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The Irish News Cryptic Crossword Answers -22-October-2019
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The Irish News Cryptic Crossword Answers -19-October-2019
  1. 1.This will fix the pitch - its almost split
  2. 2.Mad reason for rolling stock
  3. 3.Plates made to suit the palate
  4. 4.Part of Nassau radiates a particular atmosphere
  5. 5.Crazy about the girl affected by a crush!
  6. 6.Completely assimilate a summary
  7. 7.The man who holds the moneybags on board?
  8. 8.Rocket an astronomical distance from the Earth
  9. 9.Make a sly observation both ways
  10. 10.This sort of portrait is completely countenanced
  11. 11.In the main, these are disastrous losses
  12. 12.Dont reveal the sources of leather
  13. 13.Its true I alter a variety of printed matter
  14. 14.Scratched, but collected points
  15. 15.Think the advertisement outside created a diversion
  16. 16.Could this sort of play have a crooked plot?
  17. 17.Sounds like one who listens to the goddess
  18. 18.Limited the others with direct arrangement
  19. 19.This may provide a flower spray in the garden
  20. 20.About to shape a policy for improvement
  21. 21.Sun spot providing comfort
  22. 22.Adopt an attitude to set somebody a problem
  23. 23.Book a strong man
  24. 24.One way to succeed
  25. 25.A way of putting things, just in case
  26. 26.Quarrelsome oarsman?
  27. 27.Such a fight will be close
  28. 28.Having the support of the board though too old to work
  29. 29.A temple ornament?
  30. 30.One whos made a pretence a reality, apparently!
  31. 31.She has to call back - at the paint shop presumably
  32. 32.Material found in many London shops
  33. 33.Openly enjoying a stay in the country?
  34. 34.Not busy with coal
  35. 35.Wine that sparkles as it rises
  36. 36.Given hot tips at the barbers?
  37. 37.Partly burn a fuel that draws well
  38. 38.It gives lift for a flier over an obstacle
  39. 39.A fishy diversion
  40. 40.Agreeable variety of bean meal
  41. 41.Cooked me instead!
  42. 42.Hunch about a piece of venison
  43. 43.It helps to provide a cheap pleasant snack
  44. 44.Vessels of the Royal Navy in America
  45. 45.Smart rehearsal of trickery?
  46. 46.Certified steed broken by an abstainer
  47. 47.Retain a fortress
  48. 48.Hide letter: its secret
  49. 49.Put bar in confusion, quick!
  50. 50.In the manor, a knights garment
  51. 51.Survived like a cobbler?
  52. 52.Be the top man at the centre
  53. 53.Fat and included to be conspicuous
  54. 54.Father could make big strides in the insect world?
  55. 55.Closure because southern shed has collapsed
  56. 56.Wall decoration from the Ice Age?
  57. 57.Catch sight of stain
  58. 58.Worker has dance in game
  59. 59.A fireman, but not a member of the fire brigade
  60. 60.Race round an area of land
  61. 61.Seize material to get promotion in law?
  62. 62.Give the verdict before the court president, perhaps
  63. 63.Fresh desire to live
  64. 64.In auction theologian gets seat
  65. 65.Spoken from the floor, always
  66. 66.She becomes shy when Sally follows her
  67. 67.They should get whats coming to them
  68. 68.A custom, somewhat abused
  69. 69.Only a personal impression, but admissible as evidence
  70. 70.Fundamental shifting in cargo
  71. 71.Extort in precise fashion
  72. 72.Set out and consumed whats left
  73. 73.He wont buy the same article twice
  74. 74.Take slight action
  75. 75.Having poor taste
  76. 76.Cautiously asking why the plumbing is wrong
  77. 77.Ivan has a novel need for this garden tool
  78. 78.Women tend to alter a permanent income
  79. 79.Runner begins skilfully
  80. 80.Its for putting on colour

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