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  1. 1.Money a deaconess finally invested in church
  2. 2.Passably even-handed football administrators — from Dublin, perhaps?
  3. 3.Dispensation for writers Nice police, etc, engineered
  4. 4.Going west, drop off academic
  5. 5.A large number returned, having left coral reef
  6. 6.Issue identified by English chap at end of June
  7. 7.Theatre employee that may be Welsh?
  8. 8.Bury in virgin territory
  9. 9.Bird making sound of distressed dog in East London?
  10. 10.Inexplicable, lacking capacity to take in report
  11. 11.Gave benediction to girl and boy crossing lake
  12. 12.A man's photographic device
  13. 13.Trophy poet keeps in old cabinet
  14. 14.Visit daughter's offspring?
  15. 15.Splendid environment for the Spanish cat
  16. 16.Shortcoming not associated with Lancelot Brown?
  17. 17.No rating could be so unenlightened!
  18. 18.Contemptible person's command to dog?
  19. 19.Violinists use them? Nonsense
  20. 20.Across river, foe ultimately gets defeated
  21. 21.Ghostly atmosphere always hanging over one loch
  22. 22.Plump fellow carrying large beer cask
  23. 23.Check edge of pavement, so to speak
  24. 24.Instrument only bands or ensembles originally used?
  25. 25.Songs to entertain bishop in ecclesiastical grounds
  26. 26.Demonstrated in front of church somewhere in France
  27. 27.Course is creamy dessert with new finishing touch
  28. 28.Need to take sick to one part of hospital
  29. 29.Cross about doctor's indistinct utterance
  30. 30.Dad in a new relationship, a man challenging religious authority
  31. 31.A foreign writer is confronting text-changer lacking official status
  32. 32.Don't expect any of them to give you the bigger picture
  33. 33.Aimed to purchase, breaking into new trade
  34. 34.Minister losing head going to America, one on hazardous trip
  35. 35.Several people looking for shipwreck?
  36. 36.Church woman beginning to shine vessels there
  37. 37.Certainly, cutting energy used around island is sought after
  38. 38.Significant wicket falling — score short of a hundred
  39. 39.Plan to have second person in apartment when the first has gone
  40. 40.Having a go at living without politicians
  41. 41.One legally controlled by a couple of letters?
  42. 42.Walking in a particular direction, overtake worker?
  43. 43.Finished on time and open to view
  44. 44.English army officer can be a pig
  45. 45.More cheerful right after cooking rich food
  46. 46.Assiduous old man in street meeting a top man
  47. 47.A bit set on changing — or maybe not!
  48. 48.Hero, number one cricketer coming in for a drink
  49. 49.Cut grass covering bird, except for tail
  50. 50.Prince and king entertained by favourite after game
  51. 51.First Oscar is too much for opera singer
  52. 52.Female bad, not half, ending in shame
  53. 53.Madam, a skirt will contain this material
  54. 54.A maiden exploits charms
  55. 55.A group of undesirables regularly goes wild
  56. 56.Something wicked about Italian making protest
  57. 57.Eccentric aunt with range of knowledge left on the shelf?
  58. 58.A group's cash thrown into a stone box
  59. 59.Girl in time seen to be ordinary?
  60. 60.That group of map-makers featured in article
  61. 61.Hearts broken with poverty — expect no more fun
  62. 62.Entertainer, one who got things stitched up!
  63. 63.Ball game in uniform aboard ship
  64. 64.I'd flipped over, repose being most terrible
  65. 65.What would excite them? Big heaven? It never came to pass
  66. 66.Hard back
  67. 67.Fighting force initially might, it's likely, if trained in advance
  68. 68.Take a previous, re-cooked, meat dish
  69. 69.Remaining, not time for speaking
  70. 70.Tum suffering with gripes making one most irritable
  71. 71.Tea awfully dear — it's a travesty
  72. 72.Classes of people left out of grand buildings
  73. 73.Rubbish in plot upset gentleman turning up
  74. 74.Liking decorum
  75. 75.Small drinks on behalf of church team taking orders
  76. 76.Junk plans to head west
  77. 77.Brief message backing TV fundraiser Henry's left
  78. 78.Got up tired, having lost energy
  79. 79.Temporary pianos evenly sited round old university
  80. 80.Like interpreter to invoice hosts in August, on returning
  81. 81.Head of printing house fetched back painter (not English) behind picture book
  82. 82.Varied resources here to cover French study update
  83. 83.A hundred and fifty European books, romantic?
  84. 84.‘‘Jaws'' bound to be shown in empty cinemas
  85. 85.Salute archbishop opening mine
  86. 86.Less smooth make-up runs, hard to stop
  87. 87.Pine tea chest's contents
  88. 88.Saw old man in a hotel with the general manager
  89. 89.Abrasive guide appears around North Dakota
  90. 90.Decline rent at university
  91. 91.The French turning up cut down outside support under their own steam
  92. 92.Love to live in credit some weeks
  93. 93.Maybe Jersey Beer erected plant
  94. 94.ID of superior doctor in NW London area
  95. 95.Perfect lines to fill little volume
  96. 96.Bouncer to try to win dodgy hearing
  97. 97.Composer on holiday with another, eating nut
  98. 98.Eddy, top conductor, hogging large mike
  99. 99.Unfortunate Tory leader packed in spring summit
  100. 100.Some sailor upset pest controller
  101. 101.Coconut oil prepared right away, primarily from this
  102. 102.Buff coach horse every so often
  103. 103.About to beat an old racehorse
  104. 104.Corrupt way to meet fighter
  105. 105.Real card tricks are what I do
  106. 106.Marry, so love wears out
  107. 107.US poet rejecting wife's offer?
  108. 108.Bullets held back by commando
  109. 109.Mutant spider turned on English' — German magazine
  110. 110.Restaurant offering overeater chicken? Heads will roll!
  111. 111.An island's edge
  112. 112.Expert runs into trouble with applied science
  113. 113.City name outside walls of old outer part
  114. 114.Write to singer about one after a drug
  115. 115.Horse box with crank attached
  116. 116.Imagine former lover kissed on the ear
  117. 117.Repetitive strain injury for mare holding column up
  118. 118.Fantastic bird taking crumbs aloft?
  119. 119.Newly married guards see what brides may be
  120. 120.Met expectations?
  121. 121.Indian prince almost had drink knocked over
  122. 122.Fleet happily accept doctor?
  123. 123.Managed to return judge's report
  124. 124.Justify locations for outdoor events
  125. 125.Pleasant friend one put forward
  126. 126.Full hotel after cool office?
  127. 127.Republican appearing in stylish pants
  128. 128.Spike Milligan finally supports God
  129. 129.Record without knowledge, ultimately
  130. 130.Who might steal eggs and cook them?
  131. 131.Politeness but misplaced emphasis in report of special-purpose subgroup?
  132. 132.Dashing person has known lady primarily for the time that dampens fire
  133. 133.Don't speak badly as an accomplice
  134. 134.Flamboyant alias for "Denny”?
  135. 135.Nutcracker part unexpectedly exuded sap
  136. 136.Extraordinary and not welcomed by a retiring gentle person
  137. 137.What makes old lady jerk uncontrollably? Substance applied to joints
  138. 138.Maintain batting is over, stumped
  139. 139.Thus form band, making things serious
  140. 140.Poor health for one's partner
  141. 141.Order stopped short of November, which gives us pause
  142. 142.Welcome remedy
  143. 143.Dry up about crime syndicate, saving the last family head
  144. 144.Author more appropriate for audiobooks?
  145. 145.Bribe accepted by salesmen returning giveaway
  146. 146.Finland, note everything's doomed from the south — or undetermined?
  147. 147.Ring Arab without final roaming charge
  148. 148.Series of thank-you letters in small rag
  149. 149.Bungled op? Really pretend to be someone else
  150. 150.Crack up on the boards
  151. 151.Honour to maintain, with lives stuck in sin
  152. 152.Camp under chopped spruce cut into thirds
  153. 153.My career is meaningful by definition
  154. 154.Raise note on curtailment of county court
  155. 155.Jailbird following trucks for digger proves wrong
  156. 156.Academic chief breaks from the Sun
  157. 157.One million marks on exam — cheating?
  158. 158.Almost nothing limits software for remote control
  159. 159.Nothing for Poles in Australian city or Egyptian one
  160. 160.Trip merrily in dance music of the 1990s
  161. 161.Men pulling trains, perhaps? You'll find them in Scotland
  162. 162.Dance spotted in puzzle
  163. 163.Talc's article wanted for such attention, in brief?
  164. 164.Party politics at sea moving ahead, so all concluding
  165. 165.Conservative PM once lacking leadership, old Con cross
  166. 166.Miles away from a ranch — miles away!
  167. 167.Done in accessing corner in this domestic chore
  168. 168.Hunk of sweetmeat?
  169. 169.Change about a hundred for a difference
  170. 170.Shape central, eg quadrilateral
  171. 171.Flower, grey lines perhaps round the edge
  172. 172.A welcome shower?
  173. 173.Hammer close to a bar for field event?
  174. 174.Details causing much head scratching? Then tough!
  175. 175.Greek philosophy derived from pagan theory
  176. 176.Idle barge, one taking extra work
  177. 177.Youth centres in Leicestershire and Kent
  178. 178.One criticising salesman and traveller
  179. 179.Mediator has to try and gamble — little point
  180. 180.Fire at bird, producing lead
  181. 181.Possible boiler trouble
  182. 182.Inspired by crude matter, newspaper producing four-letter word
  183. 183.Author unknown, all works lacking initial
  184. 184.Support overwhelming seed in West London contest?
  185. 185.Backtracking southeast European runs off
  186. 186.A bigot retired with game of rugby in a mess
  187. 187.Never what the bold show
  188. 188.Poets, say, in European catalogues
  189. 189.Weary old bowler, perhaps, trapping us
  190. 190.Base saw British uprising
  191. 191.Light lifted in fleeting image
  192. 192.They happen to see father embracing females only, zero males
  193. 193.Series of cushioned blows?
  194. 194.Queen's residence, where Welsh corgi ends on covers of Vogue
  195. 195.Censorship withdrawn, intro cut from film perhaps that's sentimental and sweet
  196. 196.Existence driving people?
  197. 197.Soil brilliant thing for fungus
  198. 198.Current fashion to stop river causing a blockage
  199. 199.Husband, perhaps, provided in Antichrist gone mad!
  200. 200.Villain picked up weapon that's about right

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