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  1. 1.1923 French silent film, directed by Abel Gance, that used then-revolutionary lighting techniques
  2. 2.Willo the ___, TV cartoon series narrated by Kenneth Williams featuring the characters Mavis Cruet and Evil Edna
  3. 3.Former England cricket captain who announced his retirement from cricket in 2012 after 100 Test appearances
  4. 4.Opera by Leoš Janáèek based on the play Její pastorkyòa by Gabriela Preissová
  5. 5.A pictorial representation of a facility on a computer system
  6. 6.American record label founded in 1971, specifically to provide a record contract for Jackson Browne
  7. 7.The French word for wine
  8. 8.Tree whose edible green kernels are used in ice creams
  9. 9.Duo comprising brothers Pat and Greg Kane best known for their 1987 top ten hit Labour of Love
  10. 10.Novel by Charles Dickens centred around the Chancery case of Jarndyce and Jarndyce
  11. 11.A female sheep
  12. 12.Former England cricket captain who overtook Wally Hammond as the most prolific Test batsman
  13. 13.___ de paume, French ball-and-court game that was a medal event at the 1908 Summer Olympics
  14. 14.English cricketer best known for captaining the English team during the 1932"33 Bodyline Ashes tour of Australia
  15. 15.British racehorse trainer who trained the Oaks winners Ouija Board and Snow Fairy
  16. 16.Actor who played Johnny Cash in the film Walk the Line
  17. 17.The fruit of the oak tree
  18. 18.A top ten hit single for The Who in 1965
  19. 19.Belgian town in West Flanders province that was completely destroyed in World War I
  20. 20.Former England cricket captain who was one of the team captains on the BBC quiz They Think Its All Over from 1995 to 2003
  21. 21.A burning torch, as used in night processions
  22. 22.John the Baptists father
  23. 23.Adeles first number one single in the UK
  24. 24.The capital of Greece
  25. 25.Canadian city that is the capital of Manitoba
  26. 26.Sayeeda ___, baroness who co-chaired the Conservative Party from 2010 to 2012
  27. 27.Captain of the England cricket team for 45 Test matches from 1999 to 2003
  28. 28.Graham ___, former member of The Hollies best known for his collaboration with David Crosby and Stephen Stills
  29. 29.Member of a Mexican Indian people who established a great empire that was overthrown by Cortés in the early 16th century
  30. 30.Scottish snooker player who won the first of his four world titles in 1998
  31. 31.Scottish disco singer, born Jacqueline McKinnon, who had a 1980 UK number one with Feels Like Im in Love
  32. 32.An oriental pipe also called a hubble-bubble
  33. 33.Mineral that is the chief source of lead
  34. 34.Another name for the larynx
  35. 35.The point where a river issues into a sea or lake
  36. 36.European country that existed from October 1918 to January 1993
  37. 37.Formerly, the Soviet administrative department responsible for maintaining prisons and forced labour camps
  38. 38.The first feature-length computer animated film
  39. 39.The common tufted grass Holcus lanatus
  40. 40.See 22
  41. 41.Augusto ___, president of Chile from 1974 to 1990 following his overthrow of Salvador Allende
  42. 42.The first novel by Ian Rankin, published in 1986
  43. 43.Cricketer who was the first professional player to captain England
  44. 44.Iridaceous plant also called a sword lily
  45. 45.Former England cricket captain who also played football for Yeovil Town and Scunthorpe United
  46. 46.Best Actor Oscar-winner for Leaving Las Vegas
  47. 47.Former Surrey and England captain who was Chairman of the England cricket selectors from 1982 to 1989
  48. 48.The rough skin of certain sharks and rays, used as an abrasive
  49. 49.Popular song by Michael Edwards and Bud Green that has been recorded by Tommy Dorsey, Patti Page and The Chimes, among others
  50. 50.Woodrow ___, president who led the United States into World War I
  51. 51.The Lone Rangers sidekick, played on TV by Jay Silverheels
  52. 52.Title of Iranian kings including the Achaemenid dynasty which unified Persia
  53. 53.Any of two or more physical forms in which an element can exist
  54. 54.Another name for coriander
  55. 55.Anders ___, 18th-century Swedish botanist after whom a popular herbaceous perennial plant is named
  56. 56.In the Old Testament, a recognised scholar and teacher of the Jewish Law
  57. 57.City and port in Shiribeshi, Hokkaido, Japan, northwest of Sapporo
  58. 58.What the C stands for in CV
  59. 59.In Greek mythology, the winged goddess of victory whose Roman counterpart is Victoria
  60. 60.A rich crumbly biscuit with a large proportion of butter
  61. 61.See 2
  62. 62.1971 top ten hot for Ray Stevens subtitled The Queen of The Blues
  63. 63.See 15
  64. 64.Nick ___, former UK Deputy Prime Minister who became Vice-President for Global Affairs and Communications at Facebook in 2018
  65. 65.2011 film starring Michelle Williams, Kenneth Branagh and Eddie Redmayne, based on books by Colin Clark
  66. 66.Title shared by albums by Little Walter and Robert Wyatt
  67. 67.England midfielder who joined Liverpool from Arsenal in 2017
  68. 68.Portuguese goalkeeper who played 20 league games for Chelsea between 2006 and 2014
  69. 69.German international defender who was part of Leicester Citys Premier League title-winning team in 2016
  70. 70.A closed, four-wheeled horse-driven vehicle with a glass front and seats for four passengers inside that was also known as a Clarence
  71. 71.The mafias conspiracy of silence
  72. 72.A playing card or dice with two pips or spots
  73. 73.Scottish Green Party politician who became the youngest ever MSP when elected at the 2016 election
  74. 74.Grey mineral that is the chief source of lead
  75. 75.Swiss cyclist who won the Giro dItalia in 1950 and the Tour de France in 1951
  76. 76.Suburb of Birmingham that produced such notable performers as Steel Pulse, Joan Armatrading and Benjamin Zephaniah
  77. 77.Song written by Mack Gordon and Harry Warren for the film Orchestra Wives, famously covered by Etta James in 1960
  78. 78.Country whose capital is Suva
  79. 79.1952 American musical comedy film featuring the characters Don Lockwood, Cosmo Brown and Lina Lamont
  80. 80.In statistics, a measure of the difference between some quantity and an approximation to or estimate of it, often expressed as a percentage
  81. 81.Australian golfer who won the USPGA Championship in 1979 and the US Open in 1981
  82. 82.Indian bowler who in 1999, while playing against Pakistan, became only the second player to take ten wickets in a Test match innings
  83. 83.Region of New Zealands North Island whose major centre is the city of Hamilton
  84. 84.Natural earth used as a yellow or red pigment
  85. 85.The crosswise yarns that fill the warp yarns in weaving, also called weft
  86. 86.1927 novel by Virginia Woolf centring on the Ramsays and their visits to the Isle of Skye
  87. 87.Actress, comedienne and singer whose hit singles included cover versions of They Dont Know and Move Over Darling
  88. 88.Cousin of Juliet killed by Romeo in a duel in Shakespeares play
  89. 89.An Old World variety of sorghum cultivated for grain and fodder
  90. 90.The fish Salmo trutta
  91. 91.The European freshwater fish Rutilus rutilus
  92. 92.The primary source of Jewish religious law, consisting of the Mishnah and the Gemara
  93. 93.1960 Russ Conway single that was EMIs last 78rpm record
  94. 94.Island in the Channel Islands ruled by a hereditary seigneur or dame
  95. 95.The god of the sea, fishing and prosperity in Norse mythology
  96. 96.See 20
  97. 97.Oily secretion of the sebaceous glands that acts as a lubricant and provides some protection against bacteria
  98. 98.Dudley-born tennis player who won the ladies singles title at Wimbledon in 1934 and 1937
  99. 99.Michael Jacksons first solo album on Epic Records, produced by Quincy Jones
  100. 100.The tallest structure in Africa between 1961 and 1971
  101. 101.Composer of Rule Britannia, which appears in his masque Alfred
  102. 102.In Greek mythology, a monster with nine heads, each of which was replaced by two new ones when cut off
  103. 103.Popular song from Mary Poppins, composed by Robert B Sherman and Richard M Sherman
  104. 104.Island in the Inner Hebrides that is the site of Fingals Cave
  105. 105.American actress whose films include Sam Raimis Spider-Man trilogy, Wimbledon and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
  106. 106.Yevgeny ___, Russian poet whose works include Babi Yar
  107. 107.Ethel ___, American actress and singer who played Hattie Walker in the original Broadway production of Stephen Sondheims Follies
  108. 108.American International Master and New York Times chess columnist who wrote many books about chess
  109. 109.A gold-coloured alloy of copper, tin, or zinc used to decorate furniture, mouldings, etc
  110. 110.___ da Polga, fictional guinea pig in a series of childrens books by Paddington Bear author Michael Bond
  111. 111.Morbid fear of cats
  112. 112.Surname of the French brothers who invented a cinematograph and a process of colour photography
  113. 113.1999 Frank Oz film written by and starring Steve Martin
  114. 114.Jochen ___, the only driver to win the Formula 1 World Drivers Championship posthumously
  115. 115.Taiwanese-born director, screenwriter and producer whose films include Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Brokeback Mountain and Life of Pi
  116. 116.1997 James Cameron film that won 11 Oscars
  117. 117.The capital of Zambia
  118. 118.Any of a large group of fat-soluble organic compounds containing a characteristic chemical ring system
  119. 119.1983 hit single for Lionel Richie kept off the top spot in the UK by Billy Joels Uptown Girl
  120. 120.Landlocked country in the Pyrenees between France and Spain
  121. 121.The court jester of Duke Frederick in Shakespeares play As You Like It
  122. 122.Substance that gives vinegar its sour taste and pungent smell
  123. 123.Childrens novel by American author E B White featuring a pig named Wilbur
  124. 124.Roman Catholic nun born Anjezë Gonxhe Bojaxhiu
  125. 125.Character from French pantomime with a whitened face, white costume and pointed hat
  126. 126.Gustave Flauberts first published novel
  127. 127.Island off the coast of Italy, in the Bay of Naples, that gave its name to a Ford model
  128. 128.Italian name for Munich
  129. 129.Greg ___, Canadian-born tennis player who adopted British citizenship in 1995
  130. 130.A being in ancient Egyptian mythology that functions as a feminine counterpart to the sun god
  131. 131.Russian city that is capital of the Chechen Republic
  132. 132.American actress who found fame playing Laura Petrie in The Dick Van Dyke Show
  133. 133.Michael ___, actor who played the title role in the TV series Robin of Sherwood
  134. 134.___ International Speedway, Florida race track famous for its annual 500-mile NASCAR Sprint Cup Series motor race
  135. 135.Member of a Christian Church of American origin, whose publications include The Watchtower and Awake!
  136. 136.The bird Coracina novaehollandiae, which has protected status in Australia
  137. 137.Former director of the Prison Reform Trust appointed Prisons Ombudsman in 1999, a post he held until 2010
  138. 138.The South African guenon monkey Cercopithecus aethiops
  139. 139.The capital of the canton of Valais in Switzerland
  140. 140.A suit in Latin-suited playing cards and Tarot decks
  141. 141.The first novel by Louise Bagshawe, published in 1995
  142. 142.A large African antelope with long straight nearly-upright horns
  143. 143.Country whose capital is Ankara
  144. 144.A colourless odourless flammable gaseous alkane obtained from natural gas and petroleum
  145. 145.Commercial association of towns in northern Germany formed in the mid-14th century to protect and control trade
  146. 146.Scott ___, American author and practising lawyer whose novels include Presumed Innocent and Personal Injuries
  147. 147.Daughter of Herodias who called for the head of John the Baptist
  148. 148.Common name for the perennial flowering tree Parkinsonia aculeata
  149. 149.Horse that won the 2004 Derby
  150. 150.River that rises in the Czech Republic and flows through Germany into the North Sea at Cuxhaven
  151. 151.Ken ___, Australian tennis player who won eight Grand Slam singles titles
  152. 152.Allegorical novel by Paulo Coelho first published in 1988
  153. 153.West African republic whose capital is Porto Novo
  154. 154.Single by Fern Kinney that reached number one in the UK singles chart in March 1980
  155. 155.1967 song by Leonard Cohen about the then girlfriend of sculptor Armand Vaillancourt
  156. 156.2002 Brazilian film depicting the growth of organised crime in the Cidade de Deus suburb of Rio de Janeiro
  157. 157.The only country entirely within the Alps
  158. 158.The longest river in the Republic of Ireland
  159. 159.The only complete studio album by Jeff Buckley
  160. 160.Common name for the home ground of Partick Thistle since 1909
  161. 161.Name by which Samuel Johnsons wife Elizabeth Porter was known
  162. 162.Collection of novellas by Irvine Welsh subtitled Three Tales of Chemical Romance
  163. 163.Any brown songbird of the family Alaudidae
  164. 164.An intense stabbing pain under the ribcage also called exercise-related transient abdominal pain
  165. 165.Either of the two occasions, six months apart, when day and night are of equal length
  166. 166.Branch of science concerned with vision and light
  167. 167.Communications code word for the letter J
  168. 168.Maiden name of Eva Perón
  169. 169.City in Baden-Wurttemberg on the River Neckar whose university is the oldest in Germany
  170. 170.The capital of South Dakota
  171. 171.The garden plant Nigella damascena
  172. 172.Nursery rhyme that begins Half a pound of tuppenny rice ...
  173. 173.Arthur ___, French poet whose works include Une Saison en Enfer
  174. 174.British name for affirmative action
  175. 175.In fortifications, the inner side of the ditch separating besiegers and besieged
  176. 176.Market town in the Teignbridge District of Devon that has a racecourse
  177. 177.Chef and owner of The Fat Duck in Bray
  178. 178.French city with a ferry link to Portsmouth
  179. 179.Italian port on the Adriatic coast that is the capital of Apulia
  180. 180.Winners of the 2010 FIFA World Cup
  181. 181.Dutch post-Impressionist painter whose works include Portrait of Dr Gachet and The Starry Night
  182. 182.African republic formed by the union of Tanganyika and Zanzibar in 1964
  183. 183.Stretch of chalk downland and woodland in Kent whose most spectacular coombe is known as the Devils Kneading Trough
  184. 184.Game made by the Milton Bradley company featuring cartoon images of 24 people
  185. 185.Julian ___, English playwright and screenwriter best known for the play Another Country
  186. 186.The standard monetary unit of Nigeria, divided into 100 kobo
  187. 187.A clear, colourless fruit brandy produced by fermentation and double distillation
  188. 188.Charles ___, French footballer who played for Newcastle United, Wigan Athletic and Aston Villa in the Premier League, having begun his career at 23
  189. 189.___ Rhodes, English fashion designer who founded the Fashion and Textile Museum in London
  190. 190.1965 Walt Disney film starring Hayley Mills and Dean Jones
  191. 191.American actress whose films include Never Say Never Again, LA Confidential and 8 Mile
  192. 192.A 1976 album by Joni Mitchell
  193. 193.Dire Straits single originally released in May 1978
  194. 194.Pacific island taken by the US in 1945 and returned to Japan in 1968
  195. 195.See 11
  196. 196.American private Ivy League research university located in Ithaca, New York
  197. 197.The first book of the Old Testament
  198. 198.American abstract expressionist painter best known for his style of drip painting
  199. 199.Early motion picture viewing device first described in conceptual terms by Thomas Edison in 1888
  200. 200.Vauxhall ___, British General Motors model introduced in 1979 as a right-hand drive version of the Opel Kadett

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