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Date: 10-January-2019 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Answers 911

  1. 1.Rewrite of scripted prose shows team spirit
  2. 2.Say what you like, Britain is so different from N Korea
  3. 3.Newspaper articles about church gaining wealth after poverty
  4. 4.Chap sounds fit, for a Spaniard
  5. 5.Clever to avoid book? Correct
  6. 6.Basket-maker getting thanks for a fine biscuit
  7. 7.Relevant European supporting specific European
  8. 8.Give away pounds, having left nothing for artist
  9. 9.Parrot took off over large city
  10. 10.Out of practice, but reliable (just missing start)
  11. 11.Saw notice become out of date
  12. 12.Digest litre — gross!
  13. 13.One leads from heart ace, or leads from trump ace
  14. 14.Disappointed, apparently seeking veterinary assistance?
  15. 15.Only this much into books, excluding royalty
  16. 16.Bumper corn harvest may produce this quantity of work
  17. 17.Your setter is within reach somehow for old monster
  18. 18.Nothing tender about explosion of mine? Agreed
  19. 19.Song of amateur construction, inwardly dry
  20. 20.Wrong end of sponge cake
  21. 21.Use scent liberally for appeal
  22. 22.Visitor reckoned to be heard
  23. 23.Ship's destiny, to carry arrangement of sails
  24. 24.Make a demand, and others raise it, beginning to swagger about
  25. 25.Sign off, endlessly depressed by painful condition
  26. 26.Ill-suited to sleep during unspecified item
  27. 27.Curious character upset party before I'd upset heartless Tory
  28. 28.Butterfly is absolutely filled with colour
  29. 29.Lady's first to participate in improving hair treatment
  30. 30.French film-maker's company facing acute distress
  31. 31.Don't stay out for visit
  32. 32.A little agitation as Republican code of honour almost rejected
  33. 33.Dickensian hero in plot development
  34. 34.Join English match
  35. 35.Mounting attraction in the nursery?
  36. 36.In small bed, thorn tree
  37. 37.Eighty divisible by two? All the time
  38. 38.Mesh not entirely heated
  39. 39.Cloud is back in under a minute
  40. 40.One way and another keeping a model
  41. 41.Prestige long maintained by court
  42. 42.Fish from Arctic slipping line
  43. 43.Song provided by duo without piano
  44. 44.You need to remove middle and last line of story
  45. 45.Group of composers, minus nine
  46. 46.Establish railway or factory
  47. 47.O for someone on the radio to get a Hollywood award
  48. 48.High-pitched sounds each video modulated
  49. 49.Up-and-coming skill, covering new roofing material in render
  50. 50.End points in spell in capital of Italy
  51. 51.Part of foot one fractured in the end
  52. 52.Pin more asymmetrical?
  53. 53.Bike was blue
  54. 54.Parts of church show small errors, length being out

Crossword Answers 911