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  1. 1.North American plant of the genus Rudbeckia
  2. 2.An ancient Egyptian fertility goddess, depicted as a woman with a cows horns
  3. 3.English bandleader, composer, arranger, radio comedian and actor whose signature tune was The Very Thought of You
  4. 4.Italian painter of the Venetian school whose works include Bacchus and Ariadne
  5. 5.A four-wheeled carriage with two folding hoods
  6. 6.Culinary term meaning wrapped in pastry and baked
  7. 7.American dancer and actress who popularised the bobbed haircut
  8. 8.Grammy Award winning American R&B artist born Shaffer Chimere Smith
  9. 9.Strait between Denmark and Sweden linked by the Skagerrak with the North Sea
  10. 10.Song by Lionel Rand and Ian Grant that gave Nat King Cole a hit single in 1962
  11. 11.Technical name for the big toe
  12. 12.City in Veneto, Italy, that was the home of the 16th-century architect Andrea Palladio
  13. 13.The weight that must be carried by a horse in a handicap race
  14. 14.English antiquary who donated most of his collection to the University of Oxford to create a museum that is named after him
  15. 15.Headgear for a horse consisting of a series of buckled straps and a metal mouthpiece
  16. 16.Fragrant resin obtained from tropical trees, such as those of the family Burseraceae
  17. 17.Independent republic in the Pacific comprising 33 islands including Banaba , the Gilbert and Phoenix Islands, and eight of the Line Islands
  18. 18.See 42
  19. 19.Friend to Posthumus in William Shakespeares play Cymbeline
  20. 20.British novelist and playwright whose novels include The Dressmaker and Injury Time
  21. 21.Devon fishing port at the southern end of Torbay, across the bay from Torquay
  22. 22.The American leguminous tree Cercis canadensis
  23. 23.Town in France in which Bernadette Soubirous claimed to have visions of the Virgin Mary in 1858
  24. 24.See 13
  25. 25.The large wedge-shaped bone, consisting of five fused vertebrae, in the lower part of the back
  26. 26.Character voiced by Kelsey Grammer in Toy Story 2 also known as The Prospector
  27. 27.Department of France whose capital is Metz
  28. 28.Australian evergreen shrub with large showy tubular flowers, named after a Portuguese botanist
  29. 29.Media personality who rose to fame as a glamour model with the pseudonym Jordan
  30. 30.Name given to a series of manned US spacecraft designed to explore the moon and surrounding space
  31. 31.Two one-act plays by Sir Terence Rattigan set at a hotel in Bournemouth
  32. 32.In Greek mythology, the descendants of the Seven against Thebes, who undertook a second expedition against the city and eventually captured and destroyed it
  33. 33.See 30
  34. 34.The smaller of the two satellites of Mars
  35. 35.Camberwell-born actress and director who starred opposite Humphrey Bogart in They Drive by Night and High Sierra
  36. 36.Scottish pop group who had a 1968 UK number one with a cover version of 42/19
  37. 37.Ancient goddess who was one of the main deities worshipped in Athenian households
  38. 38.The largest US state
  39. 39.1959 Walt Disney film based on the fairy tale La Belle au bois dormant by Charles Perrault
  40. 40.Athlete who was BBC Sports Personality of the Year in 1978
  41. 41.1993 film that tells the story of a Uruguayan rugby team whose plane crashed into the Andes in 1972
  42. 42.A person whose hobby is the exploration and study of caves
  43. 43.US city that hosted the 1996 Olympics
  44. 44.In anatomy, the appendages of a particular organ
  45. 45.A person who deals cards, collects bets, etc, at a gaming table
  46. 46.Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm al Qaiwain, Ras el Khaimah and Fujairah collectively
  47. 47.See 21
  48. 48.The study of unidentified flying objects
  49. 49.Song written by Bonnie Bramlett and Leon Russell that gave The Carpenters a 1971 hit single
  50. 50.1987 film starring Holly Hunter, Albert Brooks and William Hurt
  51. 51.Beatles song that begins with the line Desmond has a barrow in the market-place
  52. 52.A medical instrument for examining the external ear
  53. 53.1999 hit single by American girl group TLC
  54. 54.Bill ___, English author, actor, comedian, artist, naturalist and musician who found fame as one of The Goodies
  55. 55.Municipality in Calabria famous as the site where, in 1972, two Greek bronze statues of warriors were found in the sea
  56. 56.In criminal law, serious injury caused by one person to another
  57. 57.The human product of conception up to approximately the end of the second month of pregnancy
  58. 58.Chancellor of West Germany from 1974 to 1982