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The Times Cryptic Crossword Answers -18-October-2019
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The Times Cryptic Crossword Answers -16-October-2019
  1. 1.Crusade Conservative politician is entering again, sadly
  2. 2.Fish, black as soot, initially
  3. 3.Fellow's initially entering minister's house
  4. 4.The main deity, a heavenly body
  5. 5.Their sister trained a dog
  6. 6.Decorative ornament: last one placed inside
  7. 7.Black girl returned in a state of exhaustion
  8. 8.Accountant in bar started to lose heart earlier
  9. 9.Former partner, big enough for a model
  10. 10.Item of historical interest found in barrel I collected
  11. 11.Hold the fort?
  12. 12.Old charitable centre reveals oversight
  13. 13.Strong horse circling male groom
  14. 14.Refer to soldiers on it abroad
  15. 15.Accra is excited about me winning yachting race
  16. 16.Head of government also greeting spiritual leader
  17. 17.Grown-up daughter wearing gold locket that's empty
  18. 18.Pilot to decline cheapest accommodation
  19. 19.Here members salute
  20. 20.Delivery of francs on holiday
  21. 21.Siren of traditional stories on the French island
  22. 22.Mother accepting employment in the Ashmolean, say
  23. 23.Shock article on Indian corn I ignored
  24. 24.Examine top of soup tin
  25. 25.Such as Chesterton, maybe, entertaining with his stirring article
  26. 26.Can pocket valuable? Hardly!
  27. 27.Seafood etc barman mostly prepared
  28. 28.Carbonated drink bottles finished round roof
  29. 29.Toy bear's in bunk
  30. 30.He passed on book two in series of books
  31. 31.Cancels course if ill, unable to return displays
  32. 32.Jailed by judge, ex-pupil's assisted crime
  33. 33.Stop at sea to tell some tales?
  34. 34.Designates perimeter of park especially for winter sport
  35. 35.Running without queen's backing
  36. 36.Cried several times over, with husband involved in plot
  37. 37.Partner of old politician getting into film for free
  38. 38.Biased when accepting Houses of Parliament as constitutional asset?
  39. 39.Watch Italian sides being eliminated after football upset
  40. 40.Get stuck into the butter!
  41. 41.Awkward when first on diet of meat sandwiches?
  42. 42.What's amusing by reputation?
  43. 43.Time to leave to pick up cold tongue?
  44. 44.Banned for plagiarism in second edition
  45. 45.Radio station's run repeated broadcast
  46. 46.Ringer that's incorporating end for our now cordless sockets
  47. 47.In short, "garish” is appropriate for style of French king
  48. 48.King and I set makes for cracking musical
  49. 49.Move inch by inch?
  50. 50.Band ultimately mean to raise flag
  51. 51.What's oddly featured by satellite state
  52. 52.Approach of mine having commercial appeal
  53. 53.Some strudel I saw in food shops
  54. 54.Lay outside on new hat
  55. 55.One slip ruined Greek character
  56. 56.Fellow otherwise from whom charity benefits?
  57. 57.Card game for ladies or gents
  58. 58.Man types out Acts of Settlement
  59. 59.Instruments, etc, MP restores after damage
  60. 60.Wine is something Highlander tosses to catch
  61. 61.Articles about hotel leading to surprised response
  62. 62.Eight carat ring someone not from this world possesses
  63. 63.More than one top vehicle conks out
  64. 64.This composer's shop associated with singing style?
  65. 65.Material from track given name
  66. 66.One might have a second, outstanding, large register
  67. 67.Rope, behold, used to catch donkey?
  68. 68.Explosive component to season: about to go past favourite
  69. 69.Cockney's to have aged
  70. 70.Regret tenancy holding this girl up
  71. 71.Change one's act?
  72. 72.Nothing but Bond seen in this TV programme?
  73. 73.Voting to relocate local tree
  74. 74.Killer who has a cheek, interrupting crime
  75. 75.Demanding person's coat, Rex out of order
  76. 76.Like Flight of the Bumblebee? A thing to play it on endlessly
  77. 77.Tease company doctor
  78. 78.From out of one's mouth, pull part of one's foot
  79. 79.Stone seat from which one has furthest to rise?
  80. 80.Means of dispatching members

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