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The Times Cryptic Crossword Answers -24-January-2020
The Times Cryptic Crossword Answers -23-January-2020
The Times Cryptic Crossword Answers -22-January-2020
  1. 1.Fish taken by fellow with no white wine
  2. 2.Rapid growth ruined a coastline
  3. 3.Put on airs ridiculously, like a French author
  4. 4.Once in a blue moon, old master goes wrong, turning out bad art
  5. 5.Entering island state, I abandon crime
  6. 6.Turn of old French actor performing after end of war
  7. 7.Husband in great pain
  8. 8.Superior one joining up with four others
  9. 9.Superior-sounding female set
  10. 10.Accept less rum in glasses
  11. 11.Attack from the rear to capture a Pacific island
  12. 12.Game leader departing with a word of appreciation in Asian city, once
  13. 13.Diving gear stowed aboard, initially worn by youngster
  14. 14.Game with boxes, present finally emerging
  15. 15.Just when pearl of wisdom can be testing?
  16. 16.Frenchman's refusal to accept a foreigner as emperor
  17. 17.Girl seeing bird, one in meadow
  18. 18.The old man's entertaining celebrity baddies
  19. 19.They're used for stopping publicity
  20. 20.Old Gaelic speaker possibly sheltering old cat
  21. 21.Criminal, in my opinion, had finally obeyed the law?
  22. 22.Abdomen, soft little protuberance
  23. 23.Time left to be engaged in task? What a laugh!
  24. 24.Note English line dance
  25. 25.Fired-up type, source of illumination
  26. 26.One addict, I fancy, could show this
  27. 27.Actor is not cast to be producer of pictures
  28. 28.Woman at sea in yacht
  29. 29.United around military leader and single-minded
  30. 30.Light piece of verse that facilitates communication
  31. 31.Nymph heard near middle of meadow
  32. 32.Something very cold about lord close to you, dictator
  33. 33.Lack of interest, in a way, on the fourth of July
  34. 34.Mood of small son confronting 'umungous lout?
  35. 35.Not affected as outsiders in race
  36. 36.Shout with pain, with heart maybe leading to caution in game
  37. 37.Group of jolly dimwits set up a happy scene
  38. 38.Sneaky round is not very good
  39. 39.Funny comedian ignoring the first of three daughters
  40. 40.Seabird leaving home has little hesitation to get fish
  41. 41.Swallow displaying soft feathers
  42. 42.Leading character abroad captured by female photographer
  43. 43.Starting point for endeavour in which maybe four succeeded, reportedly?
  44. 44.One second inside current record
  45. 45.Unable to proceed, removing last firm plaster
  46. 46.Heading north, attacked to achieve rescue
  47. 47.Load of church silver, holy books missing
  48. 48.Lettuce prepared for pet
  49. 49.Bear that's found by side of road
  50. 50.This writer's means of communicating with article heartlessly direct
  51. 51.Have nothing to do with hermit-style holiday?
  52. 52.Coca leaf assortment? Collier may take his pick here
  53. 53.Part of Mayfair is home for some Europeans
  54. 54.Register of leaderless soldiers with inadequate function
  55. 55.Acknowledge hospital is having trouble

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