54.Trick cyclist performs in bin

Crossword Answers 911