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  1. 1.Sack is carried by daughter and another young girl
  2. 2.Composer caught after punch-up in Italy
  3. 3.Recalled time mostly squandered? Just a bit
  4. 4.Be above complete fabrication
  5. 5.Passivity in time stifling rise in sexual activity
  6. 6.Murphy gathering one source of liquid -- or another?
  7. 7.Gloomy poet, say, enthralled by fifth-rate celebrities?
  8. 8.Worth setting puzzles produced under assumed name
  9. 9.Found out about judge? Inconceivable
  10. 10.Treatment for bats without vision, though not initially about to use eyes?
  11. 11.Express criminal charge with documentation
  12. 12.Stumped, perhaps, following minimal level in discharge
  13. 13.Drink supplied after performer arrives
  14. 14.Show host responsible for music at start and finish?
  15. 15.Dine extravagantly, going to hot food counter in Scottish city
  16. 16.Recent issue may present an appreciation of such songs
  17. 17.Chorister swallowing first bit of milk shake
  18. 18.Recalled enthusiasm about orbiter, following a rage for not getting involved
  19. 19.Baffle Queen, participating in duty for Olympic event?
  20. 20.Newly visible item? Thats standard with planet (Suns beginning to disappear)
  21. 21.Long expression of surprise about source of legendary old science
  22. 22.Fruit: a thing you have to try, returning to chase after it
  23. 23.Vessels in unending search for harbour obstruction?
  24. 24.Form of transport some way down the list of options?
  25. 25.Swan to have more value than rotten tree
  26. 26.Early Pope regularly heard by favourite
  27. 27.Sort out Shakespearean character in hollow
  28. 28.Dope brought up evidence regarding family sources
  29. 29.Lump coming up on skin, primarily
  30. 30.Baseball team not entirely beaten, in effect
  31. 31.Army touring India gets lift
  32. 32.A new trailer on an important route?
  33. 33.I run ad thats contrived, a stinker?
  34. 34.Totally white tree
  35. 35.Going to pot, green tea for hormonal problem?
  36. 36.Story thats a laugh, written up
  37. 37.Game over in love, heart not in it
  38. 38.Seaport passed over from the south, partially visible
  39. 39.Dandy ribbon tied by ear?
  40. 40.Roughly Tuesday around noon -- not fixed
  41. 41.Check firm
  42. 42.Poirot ultimately after material, something to go on?
  43. 43.Out, removed in a tight spell of bowling
  44. 44.Catcher dropping back, its said to aid concentration
  45. 45.As it happens, shocking potentially?
  46. 46.A number of drinks, roughly
  47. 47.Having bagged a century, batting cleric is out
  48. 48.Structure made of timber, large amount
  49. 49.Goddess has first two vowels in order
  50. 50.Something positive about religious teaching in Genesis
  51. 51.Dry area, land initially savage
  52. 52.Running feature?
  53. 53.Cut cloth, one level raised
  54. 54.Red soft pants, underwear in bedroom cabinet
  55. 55.Challenging body
  56. 56.Place for dental work where Americans get gas
  57. 57.When PM starts to make changes to Bill
  58. 58.Reserve sent out before push
  59. 59.Art crying out, being the most enthusiastic
  60. 60.Post-punk fan came by hotel
  61. 61.A politician getting invited to clear off, being something of a wash-out
  62. 62.Melting pot (crucible) -- Sheffields foremost -- which contained British Steel
  63. 63.V. Lakes frequent co-star wearing light rubber?
  64. 64.Jan Leeming met disheartened, gnarled old boxer
  65. 65.Trumps half-time meat pie?
  66. 66.In retreat, Hitler besieges tiny state up north, and one further south
  67. 67.Tidy batting line-up
  68. 68.I find a partner to embrace sex and reproduce
  69. 69.Sweet tin disappointingly empty
  70. 70.Gold coating covers table
  71. 71.Singer -- perhaps 16 -- to make the top?
  72. 72.Farage stripped off underwear at the first hint
  73. 73.Return at eleven in carriage
  74. 74.ASAP he admitted smuggling: what an idiot!
  75. 75.Propose suppressing noise when taken up residence
  76. 76.After forty winks, start to exercise the back of the neck
  77. 77.Populars annual inspection I accommodated in the last month
  78. 78.Meat for sale, no end of mutton
  79. 79.Unsightly lump fish brought up, line cut
  80. 80.In Sahara, steak is getting cooked without any fat (2,4,2,1,4)
  81. 81.Tie, top hat de rigueur here once a year
  82. 82.I must slip out of bespoke tailored garment
  83. 83.They spied regularly in order to get promotion
  84. 84.Having been riled, got ones point across
  85. 85.Study in rush for report
  86. 86.Get to grips with Elgar for solving over two pages
  87. 87.Shiny, small vegetable
  88. 88.Dandy Nicholss first husband swallowing arsenic
  89. 89.Regional producer of weight-loss programmes?
  90. 90.Feel sorry to be winger right on the left
  91. 91.Farm boss
  92. 92.Familiar name for TV cop in seventies
  93. 93.Port of Dover greeting Arab sailer
  94. 94.Weather temperature where privates get soaked
  95. 95.Censor opening of burlesque before strip? The reverse
  96. 96.Pen capturing Peles character disorder sharply
  97. 97.Twice checking 1 Down ought to be in the same place
  98. 98.Market stall spiel?
  99. 99.Stands to reason dad brewed drink
  100. 100.Males entertaining at all-female party in hellish circumstances
  101. 101.Slow Tottenhams No 2 dropped fast
  102. 102.In report, responsibility is mine to some extent
  103. 103.Ring this person found in sound unit
  104. 104.Result of chafing when youre not up
  105. 105.Formula Three motor Hills abandoned disastrously
  106. 106.Fast pulse?
  107. 107.Fancy lacy slip
  108. 108.Where fighters are seen boxing cry Foul!
  109. 109.Ensembles unfashionable sound
  110. 110.Poetry in Old English guide
  111. 111.Upper-class Sally not one for being bored in bed
  112. 112.A fish in jelly
  113. 113.Mature crowd getting over housing deprivation
  114. 114.Timeless old name for pudding wine thats all right
  115. 115.Malicious person with way of speaking in imperfect tense
  116. 116.Spirit bottled in vintage Niersteiner
  117. 117.Line missing from Delta singers boast is inspiring
  118. 118.Scheme of more delicate baroque composition lacking length and not for everyone
  119. 119.From South Dakota, perhaps, halfway through High Noon or Django Unchained, say
  120. 120.Result of chafing when youre up
  121. 121.End of Americanism?
  122. 122.Ridiculous muscles you are reportedly beginning to develop
  123. 123.Reptile in part of Cornwall shown on computer screen
  124. 124.Creative feat, getting bottle open initially -- drink up
  125. 125.Play fish by side of boat
  126. 126.Advice given by chap in brief before I take steps
  127. 127.Material checked by hand
  128. 128.Write song about it and name despot
  129. 129.Less sensitive editor was calculating
  130. 130.What a lightweight has for simple service
  131. 131.Is taken in by awfully rough reprobate
  132. 132.Structure I erect with fortune, as person making money illegally
  133. 133.Having come into fortune, evoke praise
  134. 134.Signing agreement thats ready to drop off
  135. 135.Escape without corporal punishment -- thats illuminating
  136. 136.Rustic varied source of fruit
  137. 137.Restricted to West, inside and outside? Thats sensible
  138. 138.Protective spirit in set covered by newspaper article
  139. 139.Bat really poorly, missing half-century -- letting side down
  140. 140.Military display thats not hard to love
  141. 141.Little time lost in short survey
  142. 142.What drink is available in ground? The setters side-splitting answer
  143. 143.Left area with clothing in case
  144. 144.Temporarily live at home, sheltering old plant
  145. 145.Holder of film broadcast, where such things are annually shown
  146. 146.Stimulate with excitement, going to extremes
  147. 147.For instance, ones nursed by right people? Thats what doctor orders
  148. 148.Sailor in manacles?
  149. 149.Killer from ancient city hiding in endless wasteland
  150. 150.Hearty entertainment as Senate is organised outside hotel
  151. 151.Flag from whiskey, getting behind
  152. 152.Tormenting, as crossword compilers are supposed to
  153. 153.Die without ones true love
  154. 154.Payments from advice in dispatches
  155. 155.Cheerful jumbo heading off south of river
  156. 156.Old family doctor heading for Ipswich
  157. 157.Calming down clumsy Russian cutting whats on plate?
  158. 158.Make attractive as wear and tear do?
  159. 159.Boy on back by you
  160. 160.Lift English tax, in part to be returned
  161. 161.A flexible-sounding plant?
  162. 162.Lawless controller of estate, say?
  163. 163.Id agree no woman should be opposed
  164. 164.Friend about to follow one whos easily manipulated
  165. 165.Trick and get new fitting
  166. 166.Drinks in filthy place with dreadful urinals outside
  167. 167.Stooping wife facing OTT malevolent spells?
  168. 168.Daisy steers very well, avoiding poles
  169. 169.Partly mark out round pods
  170. 170.Charles knocked around base labourer a long time ago
  171. 171.Noble archbishop gutted in high-level cover-up?
  172. 172.Butt boxer, say, thats close
  173. 173.Liquidised half of joint with sweet coating
  174. 174.After golf, wet snap may be so hard to define
  175. 175.Left in a butt, almost getting free
  176. 176.People behind Mario mean on climbing frames
  177. 177.Caught person following relation
  178. 178.Not recorded children travelling, with count incomplete
  179. 179.... hammered erectly, cutting close to root vegetable ...
  180. 180.Light about to disappear within nautical mile at sea
  181. 181.Babe is film about talking animal running round
  182. 182.Large aims for business; selecting interiors for cars
  183. 183.Important day of thinking about university
  184. 184.The drink shot served up, alcoholic drink
  185. 185.Fight to end plastic waste makes us full of admiration
  186. 186.Step into cast after joining good school of acting
  187. 187.End of French plot with soldiers in revolution
  188. 188.Sheep farmer in old clothes
  189. 189.Drink in golf cart
  190. 190.Prisoner free, leaving ones best wishes
  191. 191.Do you fancy wife? Answer, filling a hot tub excitedly
  192. 192.Our people uprising after trashing leaders activity
  193. 193.Agreed on party bags
  194. 194.Mounted gas ring in order
  195. 195.... annoyed having one end of stick splitting beetroot
  196. 196.Lectured Tory leader once about leaked documents source
  197. 197.Inspector caught rascal with gold
  198. 198.Tone of voice, constant to begin with
  199. 199.Got cold in shaft, bottom of mine
  200. 200.Support for climber thats hammered in bed ...

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