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  1. 1.1973 horror film starring Deborah Walley and Paul Carr
  2. 2.Novel by Edna OBrien, published in 1972
  3. 3.London West End theatre
  4. 4.Ingemar --, Swedish alpine ski racer who won two gold medals at the 1980 Lake Placid Olympic Games
  5. 5.-- beat, a syncopated rhythm widely used in rock music
  6. 6.Horace --, character created by the writer and barrister John Mortimer
  7. 7.Ulysses S. --, the 18th President of the United States
  8. 8.Genus of plants and shrubs with clusters of very small, brightly-coloured, four-petal flowers
  9. 9.The muscular third stomach of a ruminant animal
  10. 10.City near the southern end of the San Joaquin Valley, in California
  11. 11.Synthetic fibre characterised by its ability to recover its original form after stretching
  12. 12.Any of a genus of plants of the mallow family often having lobed leaves and solitary bell-shaped flowers
  13. 13.Republic of Ireland county
  14. 14.1992 film starring Al Pacino and Chris ODonnell
  15. 15.Port on the Atlantic coast of Brazil
  16. 16.Musical based on the play Green Grow the Lilacs written by Lynn Riggs
  17. 17.Largest city in Scotland
  18. 18.In the Old Testament, the second son of Jacob and Leah
  19. 19.-- Waltz, the signature song of Patti Page
  20. 20.West Saxon abbot of Malmesbury (639-709)
  21. 21.Heraldic star with wavy points
  22. 22.The sixth planet from the Sun
  23. 23.Coniferous tree
  24. 24.The hero of stories by G.K. Chesterton
  25. 25.Capital of Bahrain
  26. 26.Son of Leontes in Shakespeares The Winters Tale
  27. 27.Andrew --, American chef and television personality
  28. 28.Psychoactive alkaloid used as an experimental treatment for drug and alcohol addiction
  29. 29.Bolt with a head at one end
  30. 30.Old nursery rhyme king
  31. 31.Linnaean class of plants
  32. 32.Body of enfranchised citizens who are qualified to vote
  33. 33.Jelly prepared from seaweed
  34. 34.Unfinished opera by Borodin
  35. 35.-- pipes, Irish bagpipes
  36. 36.Having 26 Down-like swellings
  37. 37.Small brick-shaped slab
  38. 38.Fairground roundabout
  39. 39.Shrub with berries which are used in making gin
  40. 40.Edict having the force of law in Tsarist Russia
  41. 41.Salman --, British writer born in India
  42. 42.Cocktail made with gin, lemon or lime juice, sugar and soda water
  43. 43.Principles of society of French revolutionists
  44. 44.Carl --, 1816-88, German optician and industrialist
  45. 45.Peasant or tenant farmer on Indian subcontinent
  46. 46.Northernmost province of Ireland
  47. 47.John --, 1882-1937, poet, dramatist and critic
  48. 48.Vermouth with gin and bitters etc
  49. 49.Blood-fine paid by a murderer
  50. 50.Informal word for a branch of mathematics
  51. 51.Snipe-like shore bird of the sandpiper family
  52. 52.-- of Lochalsh, village in north-west Scotland
  53. 53.God of sleep in Greek mythology
  54. 54.Sir Jackie --, motor racing driver
  55. 55.Factory established in the Potteries by Josiah Wedgwood
  56. 56.Sentimental ballad by Henry W Armstrong
  57. 57.Creature with a bedspring for feet in The Magic Roundabout
  58. 58.Rainer Maria --, 1875-1926, Austro-German poet
  59. 59.Central parts round which others are grouped
  60. 60.Port that is the second largest city in Tunisia
  61. 61.Place of temporary confinement for young offenders
  62. 62.French landscape and portrait painter 1796-1875
  63. 63.Either of two conflicts 1880-81 or 1899-1902
  64. 64.Confined to a certain place
  65. 65.Physician dealing with diseases caused by abnormal reactions
  66. 66.Windblown loamy deposit
  67. 67.Avalanche of loose stones
  68. 68.Making or treating as godlike
  69. 69.Strong grass used in paper-making
  70. 70.Little-used paper size similar to A4
  71. 71.See 4 Down
  72. 72.Influenced by Chinese culture
  73. 73.River flowing through Stuttgart
  74. 74.Height of poetic inspiration
  75. 75.Reservoir in Staffordshire north-west of Leek
  76. 76.Polysaccharide consisting of chains of glucose monomers
  77. 77.Halab is the Arabic name of this ancient city in north-west Syria
  78. 78.French impressionist painter
  79. 79.Cooked and served in foil
  80. 80.Cell produced from union of two gametes
  81. 81.Old word for bar across underpart of vehicle on which wheels revolve
  82. 82.Under fair and established legal proceedings
  83. 83.Mainly in North America, a choir singing part-songs etc
  84. 84.Small toothlike structure
  85. 85.International telegraph service
  86. 86.Seasoning made from chopped mushrooms, onions and parsley
  87. 87.Inflammatory skin disease that causes itching
  88. 88.River and department in south-east France
  89. 89.Having the purpose of establishing the details of an issue
  90. 90.Relating to the back of an insect
  91. 91.-- Dahl, author of the poem Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf
  92. 92.Italian painter of The Madonna of the Rabbit
  93. 93.In cricket, the appeal of the fielding side to the umpire to give the batsman out
  94. 94.-- Castle, a royal residence in Aberdeenshire
  95. 95.Georges --, Romanian violinist and teacher of Yehudi Menuhin (French spelling)
  96. 96.Female graduates of a school, college, etc
  97. 97.The title song of a 1966 Frank Sinatra album
  98. 98.Childrens book by Chris Van Allsburg, considered to be a classic Christmas story
  99. 99.The duke of Illyria in Twelfth Night
  100. 100.Abbreviated title of the most popular of all pantomimes
  101. 101.South American country, on the Caribbean
  102. 102.A clear and colourless variety of opal in globular form
  103. 103.Royal house of Scotland and England
  104. 104.-- Schiffer, German supermodel
  105. 105.Italian painter of the Sistine Madonna
  106. 106.In Greek mythology, the father of Icarus
  107. 107.Hard-wearing twill-weave cotton fabric
  108. 108.Christmas Wish, a 2007 album by -- Newton-John
  109. 109.Game using a wooden ball and mallet
  110. 110.Victor --, Russian composer (1860-1935)
  111. 111.Comical pedant in Richard Bromes play The City Wit
  112. 112.The season of Christmas
  113. 113.An owner of land bordering a river
  114. 114.Suburb in the London Borough of Bromley
  115. 115.A dark volcanic glass formed by very rapid solidification of lava
  116. 116.Short story by Philip Van Doren Stern that inspired the classic Christmas film Its a Wonderful Life
  117. 117.1987 science fiction action film starring Arnold Schwarzenegger
  118. 118.One of Santa Clauss reindeer
  119. 119.Oily resinous plant substance
  120. 120.Christ the -- --(see 8 Across)
  121. 121.Novel by Charles Dickens
  122. 122.-- night, holy night(see 8 Across)
  123. 123.Living in the absence of free oxygen
  124. 124.In a trembling state
  125. 125.Wise Man
  126. 126.First portions of the small intestine
  127. 127.Theatre gallery
  128. 128.-- Jones, one of the presenters of Songs of Praise
  129. 129.Said or done at an unsuitable occasion
  130. 130.They looked up and saw a --(see 8 Across)
  131. 131.Plant of the Iris family with sword-shaped leaves
  132. 132.Stood a lowly -- shed(see 8 Across)
  133. 133.Parasitic plant used as a Christmas decoration
  134. 134.Of all the --s that are in the wood(see 8 Across)
  135. 135.Of West African country, capital Banjul
  136. 136.A stable-place --(see 8 Across)
  137. 137.Not properly balanced or calibrated
  138. 138.It becomes a pumpkin at midnight in the pantomime Cinderella
  139. 139.Foreman or supervisor
  140. 140.To do with the nose
  141. 141.Become level or equal
  142. 142.Strong rope-making fibre
  143. 143.To touch their -- of gold(see 8 Across)
  144. 144.Repeating of sounds by reflection
  145. 145.The -- of His heaven(see 8 Across)
  146. 146.Person who is not so young
  147. 147.Of the Fathers love --(see 8 Across)
  148. 148.Jan --, one of a list of people in the chorus of Widecombe Fair
  149. 149.1978 film starring Laurence Olivier, based on a novel of the same name by Harold Robbins
  150. 150.Coronation Street character played by Noel Dyson
  151. 151.In physics, a graphical representation of the interactions between elementary particles
  152. 152.The part of a ring that contains the stone
  153. 153.Family name in an Edgar Allan Poe short story
  154. 154.Singer and co-writer of the 1976 single Year of the Cat
  155. 155.Ancient city, near Carthage
  156. 156.Related on the mothers side
  157. 157.Actress who plays Sue Ellen Ewing in the TV soap Dallas
  158. 158.Peter --, French philosopher and scholar famous for his tragic love affair with his pupil H?¿½loise
  159. 159.A knight of the Round Table in Arthurian legend
  160. 160.Martin Heinrich --, German analytical chemist (1743-1817)
  161. 161.Johan Severin --, Norwegian composer (1840-1911)
  162. 162.2012 winner of the Tour de France
  163. 163.1805 battle
  164. 164.Truman, US author of Breakfast at Tiffanys
  165. 165.German tank, used in World War II
  166. 166.Sir Andrew --, character in Baroness Orczys The Scarlet Pimpernel
  167. 167.Charles --, French author of fairy tales (1628-1703
  168. 168.Sigmund --, composer (1887-1951) best known for his operettas
  169. 169.An ancient Greek gold or silver coin
  170. 170.Private investigator created by the US novelist Walter Mosley
  171. 171.A very sweet, firm golden-brown Norwegian cheese
  172. 172.Novel by John Buchan, featuring Richard Hannay
  173. 173.A general term for sandstone
  174. 174.Maria --, operatic soprano
  175. 175.Line on a map connecting points having equal meteorological incidence
  176. 176.Innovative TV snooker championship
  177. 177.Type of Italian restaurant
  178. 178.Hottest variety of capsicum pepper
  179. 179.Resembling a sweet sticky liquid
  180. 180.Flashy black marketeer
  181. 181.Pseudonym of Francois Marie Arouet 1694-1778
  182. 182.Antibody causing sticking together of bacteria, cells, etc
  183. 183.Opinion column on the internet
  184. 184.--, King of the Monsters, 1956 film starring Raymond Burr
  185. 185.One trying to solve a problem by obtaining suggestions from members of the public
  186. 186.-- Fitzgerald, US jazz singer 1917-96
  187. 187.Of the conjugation of two similar reproductive cells
  188. 188.Of a colourless poisonous gas
  189. 189.Interacting combination of bodys ways of recognising foreign organisms
  190. 190.Village near Princetown on Dartmoor
  191. 191.Humorous or malicious deception
  192. 192.Roughly-broken stone implement
  193. 193.Hats worn by infantry soldiers
  194. 194.Removed opponents piece as a result of failing to make a possible capture in draughts
  195. 195.Fine dark woollen cloth from the Middle Ages
  196. 196.Plant genus giving the name to pineapple family
  197. 197.And other things
  198. 198.One who gambles for big stakes
  199. 199.-- of Wales, Norman-Welsh chronicler and ecclesiastic c1145-c1223
  200. 200.One of the three Graces in Greek mythology

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