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  1. 1.Two short cuts to good health
  2. 2.A fake king's in retreat
  3. 3.Taking on family over claims it openly admits
  4. 4.Benefits after wife gives birth
  5. 5.Worry as steed might bolt a lot
  6. 6.My turn to keep quiet
  7. 7.Writers' articles still being reported
  8. 8.Table item about protective fabric before lunch?
  9. 9.Instrument's top broke, not every other part
  10. 10.Inmates' chests whipped as punishments
  11. 11.Sly person beginning to win artist's support
  12. 12.One painting over wild animals' shelters
  13. 13.Moderately attractive
  14. 14.Smother last bit of strudel in rum
  15. 15.Data introduced to win over meeting
  16. 16.Sort of mine not left by American force
  17. 17.Cold serving of beer beside a climbing plant
  18. 18.Speak with vet before examining body
  19. 19.Chess or alternative involving unknown lighter pieces
  20. 20.Take over from priest always twirling robes
  21. 21.Tom's cries sounded deliberate
  22. 22.First photo's a sprinter, given too much too soon
  23. 23.An area of sci-fi advertisers rate
  24. 24.Tissue produced by soldier, upset during elegy
  25. 25.Wrap up season below Wolves?
  26. 26.Singer able to fly flags
  27. 27.Journalist's left skewered by a horned beast
  28. 28.Substitute seen putting feet up
  29. 29.Morally corrupt equivalent of ten depressions?
  30. 30.Result of laying hold firmly
  31. 31.Drunk again, ale's numbing pain
  32. 32.Key discussion curtailed after six
  33. 33.Seconds from parching, planters use borehole as well
  34. 34.Field expertise reduced amount of green growth
  35. 35.Pause to rest, stopping the man endlessly busy working
  36. 36.Something to drive about India without success
  37. 37.Chews over new leaves — hot stuff?
  38. 38.Money to protect king and knight in great urban moves?
  39. 39.Originally eaten in Mexico, not a thing with mostly cold filling?
  40. 40.Told office to exclude British — for their neighbours' funding?
  41. 41.Literarily, it's going to weave
  42. 42.Piece of meat where rest can be had in dish before main course
  43. 43.Deny women's being released from old prison
  44. 44.Being There, for which acting needs time given over to Sellers' lead
  45. 45.Daughters without refinement are attractive?
  46. 46.Nurse Carol naturally enters senior partner's practice?
  47. 47.Tidy black-clad punk getting around to canine
  48. 48.Twangy part for musician, as always
  49. 49.See that vessel where hippies got it on
  50. 50.Month Robert worked round old queen like a natural
  51. 51.List containing lines informed gang member
  52. 52.Answer Scottish island charge after mounting, baseless fear
  53. 53.Bust in Paris, our rising British author
  54. 54.Cut yarn number in loom
  55. 55.Unemployment I should lower, ending four points up
  56. 56.Shade from screen infused with exotic oil
  57. 57.Famous dancer doesn't have heart or foot moving
  58. 58.Unimpressive million in advance, once
  59. 59.Doctor caught pinching journalist's wine
  60. 60.A woman's spells on a drug rejected in these parts
  61. 61.Tactless remark primarily riling the chief electrician
  62. 62.Strait-laced Carthaginian woman making entry
  63. 63.Questioning politician on eg train or at sea
  64. 64.What Parisian left among directions for follow-ups
  65. 65.Friend eager to carry a new covered litter
  66. 66.Horrify a reindeer herder going west
  67. 67.How it dries rice out? That's novel
  68. 68.Pole with old hat in distant settlement
  69. 69.Son finally abandons water-starved sheep in fairish number
  70. 70.Crossing ocean it finally moved quickly, having particular sound
  71. 71.Italian fellow's regularly alluring air
  72. 72.Confuse viewpoint of otolaryngologists?
  73. 73.One of Mitford's aristos accepting suggestion for psalm
  74. 74.Study dance, providing fee for postponement
  75. 75.Detached Roman statesman with animals from the east
  76. 76.Outspoken woman receiving military commander
  77. 77.Upright rider's second woman at frontier, we hear
  78. 78.Saw about taking to the water and making merry
  79. 79.Cleft stick girl's found by river at Pontypridd
  80. 80.Mount further industrial action, ringing pub to agree on terms
  81. 81.Singers in Cuba's side-streets
  82. 82.Gangster's way to enter parts of builders' course
  83. 83.Foot of giant bird encountered in the east
  84. 84.Slow mover gets into a riot, carelessly
  85. 85.Talmudic scholar's chatter about rejection of wrongdoing
  86. 86.Fully developed type demanding change of leader
  87. 87.Uncultivated Greek character given inventory in English
  88. 88.Part of spring attached to 50% of beds, perhaps
  89. 89.Like Eeyore's second expression of impatience
  90. 90.Quiet old insider prepared to return to civilian employment
  91. 91.Piece of meat — item regularly forming dish
  92. 92.Passes first of workmen carrying a tool
  93. 93.Go over again, about to surrender
  94. 94.Fax Mary starts off about affliction of the armpit
  95. 95.Like some cereal Oscar put away before noon
  96. 96.Like a Weill opera, costing very little once
  97. 97.Insistent a worker must shore up barrier
  98. 98.Completely safe dessert, one originally consumed by academic
  99. 99.Member of ruling family put up by Republican circle
  100. 100.Intimates favour crooked man in scoop
  101. 101.Free former con briefly at end of sentence
  102. 102.Vestment certain to incorporate new clip
  103. 103.Practical sciences only the GOC deployed
  104. 104.Stressed computer studies woman with daughter touring islands
  105. 105.Experience efficient estate manager's sense of wellbeing
  106. 106.Nagging civilian in garrison principally restricting husband
  107. 107.Woollen items knight placed among gear on river
  108. 108.Greek character with house worked in mythic Asian port
  109. 109.Artist in Irish county composed airs outside eastern inn
  110. 110.Peevish type giving mongrel a common dog's name
  111. 111.One leaving Francis's place beat rear of flippant aide
  112. 112.Society family not so devoid of cover
  113. 113.One flying aircraft at first by way of rocky peak
  114. 114.Current board suitable for representing on stage
  115. 115.Take up residence in N Yorks town
  116. 116.High-ranking Muslim woman, say, taken in by tramp
  117. 117.Leaving hospital, get excited and sing
  118. 118.Work on island with hesitation, producing narcotic drug
  119. 119.Alcohol initially banned in skating area
  120. 120.Orchestral musician, popular, into red wine
  121. 121.Privateer recalling Capri as rocky in part
  122. 122.Chess player's success welcomed by bridge partners
  123. 123.Loudly announce point in cellar
  124. 124.Flier's usual nonsense?
  125. 125.Film "Titanic” — argued new version is needed
  126. 126.Cardinal slow on way back, everybody disheartened
  127. 127.Scoundrel in vogue given new start
  128. 128.Like sheep or like cow (not British)
  129. 129.In from France, happy to embrace new country
  130. 130.Present lady, without publicity, in kind manner
  131. 131.Our group by Irish river feature
  132. 132.Erotic dancing outside church — rebound hard to predict?
  133. 133.Irritable as vessel held in New York
  134. 134.Peer over lavatory, close, to see senior minister
  135. 135.One in boat dispute? I'm not sure
  136. 136.Atmosphere Old Boy found in Northern Ireland's capital city
  137. 137.River in the news oddly
  138. 138.Slogan from shaman tradition
  139. 139.Originally Vicky learned about perfume
  140. 140.Unrealistic upper-class head boy
  141. 141.Style of rock music that could get you back on road?
  142. 142.Encirclement, say, if enemy gets energetic at outset
  143. 143.Stable worker in extremely grazeable clearing in forest
  144. 144.Foxtrot and tango as alternatives in soldiers' place?
  145. 145.Ring head about one dope
  146. 146.This writer's pursuing very old man's case
  147. 147.Marine line's pump
  148. 148.Woman possessed a nut found among bananas
  149. 149.Does salt always stick to this big dish?
  150. 150.Second pin number maybe in A&E
  151. 151.In Yorkshire, the tavern that provides lifts?
  152. 152.Yield from a mine drilling copper overdue
  153. 153.Former Bond loaded with what's needed for passion
  154. 154.Twice loses unemployment benefit? Just that!
  155. 155.Runner goes around a Munro
  156. 156.Bar culture somehow related to consumption
  157. 157.Ray comes across right word to help concentration
  158. 158.To surpass in work, I trust mobile
  159. 159.Firm in the past briefly occupying island
  160. 160.Missing leader, draws lots
  161. 161.Where to put post and support shrub
  162. 162.A recluse hosts male welfare worker once
  163. 163.I must display energy in different ways
  164. 164.A piece of oral evidence turns up describing part of mouth
  165. 165.Committee adviser bridles at pundit
  166. 166.Single-digit growth worried one in the end
  167. 167.Food item with rocket on top
  168. 168.Arrange scores or bust judge
  169. 169.Author's lyrical work lacking effort
  170. 170.Garrulous, like a TV lunatic absorbing atmosphere
  171. 171.Fatuous one follows papers to do with hearing
  172. 172.Put off foreign one wearing old hat
  173. 173.Last pair abandoning fashionable, ill-fated mission
  174. 174.Audibly demonstrates contempt for sauce
  175. 175.Sort of square rings on top of that
  176. 176.Husband straying? He might catch this!
  177. 177.Very nice meal. Only 1p
  178. 178.Killing of one donkey after another by island people
  179. 179.Beg Parisian in hospital to abandon threat
  180. 180.Ethel regularly chewed the things in her mouth
  181. 181.Punt unsteadily, drinking old whiskey in residential area
  182. 182.Older Spanish gentleman touring India
  183. 183.Reporter's dispatched perfume
  184. 184.Fabric in ashes after explosion
  185. 185.Thracian coins misrepresented as belonging to another time
  186. 186.Rubbish written by Her Majesty — or King Edward?
  187. 187.Released gang without charge
  188. 188.Leave Henry for large Yank
  189. 189.Respond to provocation, as creature of the deep may do?
  190. 190.Kids can be a problem
  191. 191.Investigate doctor in Togo
  192. 192.Surprise the French after kick-off
  193. 193.Prepare clergyman for the highest office?
  194. 194.Overran Cherokees holding cowboy
  195. 195.Nobody put rats out
  196. 196.One who observes criminal a wretch
  197. 197.Doctor overlooking procedures? Oh dear!
  198. 198.Penniless family thrown into street
  199. 199.Ideal position of hotel in French resort
  200. 200.Possible mafioso's crime — receiving lashes?

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