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Date: 11-January-2019 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Answers 911

  1. 1.One's around African country, wanting second wind
  2. 2.Embarrassed, being compared to one easily led?
  3. 3.Let us read novel, singular one like Madame Bovary
  4. 4.Inadequate study: half of type's missed
  5. 5.Lots of people in a state, briefly
  6. 6.Outcast Felix eventually shows up
  7. 7.How come sci-fi writer's spoken of monster?
  8. 8.Rag Moses transformed into fine material
  9. 9.European agreed to fleece dodgy dealer in pine
  10. 10.Animal keeping balance, otherwise one has to adjust
  11. 11.Common place to learn ode cut by a line
  12. 12.Catch girl with Oscar
  13. 13.Grand old address
  14. 14.Figure shown by Austen in Emma
  15. 15.Playing record that's short and accessible
  16. 16.Employs magic arranging sporting events
  17. 17.Poem's written about racecourse
  18. 18.Sign for heretical Christian
  19. 19.Vacuous esoteric theme is out of place
  20. 20.Most senior of the French embraced by English lieutenant
  21. 21.Light itch lasting twenty-four hours
  22. 22.Camels' final resting place, maybe, leaving horse off track
  23. 23.Link goodness and joy? That's about right
  24. 24.Declared Authorised Version was inaccurate
  25. 25.Asp, foals, bees involved in these old animal tales
  26. 26.Office uncovered waste product
  27. 27.US city has royal award, I see
  28. 28.Some forgot totally German's name?
  29. 29.Name in India originally for railway stations?
  30. 30.Insult politician with something sure to upset
  31. 31.A version of Yellow Brick Road?
  32. 32.Illegally acquire gift, we hear: a thing of little value
  33. 33.Band of elite British soldiers descending on hotel
  34. 34.American originally backing Pop Art concept
  35. 35.Appreciates what landlady provides?
  36. 36.Almost unseat rough Glaswegian sitting majestically
  37. 37.As we see it, admitting motive is criminal
  38. 38.Rough, unknown labourer, thrown outside
  39. 39.One close to Mike has nothing on Mark
  40. 40.Dance that we often show to each partner, first of all
  41. 41.Tart, small, for us
  42. 42.Intrinsically sweet, ultimately naive victim
  43. 43.Ale isn't bad for your health!
  44. 44.Fool first to help
  45. 45.One small picture's recalled old Roman general
  46. 46.It's used to fix a direction
  47. 47.Good behaviour curtailed by an odalisque
  48. 48.I re-select cop for training for shadowy force
  49. 49.Beaten again, or directed down a different path
  50. 50.Measuring device to suffice in remote travelling
  51. 51.Fire keeping hot in grim lodgings
  52. 52.Returned nearly half of fiction in one's genre
  53. 53.Leftover items MD doesn't put right