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The Telegraph - Toughie Crossword Answers -19-June-2019
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  1. 1.Audience engaged in that place
  2. 2.Bread is thrown for gull or some such
  3. 3.Bromide allowance covered by platoons leader
  4. 4.Brownie, for example, drew near artist
  5. 5.Chapter on sex in pukka reading
  6. 6.Charlie fell for the latest thing
  7. 7.Court player provided with rightful gold
  8. 8.Detective in the presence of monarch put off
  9. 9.Down under article rewards gripping lyric
  10. 10.Ecstasy with districts antelope
  11. 11.Fancy soaking up last bit of sun? Its easy to get
  12. 12.For Parisians very change is a sin in the eyes of the church
  13. 13.Furious as appropriate page is ripped out
  14. 14.Go over motor, the focus of auction
  15. 15.Go with a kitty -- one of twins on the table?
  16. 16.Hunter clubs bears -- hang on a minute!
  17. 17.I would back English poet, one to give out
  18. 18.Mean a lot being one who thrives on (or off) another
  19. 19.Move to prompt returning items which support cavalry
  20. 20.Perennial is unknown beforehand
  21. 21.Piffle a Conservative is spinning
  22. 22.Pressure rising in choice brew of Getafix?
  23. 23.Put out description of retired reporter?
  24. 24.Ravager -- Ill skip shattered desire about old defeated city
  25. 25.Rushing around quietly doing what cartoon angels do
  26. 26.Some would say his (or her) term for next successor
  27. 27.Son chuckling is best
  28. 28.Stir too fancy a dish
  29. 29.Translator dying to be all over Twitter, Instagram, etc
  30. 30.Unseating leader stems negotiations
  31. 31.Whats on some eads? Stop emergency procedure
  32. 32.Who would tear into fool and trouble social worker?
  33. 33.A sailors heard in criminal acts
  34. 34.America facing new extremes of climate -- period of reckoning
  35. 35.Being led astray in fog, is calmer than all the others
  36. 36.Bill quickly embracing Maureen by railway
  37. 37.Confused Homer, apt sadly to make literary blunder
  38. 38.Coppers beginning to advance in energetic case
  39. 39.Curtailed welcome by relative? Anything but a welcoming word!
  40. 40.Devious when theres little support within firm
  41. 41.Fat should be reduced slightly -- get fruit
  42. 42.Fish in ditch after rivers drained
  43. 43.Following left-winger its hard to show old-fashioned faith
  44. 44.Ghost shortly returning after party and things we cannot name
  45. 45.Governors office in state thats absorbed region to the west
  46. 46.Heartless workers group set up -- not liked by the toffs
  47. 47.Hotel in very very cold French city
  48. 48.I must follow obvious suggestion
  49. 49.Land suffering from arson attack?
  50. 50.Making the most of wise words, I celebrate
  51. 51.More spirited female is starting row, putting male off
  52. 52.My sailor is one who hunted whales
  53. 53.Port taking five hundred and six deliveries?
  54. 54.Shaft of tool held together by end of nail
  55. 55.Switzerland is so preserved, against joining in?
  56. 56.Whod caress son struggling to reveal personal plans?
  57. 57.Wine transported to merchant
  58. 58.Worker taken on by king, not a good person for Rex?
  59. 59.A dandy too
  60. 60.Almost aim too high -- one beset by a lot possibly panics
  61. 61.Appreciate men stopping vulgar opera
  62. 62.Attic needs clearing out after student leaves
  63. 63.Boris perhaps oddly dour with number in government
  64. 64.Briefly boast about whale
  65. 65.China second with extremely illegal bribe
  66. 66.Disable starter in ice-cream van when changing cover
  67. 67.Endlessly sharpen broken tool
  68. 68.Ever so slow to begin letter
  69. 69.Extra legs good for stuffing duck
  70. 70.Female sightseer removing braces systematically
  71. 71.Finally, for the record, present returned in amazement
  72. 72.Good man about which to laugh?
  73. 73.Harangue current clientele outside
  74. 74.India cutting travel film?
  75. 75.Is after single old coin in unusual means test
  76. 76.Mainly give adverse publicity angle in kind
  77. 77.Old county book on jackets
  78. 78.Paint short girl, embracing The Scream?
  79. 79.Piece of advice is clear -- well-bred horse told to go inside
  80. 80.Plane once flew briefly around Canada

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