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The Irish Independent Cryptic Crossword Answers -18-May-2019
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The Irish Independent Cryptic Crossword Answers -16-May-2019
  1. 1.Speaks of zero house assessments
  2. 2.One who pinches a child
  3. 3.No top on ruined bridge
  4. 4.Use it for a musical sequence
  5. 5.Go through the letters for a certain amount of time
  6. 6.One who sings in natural tones
  7. 7.Clothes Martin changed about the end of June
  8. 8.Speculate about everybody dancing
  9. 9.Charming things - youll find em among children
  10. 10.Instrument that indicates all points of view
  11. 11.Parent upset about one artist
  12. 12.Denise Norbury will conceal the Spaniard
  13. 13.Argue about being put in poor side
  14. 14.Describing one completely overcome by tears?
  15. 15.Observed a description of the Dalmatian
  16. 16.A hundred on trial question the verdict
  17. 17.A suit for the society spots
  18. 18.In shocking gale one must be nimble
  19. 19.Mountaineering aid to fasten all round
  20. 20.Workers make a beeline for them!
  21. 21.Take to arms
  22. 22.Present-day conclusion?
  23. 23.Having been given material backing?
  24. 24.Evict some impecunious tenants
  25. 25.Soft language may be a shade blue
  26. 26.Look noble
  27. 27.One may get ones hooks into them
  28. 28.Country-lovers
  29. 29.Risky transaction with a Greek character
  30. 30.He splits a couple of poles made of wood
  31. 31.A first principle in current heaters
  32. 32.Streams of abuse result when trade is upset
  33. 33.Alert for a change in the future
  34. 34.It doesnt openly flourish, naturally
  35. 35.Sells, but closes after five
  36. 36.Wise cooks use it
  37. 37.Not a bit of it!
  38. 38.A light sweet
  39. 39.Possibly unite as kinswomen
  40. 40.The last thing a tragedy might do
  41. 41.Reconciled to having had to give up work
  42. 42.Vessel - lacking stabilisers?
  43. 43.Gives directions
  44. 44.Not inclined to build
  45. 45.Water thoroughly
  46. 46.Party rode around living on prey
  47. 47.Fit of giddiness on stage?
  48. 48.Attacker makes idiot suffer sickness before worker
  49. 49.Embitter the French, after 7
  50. 50.Its there for the pulling
  51. 51.She runs a peaceful branch
  52. 52.A tear for the letting?
  53. 53.Give spirit to graduate to dance
  54. 54.The smallest allowed as admitted
  55. 55.Lets on could be pinched
  56. 56.Need a tile to draw?
  57. 57.For sale in quantity?
  58. 58.At home kind but stormy
  59. 59.Left rats getting up on table
  60. 60.Capital sum for the college chief
  61. 61.The flower must have grown
  62. 62.Doctor has monkey put clothes on
  63. 63.Farmer takes the helm, perhaps
  64. 64.High-growing class
  65. 65.Change later
  66. 66.Im in illuminated surroundings as far as they go
  67. 67.Rising like a revolting beast
  68. 68.Severity at the back?
  69. 69.Piercing sort of accent?
  70. 70.In lead, but got refusal
  71. 71.Vapour right out of a brook
  72. 72.Express the average
  73. 73.Stupefy some most unlikely people
  74. 74.Thus short measure is not hard to give
  75. 75.Monarch cats may return to look at one on top of another
  76. 76.People who have rows need them
  77. 77.Story about William the Truthful giving the game away?
  78. 78.A symptom of those with second sight?
  79. 79.Threw a circle of flowers
  80. 80.Abstainer swallows article also at military fete
  81. 81.Inherit an estate at the end of the flight?
  82. 82.Made cuts in the theatre, perhaps
  83. 83.How many times does it appear in the concert?
  84. 84.How one picks up hot stuff?
  85. 85.The others indicate there is nothing to play
  86. 86.Display on the floor causes open clash
  87. 87.How a composer gets lots of money?
  88. 88.Squaring it would give a gross result
  89. 89.When one can expect a chilly reception?
  90. 90.The state of the liquid a hotel serves
  91. 91.This part-song is clearly no dirge
  92. 92.Nevertheless, they are identical
  93. 93.Discouragement caused by standing on ice?
  94. 94.Presumably his instruction follows certain lines
  95. 95.Ill at source of water for United Nations?
  96. 96.Canoe upset in water
  97. 97.Have a yearning that cannot soon be satisfied
  98. 98.Take what is suitable?
  99. 99.Disentangle one French composer
  100. 100.Carry out an illegal suspension
  101. 101.It is in fact a long claw
  102. 102.Grows vegetables
  103. 103.Ive now become available for inspection
  104. 104.Hostilities cut foreign capital
  105. 105.Delight in French antiques
  106. 106.After getting bail somehow, I find an excuse
  107. 107.Barriers made to be overrun
  108. 108.Try for a prize though not quite complete
  109. 109.Sports clubs dances hard hit by rackets, perhaps
  110. 110.I get a number to follow through danger
  111. 111.Be sorry about unrising income
  112. 112.East European, but could be French
  113. 113.He wont do much to earn his reputation
  114. 114.Mouth-organs?
  115. 115.They have lots to offer
  116. 116.Is he found in literary haunts?
  117. 117.Inject a cubic-centimetre into a climber as a safeguard
  118. 118.It may make people turn pale
  119. 119.Old punishments may still provide interest
  120. 120.Crime of one who satisfied a burning desire?
  121. 121.I have timber thats perfect
  122. 122.Stop: the respite is cancelled
  123. 123.An ornament for the man in charge
  124. 124.With the addition of some plump, luscious fruit
  125. 125.Fine malt fibre
  126. 126.Girl on an excursion?
  127. 127.A number return to dance in girls game
  128. 128.Is he not particular about the terms?
  129. 129.Tedious, but not enough to make everybody weary
  130. 130.Initially open base of each instrument
  131. 131.The wits as clean as could be
  132. 132.Brilliant doubling of six by dunderhead
  133. 133.Youth leader will go back with a philosophy
  134. 134.Chastise worker to get control
  135. 135.Free to let again
  136. 136.Pardon sailor to clear the matter up
  137. 137.Amicable striker is available for non-competitive game
  138. 138.This garment covers everything
  139. 139.The colonist is a person who pays his bills
  140. 140.If going out, 10 changes cloak
  141. 141.Find a method of escape
  142. 142.Career in which being patient doesnt help?
  143. 143.More reckless in getting bacon?
  144. 144.Has boil to get rid of
  145. 145.Eastern movement does show feeling
  146. 146.After a short time a companion becomes a ships officer
  147. 147.A number of coaches required for attendants
  148. 148.External part of the hospital?
  149. 149.Unfavourably received - in need of a doctor
  150. 150.Intimidate a fellow farm worker
  151. 151.Manages to clear the wine cellar
  152. 152.Where are the visiting team? On holiday
  153. 153.Mechanical advantage always needed in bad gale
  154. 154.The lass could be bare-headed
  155. 155.In Bengal I assumed another name
  156. 156.Carol Dewis is disturbed by the playwright
  157. 157.Dismiss about fifty for being unconscientious
  158. 158.Ecclesiastical rules that will regulate the big guns, we hear!
  159. 159.One old fool is upset
  160. 160.Floor cover, one hears, lacking lustre
  161. 161.Its hard work for Virginia in complicated trial
  162. 162.Government tutor used by royalty on ceremonial occasions
  163. 163.This entails knowing which gear to use
  164. 164.Headquarters dance is popular entertainment for Americans
  165. 165.This war will destroy the spirits
  166. 166.Notice the tool that will make a well-balanced board
  167. 167.The River Amazon envelops the girl
  168. 168.Dispute a win, for example
  169. 169.Native love call stirred
  170. 170.Man of intelligence?
  171. 171.He has taking ways with people
  172. 172.He has no power to go over peoples heads, but does!
  173. 173.A student or teacher may do so
  174. 174.Collecting nightgear, perhaps
  175. 175.A record height to climb
  176. 176.Vessel going from side to side
  177. 177.Those expected to survive are ready to try
  178. 178.Files a letter as an afterthought
  179. 179.Shelter from the rain, no doubt
  180. 180.Men wise in imagination
  181. 181.Consenting to adjust a complaint
  182. 182.Be fond of and look after
  183. 183.Sounds the senors make
  184. 184.Neither here nor there
  185. 185.Dismal listener in parched surroundings
  186. 186.New act involves nude entertainment
  187. 187.Shut tight
  188. 188.An elevating Kipling poem of unaffected simplicity
  189. 189.Initially when to expect a letter from Greece
  190. 190.Theres nothing unfair about having only two candidates
  191. 191.Hector to see to what I have with hesitation
  192. 192.I object to the doctor getting a note
  193. 193.Going by air is loud but not heavy
  194. 194.Treat badly though not fit to employ
  195. 195.Is this bird never satisfied?
  196. 196.Rush as a cavalryman emerges
  197. 197.Conspiracy to put fifty in cooking-vessel
  198. 198.There must be lots to offer here
  199. 199.It carries the wire that carries the wire
  200. 200.He walks leisurely along the street with a wave

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