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The Irish Independent Cryptic Crossword Answers -19-June-2019
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The Irish Independent Cryptic Crossword Answers -17-June-2019
  1. 1.Without hesitation parent produces insect
  2. 2.In spite of this, nobody is different
  3. 3.One isnt surprised it wasnt a miracle
  4. 4.Kind as a secretary?
  5. 5.Surly doctor is given flower
  6. 6.The story in parts of Israel
  7. 7.Stick to publicity at this point
  8. 8.Leave " for a holiday?
  9. 9.Limbs used in battle
  10. 10.Run away until rat is about
  11. 11.Do something, cameraman?
  12. 12.Letters, say, soothe
  13. 13.Not working because improperly arranged?
  14. 14.Prince Henry has a ring, a holy ring
  15. 15.Drink a toast " at the pawnbrokers?
  16. 16.Do they produce dividends for farmers?
  17. 17.Coteries intended only for the initiated
  18. 18.Simple bit of costume, really
  19. 19.Be a practical joker to get dramatic effects?
  20. 20.The foreman has too good a view, apparently
  21. 21.Lure a number to slip on the ice
  22. 22.Obnoxious creatures in the silver mines
  23. 23.The first worker in opposition
  24. 24.Air for which wealth can be obtained
  25. 25.Run away from rebel operations
  26. 26.Ought the chief to cool down? Hes rash!
  27. 27.No secret tune outside
  28. 28.Relating to a fight
  29. 29.Does it provide representatives in all quarters?
  30. 30.Quite open managing directors?
  31. 31.The first doctor is an idler
  32. 32.Precocious member of the team
  33. 33.Cut down thrones
  34. 34.Talked about part of a wheel
  35. 35.Part of a watch that cannot be new
  36. 36.Provide for a surplus of 100
  37. 37.A girl to rave about
  38. 38.Singers or such
  39. 39.Foreigner meets park-keeper on street
  40. 40.Tell of a second reckoning
  41. 41.One only fights in play
  42. 42.Simple substances that make up the weather
  43. 43.On his own, the doctor goes north - wise fellow!
  44. 44.Insult beyond the limit
  45. 45.Prohibition affecting nobleman
  46. 46.Presumably the worker finds it uplifting
  47. 47.Prince Henrys journey by air in semi-darkness
  48. 48.Light fish?
  49. 49.Little time offered by brief announcement
  50. 50.Let peer make full reform
  51. 51.Its bigheads turn to produce an animal
  52. 52.Makes a meal of it
  53. 53.A gathering of willing spirits?
  54. 54.Marker goes by the clock?
  55. 55.Exaggerate on stage because of deed
  56. 56.Does he look at incontrovertible evidence?
  57. 57.Cobblers tool in legal mix-up
  58. 58.Worm-catcher
  59. 59.Tree left after fire
  60. 60.Turner writes articles in French and English
  61. 61.Fifty go to a wood to humble themselves
  62. 62.Make him belt for finger-tip protection
  63. 63.Reporters in hospital keep going
  64. 64.Permission given, as everybody agrees
  65. 65.Rip no pencil in accordance with ones personal code
  66. 66.Immediately write article in the correct manner
  67. 67.Do spies arrange things thus?
  68. 68.100 put forward a treasure chest
  69. 69.In this scene, my adversary is revealed
  70. 70.This mark is a sign of ownership
  71. 71.Once erect I state my piece
  72. 72.Reorganised Delhis defence
  73. 73.Induce to become religious?
  74. 74.Royal symbols from Algeria
  75. 75.A duty we no longer owe to the church
  76. 76.Fit girl given body-building exercises
  77. 77.Instruct in art, perhaps
  78. 78.Broadside of some colossal volume
  79. 79.Seating is never enough with such chairs
  80. 80.Unlikely to keep out of trouble long?

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