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Date: 10-May-2019 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Answers 911

  1. 1.Merry little woman nearby left abandoned
  2. 2.A hundred and ten gathered round capitals highest point
  3. 3.Loses hope, as some French groups of minimal size
  4. 4.Instruction to players, with time of abstinence over
  5. 5.I work on farm -- wind heres terrible
  6. 6.The old man clumsily handles fruit
  7. 7.Give chaps solarium treatment for lines?
  8. 8.Row? Mark has hesitation to join in
  9. 9.Builders perhaps against having particular vehicles
  10. 10.Place with sect dancing -- its worth seeing
  11. 11.Authority allows funny man to join African party in church
  12. 12.Ones not standing for this!
  13. 13.Any number will wear long garment in this island country
  14. 14.Most clever male beasts about to face ordeal
  15. 15.African is keen, having surrendered heart to Irish songstress
  16. 16.Men dress and end up looking silly for poet
  17. 17.Jack hopes somehow to become a different man
  18. 18.In hot weather we may have this warning message
  19. 19.Wild partygoers hiding in piece of furniture that can be covered
  20. 20.Give new status to head of research -- agreed after reorganisation
  21. 21.Socialist is given praise -- lauded finally for showing what he wants wealth to be?
  22. 22.Forecasts from newspaper folk, with time being limited
  23. 23.Quiet hard worker given order, a shadow of his former self?
  24. 24.Buddhist literature giving us art thats extraordinary
  25. 25.Pervasive quality conveyed by Celia, romantically
  26. 26.Attempt to get everyone to eat onion
  27. 27.Nerve centre workers needing person of courage
  28. 28.After beginning, was first to be frightened