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Date: 9-May-2019 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Answers 911

  1. 1.Note included in complete equipment, bound together
  2. 2.A naturist option when dancing is the limit
  3. 3.Low charge to secure good area of London
  4. 4.Issue person addressed starts to niggle Government
  5. 5.Superior rum knocked back, disposing of one litre
  6. 6.Enquire about quartet close to the monarch?
  7. 7.Start to ask to play baseball?
  8. 8.Cool people including first of women in staff
  9. 9.Scrap during gambling game is disorganised affair
  10. 10.Commission executed amongst leaderless crowd
  11. 11.Reprobate, unimpressed, dismissing Liberal
  12. 12.Certain to accept espionage groups hunch
  13. 13.One is enthralled by pleasing features and threatening features
  14. 14.Brand market regularly discounted
  15. 15.Object about manipulation of poll: this is traditionally flat
  16. 16.Armed force disposing of monarch leads to reasonable scandal
  17. 17.Material long associated with newspaper, perhaps
  18. 18.Less organised, this writer in error turned up without Mike
  19. 19.Worthless stuff thats served hot in eatery
  20. 20.I travel widely, covering France in pursuit of favourite biscuit
  21. 21.Stones on the road beginning to interfere with a nut tree
  22. 22.Deplorable action linked to a former battleground
  23. 23.Source of earth contributing to all of mud (churned)?
  24. 24.Conservative engaged in a lot of diverse sin
  25. 25.Republican suppressed by duke in dominant position
  26. 26.Close off the main line
  27. 27.Party leader finally rigged county
  28. 28.Celebs first cry -- Its gruesome -- after treatment -- such as this?
  29. 29.Obsessive about city spot, according to report
  30. 30.Bird seen in various trees in Asian capital