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  1. 1.Requires to change from being dense
  2. 2.Add up nearly everything - and thats the lot
  3. 3.A sharp pain produced by a needle
  4. 4.As men on the board, they should be impregnable
  5. 5.The fellow precedes the girl, we hear - thats not natural
  6. 6.Small measures - a hundred interest me in an unusual way
  7. 7.Beat a tailless young creature
  8. 8.A matter of taking it in turns to convert a whole people
  9. 9.This is used for heating fuel on the plane
  10. 10.In the event I expect to level the scores
  11. 11.A way for the French to show regret
  12. 12.A trip to disturb the country lover
  13. 13.Spaniard almost exhausted
  14. 14.Injury will make mother go grey
  15. 15.Sounds like a member of the nobility to come on stage
  16. 16.One goes to bed to work
  17. 17.Give wrong information to girl in class, we hear
  18. 18.Seeing after a short time the gift of the prophet
  19. 19.Tool to put to some use
  20. 20.Get a smart plan rearranged
  21. 21.A battle colour
  22. 22.Pacific island conveyance
  23. 23.Sauntering and turning round at the end of the street
  24. 24.Becoming slower in playing - all ran to end confusion
  25. 25.Take any measure, yet come to a halt for no reason
  26. 26.A 15 once more
  27. 27.Hyenas on the farm would be something to jeer at!
  28. 28.Flat ring used in the laundry
  29. 29.Keep away - its a ban
  30. 30.Suppress money-grabbing schemes as a game
  31. 31.Partly enable a guest to form alliance
  32. 32.Hurry from witch as terrible threats are made
  33. 33.Open acknowledgement of entry without charge
  34. 34.Ghost player?
  35. 35.Moves boulders backwards and forwards
  36. 36.In the circumstances, blackguard reaches waterfall
  37. 37.Graduate and monarch in formation
  38. 38.Give firmness to a couple
  39. 39.Watch the old boy hit the ball first
  40. 40.Price paid for release of Romans
  41. 41.Three for anaesthetic
  42. 42.Mean to back up the law and roll in the mud
  43. 43.Steals hanging tuft
  44. 44.Alteration for loose cash
  45. 45.Let off the hook - the United Nations hit a snag
  46. 46.In favour of healthy gain
  47. 47.Idiotic content of a letter
  48. 48.Indignation of a fisherman who loses line
  49. 49.They go round religiously
  50. 50.Drudgery causes stupid smile by dunderhead
  51. 51.Small worker offers secretarial aid
  52. 52.Willow could make one sore
  53. 53.Use my pole when cut up
  54. 54.Assign everything to return
  55. 55.Short measure to ring, frequently
  56. 56.Establish directions given to ram
  57. 57.Summon energy to get up it
  58. 58.Wash lightly in beer in secret
  59. 59.Caper puts a doctor in prison
  60. 60.Broadcast intelligence?
  61. 61.Begin to jump
  62. 62.Thus this cover could be concrete
  63. 63.Whats left after burning tree
  64. 64.Hold back sailor - hes in the red
  65. 65.Does he breed for higher things?
  66. 66.Prevent reporters getting the latest news
  67. 67.Left in ship for 24 hours when athletes meet
  68. 68.Short number - 10, about - have wooden tongue
  69. 69.Bias towards a single party?
  70. 70.Managing directors on older car?
  71. 71.Revealed feast extended
  72. 72.Anger of country losing land
  73. 73.Activity in which the participants bow
  74. 74.Rather delicate ending?
  75. 75.Everyone understands the danger is past
  76. 76.The perfect beginner, apparently
  77. 77.Fainted, perhaps, but recalcitrant
  78. 78.People one can easily have a brush with?
  79. 79.Seduce some authentic eccentrics
  80. 80.Seen to have rash?
  81. 81.Father takes the letting charge for mother and father
  82. 82.Hold it, canon!
  83. 83.Does he make the competitors jump to his orders?
  84. 84.Countries where many trees are seen
  85. 85.I am left with purchase from abroad
  86. 86.Be patient on account of animal
  87. 87.Quantity suitable for a horse
  88. 88.Choose to believe healthy
  89. 89.Annoyed at being evicted?
  90. 90.Monotonous run for the jockey?
  91. 91.Some time ago no athlete would have sworn
  92. 92.Ive the version to steal
  93. 93.Hit on refusal to work?
  94. 94.Reckon to move towards input
  95. 95.Somebody with inclination to be less fat?
  96. 96.How many have less feeling?
  97. 97.Beware of letters where the sentry stands
  98. 98.Acting members of the team?
  99. 99.The glory of raising turf by Britain
  100. 100.Immaturity - a time for affection?
  101. 101.An untruth twisted at end, caused estrangement
  102. 102.It makes the secret public
  103. 103.This emblem is a tailless animal
  104. 104.Come with a crash so as to do injury to the French
  105. 105.Sort of friend at court?
  106. 106.Listen in when these drop
  107. 107.All right - go away and get rich!
  108. 108.Put questions to some taskmasters
  109. 109.Leave the witness box: the platform has collapsed
  110. 110.Higher groups experience disturbances
  111. 111.All right - article inserted in tree
  112. 112.Bread with top cut off by fool
  113. 113.Its commonplace to outlaw a local leader
  114. 114.It is put in by those who want a row
  115. 115.Hoarse when not at sea
  116. 116.Gambler has recovered?
  117. 117.Time for a duet, say?
  118. 118.Adaptable tail oddly mentioned in poetry
  119. 119.Unequal part aside
  120. 120.Steal metal to get in front
  121. 121.It may be found at the end of the line
  122. 122.Poor lines of communication?
  123. 123.As a hunter hes highly placed
  124. 124.Mercury will go down with it - so may others!
  125. 125.One girl that is after another
  126. 126.All there when I enter in some agitation
  127. 127.Giggling drunkenly?
  128. 128.Exhausted and insensitive to rhythm
  129. 129.Main plant source of iodine
  130. 130.Oriental blend of teas
  131. 131.Loss of it can be humiliating
  132. 132.Round trip?
  133. 133.Sound as a bell
  134. 134.Beaten hollow
  135. 135.Useless, until changed inside that is
  136. 136.It generally shows the way we are going
  137. 137.Those chosen from the literary circle
  138. 138.Love to wander about for fruit
  139. 139.A pondering thats funny
  140. 140.Knots sailors try to avoid
  141. 141.Shown by one looking for scraps?
  142. 142.Follower lacking in discipline
  143. 143.When about fifty, she is unequalled
  144. 144.Easterner brings up help in the tavern
  145. 145.Put in a claim for prize money
  146. 146.Financially, and otherwise, it enables you to stand on your own feet
  147. 147.Support us in shame
  148. 148.Robbery list included a precious stone
  149. 149.This means worsted, oddly enough!
  150. 150.Retiring investor?
  151. 151.Jams and preserves
  152. 152.Jar - in which to put coal
  153. 153.Entered before the others and won
  154. 154.Unqualified to make a statement
  155. 155.Stand up, perhaps, to get sweeping aid
  156. 156.Welcome break for a prisoner?
  157. 157.In age so twisted, suffering pains
  158. 158.They took over from the night shift
  159. 159.Not a subject put on in advance
  160. 160.Express service unit
  161. 161.Loud special talent
  162. 162.Range of a policeman in the South-East
  163. 163.The case of the broken latches
  164. 164.Produce the rent
  165. 165.Hardly dark thoughts!
  166. 166.Yet it may mean miners work harder!
  167. 167.Not necessarily a film that arouses the emotions
  168. 168.Free translation of tag, sir
  169. 169.Discovering what the directors think of baffling device
  170. 170.Breakfast for Sir Francis
  171. 171.A colour between green and red
  172. 172.One in a suit used for gardening
  173. 173.One litter bin in the street is hardly enough
  174. 174.Its used for wrapping metal sword
  175. 175.With all the dressings removed?
  176. 176.Company contacted southern aircraft
  177. 177.Square character whos used to giving marching orders
  178. 178.Part of the establishment or society to which members are attached
  179. 179.He provides clerical assistance
  180. 180.Has frightful anxieties and could be made sadder
  181. 181.This will hold a great deal of food for the horse
  182. 182.Instigate a crude lie about a politician
  183. 183.Postscript written about ill-mannered prigs
  184. 184.They are associated with Queens Regulations
  185. 185.Sailor accustomed to being ill-treated
  186. 186.This produces a sound return
  187. 187.Id seen the girl in distress
  188. 188.The letter sorter should manage this all right
  189. 189.A number worth re-establishing in part
  190. 190.All is much changed in this sphere of entertainment
  191. 191.Could be the same strains for sewers!
  192. 192.Perhaps the end of safety is found in rotten beam
  193. 193.The expenses of sorties away from home
  194. 194.By which elephants communicate with one another?
  195. 195.Animal showing dash and the first bit of determination
  196. 196.You must follow a direction to make observations
  197. 197.Aim to give the position of the camper
  198. 198.Stir up quarrels, we hear
  199. 199.Usual memo required for constructing a tomb
  200. 200.In a conclusion youll find me correct

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