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The Irish News Cryptic Crossword Answers -23-March-2019
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The Irish News Cryptic Crossword Answers -21-March-2019
  1. 1.Mother dallies and pretends to be unfit
  2. 2.Put the slippers in the luggage - theyll carry it!
  3. 3.A department of study under control
  4. 4.Sam will return about six for the girl
  5. 5.Inanimate photographs for expert marksmen
  6. 6.They like holding hands
  7. 7.Lift shafts, by the sound of it
  8. 8.Gets close to listeners at the end of discussion
  9. 9.Cut in two by religious division, we hear
  10. 10.Heartened by being given a warm reception
  11. 11.Observe, my lad, what a spectator does
  12. 12.Go over the parts needed for transverse beams
  13. 13.Part of the arable acreage
  14. 14.To kill by current means
  15. 15.Enticing a girl to get involved with U.N.
  16. 16.The first person, one hears, to provide an affirmative vote
  17. 17.What those who havent settled do
  18. 18.No guest can translate the languages
  19. 19.A preferential word would put this creature before her
  20. 20.Worked hard to convert the voters
  21. 21.You must get the patio converted into an ideal place
  22. 22.What happened to some of the meat entree?
  23. 23.Hell relieve you of your bonds
  24. 24.Describing worn-out upholstery which can be restored
  25. 25.He makes elaborately figured tables
  26. 26.Have high hopes of getting unrestrained praise
  27. 27.Certain people arent
  28. 28.Twists and turns in bed perhaps
  29. 29.Can get carried away
  30. 30.This key is almost split
  31. 31.One obstruction after another. I see! Thats uncivilised
  32. 32.Provides a home for a small charge!
  33. 33.Angular distance from the equator requires some breadth of interpretation
  34. 34.Raised in value, but he can end in ruins
  35. 35.Makes a forcible entry and tames the horses
  36. 36.Having the skill to remove the wine from nine
  37. 37.What the soldier assumes is unvarying
  38. 38.Repaired a hole in the hose, maybe
  39. 39.Efficiently dealt with, as the funeral arrangements are
  40. 40.Ambush a section coming back
  41. 41.Would he be seen in a drab biretta?
  42. 42.Keep going after everybody else
  43. 43.A striking personality as far as the child is concerned!
  44. 44.They indicate what must be present in arc lamp spotlights
  45. 45.The breach sounds complete
  46. 46.Trustworthy, but guilty
  47. 47.Dress design has an external tear
  48. 48.A witty reply or spite perhaps
  49. 49.Such a snake is deadly, yet a baby may play with it
  50. 50.Outstanding result of love taking wing
  51. 51.Its wrong to give people a hand like this
  52. 52.Some of the material I bid for was not there, its said
  53. 53.Thoughts that may be put aside
  54. 54.A grim situation on board ship
  55. 55.Sailor joins a Scotsman on the roads
  56. 56.Jumps high in a supple way perhaps
  57. 57.Willing to try a new blend of tea
  58. 58.It helps to provide a cheap, pleasant snack
  59. 59.Used when lying low?
  60. 60.Is it worn by a master-builder?
  61. 61.Native American making some tomahawks
  62. 62.Possibly altered a foot-pedal
  63. 63.A deep malady
  64. 64.Rub out part of an order as excessive
  65. 65.A word of praise
  66. 66.Requirements of necessity
  67. 67.I should be, when small
  68. 68.Doesnt go out to support a wrong action
  69. 69.Did some pressing
  70. 70.Inclined to be shown in the catalogue
  71. 71.A flower didnt stay in bed
  72. 72.Does he stand out as a cinema employee?
  73. 73.Be quiet about many people showing laziness
  74. 74.To connect the tow rope produces a temporary difficulty
  75. 75.A piece from Bach I eventually manage successfully
  76. 76.Peruvians Cains upset
  77. 77.Eastern country disposed of in a will
  78. 78.Theres some delay; get mail sorted out
  79. 79.Solar turning points are the hottest regions
  80. 80.Variety of plates provided for this sort of diet
  81. 81.Sects needing new order - I dont mean Sion
  82. 82.He asks for what he gets
  83. 83.Loudspeaker?
  84. 84.Hide the real confusion
  85. 85.Its specially built for the services
  86. 86.On the move, creating a commotion
  87. 87.Occupied by people in an acting capacity
  88. 88.It includes the backward writer, lacking skill
  89. 89.Coming to blows over a purse
  90. 90.Hes likely to put his members into all sorts of awkward positions
  91. 91.Bikini, maybe, showing what is levied
  92. 92.The kind of clubs that go with a swing
  93. 93.Provoke perceptive understanding, we hear
  94. 94.Apprehend a concealed difficulty
  95. 95.Used for shooting a character in Henry V
  96. 96.Material for sedentary occupation?
  97. 97.This helps to make revolutions easier
  98. 98.Volume that needs to be mapped out
  99. 99.To shock a writer of epistles, we hear
  100. 100.A vein could be unaffected
  101. 101.One who says what he thinks
  102. 102.Not navigational aids in the front of the ship!
  103. 103.Give instruction to the retinue
  104. 104.The result of distillation in forest areas
  105. 105.Luminous discharge that never goes full circle
  106. 106.Services for the great majority of people
  107. 107.Robert Harris embraces the girl
  108. 108.Having foreknowledge of a change in net prices
  109. 109.Increase the strain
  110. 110.Is present in one confused sound
  111. 111.Fatal seizures produced by the executioner
  112. 112.Asphyxiation is astounding
  113. 113.Sovereign art
  114. 114.Lightly touch the water regulator
  115. 115.Do they stop the bedclothes from slipping?
  116. 116.Minor player making addition to cricket score
  117. 117.The last one is given to those who are passing
  118. 118.Strict clergyman turns up in the diocese
  119. 119.A faithless type
  120. 120.They are nailed on the hand
  121. 121.Not reluctant to be leaving things behind
  122. 122.Waiting for you where you shop
  123. 123.Its not very often one gets a letter ahead of time!
  124. 124.In favour of mixed sets of woods
  125. 125.Cast is possibly worth a point
  126. 126.Doesnt sound it, but its hot!
  127. 127.Briefly the captain I have cant escape
  128. 128.Meet a number on the border
  129. 129.Possibly secure and free from danger
  130. 130.The return from the capital
  131. 131.Lovely sort of shot - or shots
  132. 132.Point to a team the French made outcasts
  133. 133.Set of dishes the waiter gives you
  134. 134.Plant one hundred and fifty too many
  135. 135.Nevertheless, its a vestment to fasten up
  136. 136.Throw the French in a stronghold
  137. 137.It means musicians are not to loiter in the bar
  138. 138.Not a friendly visit made by a bugler?
  139. 139.Cooler - or warmer!
  140. 140.Call to say the arena has been erected
  141. 141.Vegetables on the course
  142. 142.He didnt trust his wife to return a greeting!
  143. 143.Euan weirdly covers a chair to disgust someone
  144. 144.Its extremely small and free of charge
  145. 145.They dont think much of others
  146. 146.Round figures?
  147. 147.Going round telling yarns?
  148. 148.Troubles any son will produce
  149. 149.It may identify one - as quite a character?
  150. 150.A fabric in dispute
  151. 151.Trying delays
  152. 152.Possibly has to sin to cause surprise
  153. 153.Its a strain to raise animals
  154. 154.Accustomed to being employed?
  155. 155.Joint holders!
  156. 156.Unconscious stupidity?
  157. 157.First woman only topless in a uniform way
  158. 158.Diverting acts?
  159. 159.Convey rotten farewell
  160. 160.Seat for a large number
  161. 161.Assimilates summaries
  162. 162.Press forward with debts though not genuine
  163. 163.Possibly insure up to ten, thats simple!
  164. 164.Get hold of a professional remedy
  165. 165.Like the anchored fleet?
  166. 166.Brief warning gives little time for action
  167. 167.Brave woman didnt finish a drug
  168. 168.He deprives others of their occupation
  169. 169.It will give time for a race
  170. 170.Its not unusual to take a position thats lacking in originality
  171. 171.As a personal impression theres nothing quite like it
  172. 172.Something a tanner will buy!
  173. 173.Got us to display zest
  174. 174.Suits oneself?
  175. 175.Consumed tea after stirring
  176. 176.Tell niece about the customers
  177. 177.A temporary skylight?
  178. 178.A roundabout way to come in
  179. 179.Maybe Emils so supple
  180. 180.Its usual to give a girl fifty
  181. 181.Toms turn to provide a saying
  182. 182.You have to do so
  183. 183.Possibly its at noon theyre symbolic
  184. 184.Firmly established as a growing concern
  185. 185.One man in a brilliant team
  186. 186.Part of linear curvature
  187. 187.Opinions wives expressed differently
  188. 188.Take it easy after six and pay a call
  189. 189.Leap inside as its plentiful
  190. 190.New Zealander found in a coma or insensible
  191. 191.Courage needed on icy roads
  192. 192.Touching emotion?
  193. 193.Round trip?
  194. 194.I rose, perhaps, in the basket- making industry
  195. 195.Concerning a kind of holiday place
  196. 196.Cheese of higher standing?
  197. 197.A word in ones ear from aides
  198. 198.Pass our plan for interior decoration
  199. 199.Many steps have been taken for the sake of it
  200. 200.They wont buy the same articles twice!

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