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The Irish News Cryptic Crossword Answers -24-May-2019
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The Irish News Cryptic Crossword Answers -22-May-2019
  1. 1.A shilling first-class return to the Continent
  2. 2.Their failure to work leaves one speechless
  3. 3.Widespread, half in verse
  4. 4.Main departures?
  5. 5.Is afraid of disturbing adders
  6. 6.Change to a cane?
  7. 7.Not so fair
  8. 8.Convincing company man
  9. 9.It has caused many deaths in Vietnam
  10. 10.Aunt Sally, for example, may be easy prey
  11. 11.Man may do so before and after playing violin
  12. 12.Out of one rogue comes another fiddler!
  13. 13.A skilled craftsman?
  14. 14.Desirous of upsetting an eminent singer
  15. 15.Temporary accommodation on board for rascals
  16. 16.The opposite of bustles - yet still worn
  17. 17.Looking angry, being let down
  18. 18.Customs applications
  19. 19.Bet the song is out-of-date
  20. 20.Lively cartoon films are
  21. 21.A binding affair, perhaps
  22. 22.Many legs or shins
  23. 23.Dines in style at smart restaurants
  24. 24.Travel to two points for a garment
  25. 25.Become tied up in French composer
  26. 26.An ornament attached to a sound receiver
  27. 27.Hesitate on moral grounds - to prescribe twenty grains?
  28. 28.Amalgamation of several companies showing confidence
  29. 29.Acrimony sent tribes crazy
  30. 30.This provides a foundation from which ones bounds may be extended
  31. 31.Achieves a sharper result, being not quite upright
  32. 32.Stern directors
  33. 33.Article included among pennies as an act of contrition
  34. 34.Motive for legal action
  35. 35.The hour is near at hand for one who has this
  36. 36.Each point comes to extreme conclusion
  37. 37.Its a mistake to move on the ice
  38. 38.Object to being told to go again?
  39. 39.Relatives who are kept in order
  40. 40.We hear the girl employed is ill-treated
  41. 41.A teacher after a job is a slave driver!
  42. 42.Im adopting an attitude to be prominent
  43. 43.Men of the church, one hears, are big boomers
  44. 44.Store of fat?
  45. 45.Some of the servicemen use food cards
  46. 46.Kind of yarn to cut off
  47. 47.A guess about customs
  48. 48.On paper he has an important job
  49. 49.Proceeds, thanks to royalty
  50. 50.Work to rule?
  51. 51.Shes a puritan at heart
  52. 52.It enables you to say when!
  53. 53.Situation report
  54. 54.Hear about flightless bird
  55. 55.Acknowledged being admitted
  56. 56.Verbose sort of notice
  57. 57.Diners clubs?
  58. 58.Easily swayed?
  59. 59.Its both simple and hard at the same time
  60. 60.Noisy game?
  61. 61.Small amount of money, nothing for a party
  62. 62.Speech and attire of modern times
  63. 63.The mark of a saint, perhaps
  64. 64.Stick ones neck out
  65. 65.A declaration of treason is
  66. 66.Scholar who might be stunted
  67. 67.Possibly pray when under the treatment
  68. 68.Came to a fine end
  69. 69.Small creature with nothing to think about
  70. 70.A joining of hands in marriage or work
  71. 71.Spring edition?
  72. 72.A piece of embroidery makes an unusual topic
  73. 73.DS and Super turn out in disguise
  74. 74.Ardent affection for this kind of flower
  75. 75.Calm some of the hysterical laymen
  76. 76.Remove creases from uniform
  77. 77.Sole representative of kind of marine life
  78. 78.Part of the house taken aback by Othello
  79. 79.Doesnt sit at home, but acts as a deputy
  80. 80.Mark the leading characters of Shakespeares Coriolanus at rehearsal

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