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  1. 1.A father must entertain quiet hope
  2. 2.Advantage obtained from inspired genius
  3. 3.Agreeable types succeeded in scattering enemy
  4. 4.Almost put off Victoria, say -- thats anathema!
  5. 5.Annoyed by objective and exposed to risk
  6. 6.Answer before more sensible revolutionary rings
  7. 7.Area to the west of channel island state
  8. 8.Certain bail -- even criminal accepts it
  9. 9.Chap with one pen having many features
  10. 10.Clans without protection -- depressing experiences for lairds, perhaps
  11. 11.Completed fitting -- not before time!
  12. 12.Corrupt antagonist will accept Democrat could profit
  13. 13.Defender of Italian wine kept in bond, for the most part
  14. 14.Develop complex
  15. 15.Fail to justify faith with no end of grief
  16. 16.Flood in a French court
  17. 17.Go mad and gamble away everything, keeping hold of power
  18. 18.Iron out the wrinkles and cut back
  19. 19.Leak? Refer to hotel employee
  20. 20.Many must go without any service staff
  21. 21.Means of settling European collection of laws
  22. 22.Minor international journal chasing advance payments
  23. 23.Practice found in mounting Pegasus
  24. 24.Singer like this professional keeping a name
  25. 25.Small boy full of strange ideas for a dish
  26. 26.Stop disheartened and study range
  27. 27.Stopped working -- soon told wed failed
  28. 28.Two thousand just supporting company as a rule
  29. 29.Adding to list long liner thats wrecked
  30. 30.An artist must accept party runs microstate
  31. 31.Bloody battle thats needed if text is poor
  32. 32.Boffin whose brains might be scrambled?
  33. 33.Centre corruptly holding diamonds in reserve
  34. 34.Cross found inside among relics
  35. 35.Damage barrier in Kentish Town?
  36. 36.Decorated knight in love with daughter
  37. 37.Eagle in whirling descent
  38. 38.Eastern sailor ran up to tell story
  39. 39.Fast driver expert in Rolls-Royce
  40. 40.Fierce person finally investing in bank
  41. 41.Get stuffed in French valley
  42. 42.Greek leader soon capturing brave Frenchman
  43. 43.Gristle found in horrid garlic tea
  44. 44.Laurel for one remaining fresh and vital
  45. 45.Material from novelist Heyer?
  46. 46.Mug -- I had nothing to fill it!
  47. 47.Nonsensical legal or musical term
  48. 48.Old king to tread on chicken
  49. 49.One providing better information?
  50. 50.Performer in part is terrible
  51. 51.Police initially called to crash
  52. 52.Process of reduction in capital growth?
  53. 53.Renowned editor after new books
  54. 54.Second wife ultimately better locked up
  55. 55.Sentimental feeling unfortunately lost again
  56. 56.She sought solitude in dress circle
  57. 57.Sink to keep clear in meals alcove
  58. 58.Spirited quartet taking beer outside
  59. 59.Stone jar containing nickel
  60. 60.Trouble in service supplying gas
  61. 61.A father feeding spoiled brats in a place that serves light snacks
  62. 62.A new piece of advice regarding appetiser
  63. 63.A well-bred fellow broker
  64. 64.Asian chief within shook hands
  65. 65.Captain appearing with sailors fish
  66. 66.Consider short leg spinner, balding
  67. 67.Develop figure at college
  68. 68.Does one need a craft to be a member here?
  69. 69.Excited seeing sons birth
  70. 70.Expecting win, they may fail abysmally
  71. 71.Father looked on, agog
  72. 72.Follow scholars teaching
  73. 73.General panic when crooked lawyer in Michigan initially absconded
  74. 74.Hike miles conveyed by horse-drawn carriage
  75. 75.Indicate position of dog and cross-country racer
  76. 76.Members parking skill
  77. 77.Missile may be ear-piercing heading away
  78. 78.Page about marvellous sort of dwelling
  79. 79.Remember to cancel
  80. 80.Rough route, its said

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