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Date: 12-June-2018 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Answers 911

  1. 1.Picked up foolish persons share of profits?
  2. 2.Crew lowered very easily
  3. 3.Pertaining to criminals or crimes
  4. 4.A choice Oscar rejected, absorbing most of capitals spirit
  5. 5.Jurassic carnivore chewed up a large mouse, almost
  6. 6.Captive audience at first, say, turning on entertainer
  7. 7.Get better competition for motor vehicles
  8. 8.A small bird behind a boat
  9. 9.Fully informed, as artists models may be
  10. 10.Outgoing children
  11. 11.Too sick to take in afterthought about displaced population?
  12. 12.Fellow eating most of baked dish, barely warm
  13. 13.Old Greek warrior catching cold in choppy sea
  14. 14.Youth leaders in Luton and Dunstable
  15. 15.Simulate an outlet for one?€™s mirth?
  16. 16.Musicians not allowed to be heard
  17. 17.Use abusive language in bar
  18. 18.Discriminating, but comfortable around house
  19. 19.Rubbish a chap uttered, an old Russian dissident
  20. 20.Lady without equal but with large shed
  21. 21.Strip joints at top of town
  22. 22.Destruction of marine vegetation?
  23. 23.Rejected the hard stuff, husband being near
  24. 24.Following gospel for bit of luck
  25. 25.Severe test of French in exam
  26. 26.Close relative died, clutching European clerics first ordinal
  27. 27.Poisonous type vocally encourages Catholic rite
  28. 28.Donne composed a lot
  29. 29.Pleased husband put in a lot of petrol
  30. 30.Abandoned at Gretna, rely on English legal adviser
  31. 31.Man at church brought in by passenger vehicle ?€” or tube
  32. 32.County reduced planting locations
  33. 33.In Vietnamese festival I can rise, having Yankees perseverance
  34. 34.Alliance including one new country
  35. 35.Fuss when gull crosses grassy area
  36. 36.Unwelcome individual disguised as Rangoon parent
  37. 37.Forthright duke taking Irish Terriers initially round park
  38. 38.Onset of sickness in store for tyrant
  39. 39.Sound produced by boxer with money
  40. 40.Occasional dance is eccentric
  41. 41.Your uncle?€™s hairstyle?
  42. 42.Excuse for discharge of fire?
  43. 43.Sent back dessert, stirring up a riot in restaurant
  44. 44.Less than fifty per cent from all-rounder
  45. 45.Tongue and heart of dour duke
  46. 46.Devout type comes across on radio, eating tiny bonbons?
  47. 47.Reportedly whip up a storm at first ?€” awful for a mollusc!
  48. 48.Joiner outside university left little flower
  49. 49.Splendid, splendid book
  50. 50.Coalmining area originally repressed under harsh rule
  51. 51.Polish musician making knot, possibly
  52. 52.Fat cats in trouble? Great!
  53. 53.Rely on revolution for finance
  54. 54.Big cat without tail atop ancient temple