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The Times Cryptic Crossword Answers -26-May-2019
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The Times Cryptic Crossword Answers -24-May-2019
  1. 1.Cry with pain
  2. 2.Iron skirt and tiny pants that she has?
  3. 3.Running off isn't held in high regard
  4. 4.Very narrow lane, one running between hills
  5. 5.Passing light over pipe
  6. 6.This is mostly put on for men
  7. 7.My doctor's intention — a lot of mistakes
  8. 8.Trio's appeal to enter Fight Club
  9. 9.Drop and shatter
  10. 10.Old poetry equally exotic?
  11. 11.Apple seed has phosphorous in
  12. 12.Beachwear showing wobbly parts of bodies
  13. 13.Make quiet arrangements with sadness
  14. 14.Food kept by white couple, you might say
  15. 15.White flower, one created by boffins?
  16. 16.Spill jam? Flimsier sandwiches
  17. 17.Find attractive youth leaving home
  18. 18.To plug damage, uses liquid rubber
  19. 19.Royal Mint's unorthodox routine
  20. 20.Head teachers?
  21. 21.Unsure about husband's old letter
  22. 22.Go very cheaply
  23. 23.Prayer wheels crack after Mass
  24. 24.One's given spades in awful cards
  25. 25.Sound of egg on penetration
  26. 26.I, for one, love dancing around wife
  27. 27.Crew push the boat out
  28. 28.Mum's new bloke
  29. 29.Overweight Florida infant burying its head
  30. 30.Idiot bowled over extremely naive leader
  31. 31.Duck swimmer sees, partially
  32. 32.Cutting maple branch is complicated to start with
  33. 33.Surge? This does, regularly
  34. 34.Surprised Oscar, about to get into bed
  35. 35.Student corrected Galileo and Newton on speed of light
  36. 36.Hard punches ruptured spine
  37. 37.Followed three females leaving far-off area of Home Counties
  38. 38.Green bottle's contents swirling in glasses
  39. 39.Heartsick depression about cut foot
  40. 40.Skinned shins and arm?
  41. 41.Recluse just recalled sex with ecstasy
  42. 42.Chair is deep but not wide, long but not hard
  43. 43.Rustic couple at first laboured in silence
  44. 44.Cross new wife briefly chasing gutless hubby
  45. 45.Force isn't commonly weak
  46. 46.I am a droll, peculiar creature
  47. 47.Expose stomach, reportedly
  48. 48.Love helping in lecture
  49. 49.English blokes becoming obsolete — or improving?
  50. 50.Kind of sleep-deprived, think back and glower
  51. 51.Moral decline of 1960s for example initially narked church
  52. 52.Arab sheikhs finally shunning sycophants on island
  53. 53.Ritual involving one miracle
  54. 54.Whine about stock in candle shop
  55. 55.Heading away, the solver set off in boat
  56. 56.Lancashire's opener is lazy, small and uncapped
  57. 57.Out-and-out lies oddly cause resentment
  58. 58.Elegant ships poetically capsizing
  59. 59.Short of things to do, maybe, old dons procreated
  60. 60.Gloomily disheartened, as expected
  61. 61.Font by Norma, perhaps
  62. 62.Dine without fish and put up with endless sweet
  63. 63.Green politician in Montreal opposition
  64. 64.Bring round one affected by ecstasy right in disco?
  65. 65.Genius way of doing things in study
  66. 66.Involving VIPs drunk, even
  67. 67.Stravinsky, perhaps very removed from American vitality
  68. 68.Extremely fresh where the IOW ferry operates
  69. 69.People regularly touchy about reward for winners
  70. 70.A thing that's PC upset perceptual morons
  71. 71.Soldier retreats in confusion after start of D-Day
  72. 72.Evil embraced by doctors' revolts
  73. 73.Judicial decision to abolish court note writer
  74. 74.Botticelli, perhaps using same egg mixture
  75. 75.Small shrub in grass, a lentil transformed
  76. 76.A shift that drops four with a routine job
  77. 77.What's used in adding carriage and track for former guard
  78. 78.End of skewer used in turning rump steak may be wanted thus?
  79. 79.Pain in mouth, but not quite windpipe
  80. 80.Papers sent out after account mishaps

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