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Date: 10-August-2018 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Answers 911

  1. 1.Notes ruin, mother?€™s ruin, a mounting trouble
  2. 2.Briefs look carefully at couples
  3. 3.Bright and energetic, says he?€™s afraid, strangely
  4. 4.Lots of exaggerated praise often going with pants?
  5. 5.Liberal turning to name in stupid testimony
  6. 6.Aircraft quietly landing on narrow road
  7. 7.Journey round old trailers along the way
  8. 8.A number appearing in the middle of corn-exchange
  9. 9.High time embracing Greek characters dance
  10. 10.Like a wedding cake set before husband, finally
  11. 11.With Conservative ousted, pack in facility
  12. 12.Guide once to extend by several inches
  13. 13.Joint, hot, served by Scandinavian girl
  14. 14.What constitutes danger, when exploding close to one?
  15. 15.What?€™s paid to send things after time?
  16. 16.Fine letting on quietly
  17. 17.Great emotion to overtake one performing?
  18. 18.Sibling with problem returning shoes
  19. 19.University fellow had, on reflection, to sound indecisive
  20. 20.Favour clue ending in anagram
  21. 21.Girl?€™s orrible experience in New York
  22. 22.Scripture lesson books to deliver without regular charge
  23. 23.Rugby union back in top that?€™s garish
  24. 24.Courses in which youll get soup in some otherwise unhelpful places?
  25. 25.Cruel people with unhappy lives crossing street
  26. 26.Realtors go crazy for expert on houses
  27. 27.Can former nurse let go?
  28. 28.Chasing some latest style? Sort of
  29. 29.NB: everyone is following very good game
  30. 30.Mess about with branch in flower
  31. 31.Beyond one?€™s understanding where one?€™s hat might be!
  32. 32.Just one entering distant expo
  33. 33.A remedy for upsetting expression of dismay
  34. 34.Hype needing a thorough looking at, we hear
  35. 35.Work with a large gem
  36. 36.High society leading couple away from sink with constant decay
  37. 37.Lack of warmth in retiring old British people
  38. 38.Whats sung in church examination?
  39. 39.Grand drunk getting excited
  40. 40.Inevitably, but never at the appointed time?
  41. 41.Sign of maturity? Comparatively less lustrous nous
  42. 42.Was hesitant, displaying sporting trophy
  43. 43.Fiat for the time being desire nice motoring
  44. 44.Glee? It?€™s unusual for this writer
  45. 45.Separate record and notes
  46. 46.Some boats easily might be this
  47. 47.Delight in single entry
  48. 48.Dog found by daughter in south coast resort
  49. 49.Scraped a result worse than an F
  50. 50.City growth ?€” a blight
  51. 51.Clipped, as shirtsleeves often are?
  52. 52.Population count in North and South America by church