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  1. 1.Novel by Charles Dickens that begins on Christmas Eve, 1812
  2. 2.New Zealand city that hosted the 1990 Commonwealth Games
  3. 3.1964 number-one hit single by Mary Wells, written and produced by Smokey Robinson
  4. 4.The Monkees last number one hit in the US
  5. 5.A string with a metal weight at one end used to determine verticality, depth of water, etc
  6. 6.Teenage high school student whose alter ego is Spider-Man
  7. 7.1945 Leo McCarey film starring Bing Crosby and Ingrid Bergman
  8. 8.In anthropology, a clan or group that believes itself to be descended from a common ancestor
  9. 9.1961 hit single written and recorded by Sam Cooke
  10. 10.Sitcom written by Carla Lane that featured the Boswell family
  11. 11.See 6
  12. 12.Comic book superhero created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger in 1939
  13. 13.See 17
  14. 14.Sam ___, director made his film directorial debut with American Beauty in 1999
  15. 15.The capital of South Australia
  16. 16.Horse that won the 1990 Grand National
  17. 17.Michael ___, Sri Lankan-born Canadian writer whose works include the Booker-prizewinning novel The English Patient
  18. 18.In Egyptian mythology, the jackal-headed deity who conducted the dead to judgment
  19. 19.Morrissey compilation album released in 1990
  20. 20.1759 satire by Voltaire subtitled lOptimisme
  21. 21.See 37
  22. 22.Former England striker who had two spells at Tottenham Hotspur
  23. 23.Director whose films include The Omen, Superman, The Goonies and Lethal Weapon
  24. 24.Paul McCartneys first and only UK number one as a solo artist
  25. 25.A colour print made using the silk-screen process
  26. 26.American comedian and actor who played Scott Calvin in the 1994 film The Santa Clause
  27. 27.A port and resort in Emilia-Romagna on Italys Adriatic coast
  28. 28.The seventh sign of the zodiac
  29. 29.1946 Frank Capra film starring James Stewart as George Bailey
  30. 30.Geometric drawing toy developed by British engineer Denys Fisher and first sold in 1965
  31. 31.Gemstone associated with Coober Pedy, Australia
  32. 32.American TV series starring Miley Cyrus
  33. 33.The capital of Turkey
  34. 34.1897 play by Edmond Rostand based on the life of a French dramatist and duellist
  35. 35.African country whose capital is Kampala
  36. 36.The short-lived perennial herb Anethum graveolens
  37. 37.In Greek mythology, a nymph spurned by Narcissus who pined away until only her voice remained
  38. 38.Queen of Persia whose story is recounted in the Old Testament book that bears here name
  39. 39.Spanish city in the southern zone of the Madrid metropolitan area whose football team played in La Liga between 2004 and 2016
  40. 40.The scrophulariaceous plant Verbascum thapsus
  41. 41.Poisonous evergreen Mediterranean shrub or tree also called rosebay
  42. 42.Giacomo ___, Italian early Baroque composer, noted as one of the first composers of oratorios, such as Jephte
  43. 43.Food fish of the genus Centropristes with a long spiny dorsal fin almost divided into two
  44. 44.A short coat for a baby
  45. 45.Former name for Tuvalu
  46. 46.Joseph ___, English actor who popularised the role of Clown in many Pantomimes and Harlequinades of the early 1800s
  47. 47.Irish-Australian bushranger hanged for murder at Old Melbourne Gaol in 1880
  48. 48.Isambard Kingdom ___, English engineer who designed the Clifton Suspension Bridge and the steamships Great Western, Great Britain and Great Eastern
  49. 49.Province of Canada whose capital is Winnipeg
  50. 50.70s sitcom that starred Pauline Collins and John Alderton as Clara and Charles Danby
  51. 51.Protozoan of the phylum Rhizopoda able to change shape because of the movements of cell processes
  52. 52.The only person to have won the Cheltenham Gold Cup, Champion Hurdle and Grand National as both jockey and trainer
  53. 53.See 54
  54. 54.Play by Victoria Wood first performed in 1978
  55. 55.The worlds first commercial jet airliner to reach production, made by de Havilland in Hertfordshire
  56. 56.A signal, such as a siren, indicating that an air raid is over
  57. 57.Celia __, British actress who played Marianne Bellshade in Bergerac
  58. 58.The marine animal Heliopora coerulea, which produces a massive skeleton of aragonite