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  1. 1.Attacker moving ahead
  2. 2.Bawdy drunken laird holding back, at first
  3. 3.Breakfast dish in Périgord, unusually
  4. 4.Chant from choir, originally in Latin, modified in church
  5. 5.Done in since halving physical training?
  6. 6.Dropped off cases and returned book
  7. 7.Fertiliser in jardinière perhaps has worked
  8. 8.Free, generally
  9. 9.Get rid of fine example thats a banger
  10. 10.Gloomy doctor on organ
  11. 11.Here members salute
  12. 12.Knight quits Mastermind, unexpectedly, halfway through
  13. 13.Make amends an hour after midnight?
  14. 14.Minister to deal
  15. 15.Out when shelter promised initially
  16. 16.Pantomime character cross about old boy in hospital
  17. 17.Passage in broadcast Mike overlooked
  18. 18.Programme I came across in list
  19. 19.Rap suits comic mentally
  20. 20.Ready for publication? Some expedition wanted
  21. 21.Religious person, bishop, in island pub, upset
  22. 22.Spectacularly good performance in tie involving student, I hesitate to say
  23. 23.Spouse quite possibly in prison
  24. 24.Stupid lapse at work in A&E
  25. 25.Swell coming from vessel circling lake
  26. 26.Vociferous, head of sub-committee over ballistic missile
  27. 27.Watching international show?
  28. 28.Work required on old jacket? Thrower may need it for the game
  29. 29.Yellowish-brown insect biting one on end of leg
  30. 30.Youll be mad if you lose them in a game
  31. 31.A revolutionary entertaining the old man, settler in Oklahoma?
  32. 32.Bad form of school punishment times forgotten
  33. 33.Became chums again? Not true!
  34. 34.Bits of food a Greek character fed to cats and dogs?
  35. 35.Celebrant wandering around a place of worship
  36. 36.Deep in thought and quiet, couple cried, sadly left abandoned
  37. 37.Drink the female bishop gets before Sundays ending
  38. 38.Final message bringing comfort to Zeuss lover
  39. 39.Fruit and fish where goods are unloaded in port
  40. 40.Hiding prisoner and gangster in stuff on building site
  41. 41.Im in gear thats outrageous -- a problem for the head
  42. 42.Kissed er, did you say? Thats sweet!
  43. 43.Lets things fall on motorway? We may gobble them up!
  44. 44.Mad pal -- hes wrecked bit of furniture
  45. 45.Mechanical device hit vessel
  46. 46.Neighbour, source of annoyance with objection
  47. 47.No longer having money, conk out inside -- a practical solution?
  48. 48.No soldiers in disorderly heap will appear as remarkable people
  49. 49.Noticed lustre, hard to miss
  50. 50.Pain thats funny -- heart transplant needed!
  51. 51.Relative that may have more
  52. 52.Show opposition as a court after monarchs overthrown
  53. 53.Some of the videos played back in sleazy bar
  54. 54.Start song definitely not in the concert hall
  55. 55.Study, wanting money amount per hour? Dont daydream!
  56. 56.Swearing when nothing is caught in illegal hunting?
  57. 57.This writer left poem on musical instrument
  58. 58.Worthy Conservative and socialist I put forward
  59. 59.Attractive Democrat attractive to voters?
  60. 60.Awkwardly sat in bow clutching a sailor
  61. 61.Bless strange ancestor buried in church
  62. 62.Chinas overlaid with old gems
  63. 63.Clumsy in record time
  64. 64.Concur and get on without hollow remorse
  65. 65.Coppers upset over rogue receiving zero help
  66. 66.Dancing nudes once about right for adults?
  67. 67.Disobey accepting a large after-effect
  68. 68.Empty samovar to hold endless drink one guzzles
  69. 69.Engine burnt out absorbing current energy
  70. 70.Fruit tart having spread inside
  71. 71.Go in for captivating single cold temptress?
  72. 72.Group with ordinary instrument
  73. 73.Initially circle round East Timor encircling island
  74. 74.Its inspiring swimming round reef occasionally
  75. 75.Leader of Tories ready for nonsense
  76. 76.Lifeless old man embraces sweetheart
  77. 77.Main pressure contains opening of main sewer
  78. 78.Metal test periodically corrodes
  79. 79.Old canine barking on time
  80. 80.Refuse work from cleric after massage
  81. 81.Reportedly so poorly
  82. 82.Rot seen in European trees
  83. 83.Rowdy rugby supporter going outside if promoted
  84. 84.Scent of pine outgrowth around trunk
  85. 85.Share everything outrageous describing blokes
  86. 86.Start of Stones Stony track
  87. 87.Sycophant is more prostrate before Queen
  88. 88.They fix tiles eventually on board
  89. 89.This compilers mature figure
  90. 90.World is circumnavigated snatching record
  91. 91.Air Force gal lost in pitch battle
  92. 92.Artist on dole organized party in city of riches
  93. 93.Asian and old international swamped by money from letting property
  94. 94.Burrowing creatures? Reportedly only tigers perhaps
  95. 95.Conservative may be fair, changing sides initially
  96. 96.Cooks here know about desire
  97. 97.Dodgy South American exercise court
  98. 98.Dress down for a runner, perhaps
  99. 99.Evenly plant fir on terrace
  100. 100.Fancies strikers covering Maradona at the back
  101. 101.Fiends turn up with only half of spares
  102. 102.Fighting the German keeper
  103. 103.Helped a very upwardly mobile cook
  104. 104.Highly original if missing from the last-but-one round
  105. 105.Hit the golf course -- wearing these?
  106. 106.Large Ford touring Americas capital
  107. 107.Reserve example written works here
  108. 108.Risk it -- especially boxing these birds
  109. 109.Rougher-sounding area in bay perhaps north of reef
  110. 110.Soldier at sea must welcome a time to soak
  111. 111.Sound of explosion outside destroyed red chamber
  112. 112.Stink about second one putting on an act
  113. 113.Stormy exchange and stormy night calms nag
  114. 114.The sort of plan that might afford a respite?
  115. 115.This will carry goalkeeper across line
  116. 116.Throwing in a couple of days at home before golf
  117. 117.Urgent broadcast of item about TV and press
  118. 118.With no end of hope, actress ran daft new movement in design
  119. 119.Arrest an oddball by river in Scottish town
  120. 120.Badger to support blue film
  121. 121.Book two heartless and nameless men
  122. 122.Cautious of vehicle with hybrid fuel
  123. 123.Cold drink for a person giving a hand
  124. 124.Donkeys brother carrying guard occasionally
  125. 125.Draw a tigers head on paper
  126. 126.Exclusive Sun article at last
  127. 127.Face irate criminal in greasy spoon?
  128. 128.Forgive old American in church
  129. 129.Guide finally locates that womans father
  130. 130.Its one on one?
  131. 131.Journalist outside raves about small bags
  132. 132.One attacking adult perforates eardrum badly
  133. 133.Patrons grumble about new performer
  134. 134.Plant president grew first
  135. 135.Point at head girl in a state
  136. 136.Quick to polish off whisky, possibly with dessert
  137. 137.React badly when witch enters ancient city
  138. 138.Sharp, short account by papers
  139. 139.Shock American like Mick or Keith?
  140. 140.Slogan backing bottomless clothes
  141. 141.Some food is tantalisingly close? Far from it!
  142. 142.Stupid son leaves nuts
  143. 143.Telegraph initially published writers copy
  144. 144.Tolerate sport
  145. 145.Trio mixing with EU purists in secret
  146. 146.Wrong to press down on English pastry
  147. 147.A bishop, unaccompanied, gets seafood
  148. 148.Agent dividing cut in study
  149. 149.Another word for terribly nosy New York male
  150. 150.Beneath which there may be plonkers?
  151. 151.Bloodsuckers anger connected with seductress
  152. 152.Celebrity, tense, to begin an argument?
  153. 153.Cereal crop I planted in jungle
  154. 154.Clean adapted weapon
  155. 155.Courier called up about chauffeurs uniform?
  156. 156.Cut up rough, at first, in outhouse
  157. 157.Disregard gentle fooling around involving Conservative
  158. 158.Held up by belt, it, netsuke, shows style
  159. 159.Initially, navvies on street work without a break
  160. 160.Medicinal herbs? Im taking dope!
  161. 161.Naked truth, primarily, about working title
  162. 162.Nurse in shelter
  163. 163.One who can make an impression?
  164. 164.Parade one month ago
  165. 165.Portion brought back for each voyageur
  166. 166.Precisely how rent is paid?
  167. 167.Put out again about children
  168. 168.Room inside the Parisian grill
  169. 169.Rude about head of venture strapped for cash
  170. 170.Son is bust, forced to eke out an existence
  171. 171.Tries his cooking before wife produces casserole
  172. 172.Trip out entertaining revolutionary baseball player
  173. 173.Visible from fashionable location, reportedly
  174. 174.Wrote about game, a fixture between two Thames boroughs
  175. 175.& 12 Down Dramatist getting theatrical award meeting film producer with big mug
  176. 176.Bird awfully cagy needing to miss a trap
  177. 177.Celebrity going round garden, ending in rockery, sitting down
  178. 178.Chum in US prison who may correspond with a stranger?
  179. 179.Contribution I pen, finally turning up on time
  180. 180.Designer of spreadsheet for pig farmer?
  181. 181.English archdeacon at home -- good time for putting feet up?
  182. 182.Evangelist fighting against atheism ultimately becomes half-hearted
  183. 183.Fascinating group, including one ex-GI?
  184. 184.Fashionable item of clothes with gold edge, potential moneymaker
  185. 185.Furthest little spot found in holiday?
  186. 186.Get painless in bed somehow -- thats essential
  187. 187.Group on newspaper accounting for daily event
  188. 188.Head may have this message prohibiting money announced
  189. 189.Little girl to clean dog?
  190. 190.Meet the old man outside wild party being taken short!
  191. 191.Middle of field has thin tree
  192. 192.Military unit in district given new leader
  193. 193.New competitor in event ran terrifically
  194. 194.Perhaps butterfly chasers soon get lost -- Im sent out
  195. 195.Plans for plays? A censor is disturbed
  196. 196.Rudest alien removed and made ineffective
  197. 197.See 22 Down
  198. 198.Show public school journalist around
  199. 199.Spinning round, I get angry, mad, losing energy
  200. 200.Traveller in marketplace upset over limited parking

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