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Date: 11-June-2018 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Answers 911

  1. 1.Large weapon beneath a cover, were told, is part of early warning system?
  2. 2.Protective guard in residence
  3. 3.A second class property
  4. 4.China with crack, not worth considering
  5. 5.Investment secured, we hear, and set up with zero loss
  6. 6.A nun ordered a large yearbook
  7. 7.Head in charge of subject
  8. 8.University dress mostly rejected in holiday island
  9. 9.One who wrote stories about boxers trainer
  10. 10.Guy the man sees from time to time
  11. 11.Trouble repulsed in Lyon, naturally
  12. 12.Natural ability shown by Labours leader in the course of charity bazaar
  13. 13.Very protracted farewell
  14. 14.Golfing tournament participant is out
  15. 15.Splitting pieces of granite
  16. 16.Instrument played in large concert, I suspect
  17. 17.Soon enough exhausted, pleasure-seeking
  18. 18.Family member, German one, returning from Cologne after vacation
  19. 19.Ruler in mood executed soldiers
  20. 20.Harmony or division close to boundary?
  21. 21.Simple tune from couple dispensing with piano
  22. 22.Cream topping for eclair with few calories
  23. 23.Quickly peruse half of screed filling two pages
  24. 24.Family joined by grand royal personage
  25. 25.Repeat? Learned line removed
  26. 26.Complaint among posh-sounding group?
  27. 27.Novel, impenetrable, given to us
  28. 28.Rebellious at university, elected members
  29. 29.Authors work right superior to King and I
  30. 30.Dirt involving top player? Hot stuff!
  31. 31.Key European state
  32. 32.Appropriate number, jazz number
  33. 33.Husband with a meal ticket to get a sweetmeat
  34. 34.Weak local network? Good north of the border
  35. 35.He tunes fiddle, if discordant, for players
  36. 36.Truants wandering round New York initially become unpleasant
  37. 37.Novel and Biblical book don read, excited
  38. 38.Woodwind instrument popular in Bordeaux
  39. 39.Guardian leader penned by journalists was slightly moving?
  40. 40.Tigers run wild? Sounds about right
  41. 41.Little boys donkey, lacking name
  42. 42.Tot before a play
  43. 43.Film depicting new detectives rise in force, say
  44. 44.Spanish performers I catch doing cartwheel
  45. 45.Heading for farm, more unusual cattle feed
  46. 46.Some avoid lectures, spend time doing nothing
  47. 47.Drunk unwilling to buy a round of drinks?
  48. 48.Riders state of health
  49. 49.Get rid of dreadful boils in a hospital
  50. 50.Serving soldier in pub is only to be expected
  51. 51.Completely ignored single store in back rooms
  52. 52.Number one drink in West
  53. 53.Duke giving support to English soldiers? Correct
  54. 54.Record of Hungarian composer broadcast
  55. 55.Check on English artist beginning to rummage amongst his blessed rulers