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The Guardian Weekend Crossword Answers -18-May-2019
The Guardian Weekend Crossword Answers -11-May-2019
The Guardian Weekend Crossword Answers -4-May-2019
  1. 1.See 6
  2. 2.Japanese condiment made from fermented soybeans
  3. 3.Here he is, according to Paul Simon, while Tom flies to Mexico, 14/23 __
  4. 4.James __, author of Finnegans Wake
  5. 5.See 22
  6. 6.A savoury hors dÅ"uvre
  7. 7.Exclusive group who, according to Roy Orbison, know the way he feels tonight?
  8. 8.See 23 Across
  9. 9.Shorthand for an internet address
  10. 10.See 7
  11. 11.See 6 Across
  12. 12._ Perry, singer whose hits include I Kissed a Girl
  13. 13.See 23 Across
  14. 14.Latin term for a degree awarded by one university in recognition of qualifications from another
  15. 15.The __, band founded by Ray and Dave Davies
  16. 16.The capital of Puerto Rico
  17. 17.A town in Staffordshire, or a mountain in Antarctica
  18. 18.See 5
  19. 19.See 22
  20. 20.Sir __ Kapoor, sculptor
  21. 21.Who was 14/23 one, who could ever reach Dusty Springfield
  22. 22.A term for a boxer who leads with his or her right hand
  23. 23.European research centre, home to the Large Hadron Collider
  24. 24.Ray-finned fish that migrate between the rivers of Europe and the Sargasso Sea
  25. 25.Another name for a knee jerk
  26. 26.Animal with whose jawbone Samson slayed his enemies
  27. 27.Lizard native to Central and South America
  28. 28.1997 Booker Prize winning novel, set in Kerala
  29. 29.WW2 film starring John Mills about an ambulance unit in the desert
  30. 30.See 16
  31. 31.The ninth letter of the Greek alphabet
  32. 32.See 18 Down
  33. 33.Alan __, former England footballer and current MOTD analyst
  34. 34.French city whose burghers were sculpted by Rodin?
  35. 35.A short bob popular in the 1920s
  36. 36.Supermarket chain started by the Albrecht brothers
  37. 37.Epic poem by Allen Ginsberg
  38. 38.Edith __, French singer who regretted rien?
  39. 39.Sir Matthew __, choreographer
  40. 40.The author of 22 9
  41. 41.The Greek god of love
  42. 42.Stephen __, former host of QI
  43. 43.Investigative journalist known for his work on Watergate
  44. 44.See 22
  45. 45.Michael Jackson single and album from 1982
  46. 46.The financial centre of Venice
  47. 47.Terraced structure found in ancient Mesopotamia
  48. 48.Member of a nomadic empire covering Central Eurasia from the 9th century BC
  49. 49.Samuel __, Mark Twains real name
  50. 50.Woman without whom Bob Dylans life didnt mean a thing in 1962
  51. 51.Irish political party led by Mary Lou McDonald
  52. 52.Woman courted by her hatless lover on Ilkley Moor
  53. 53.Molly __, Dublin street seller who died of a fever?
  54. 54.See 21D
  55. 55.__ jug - also known as a Fillpot
  56. 56.The object of Ennis Del Mars desire in Brokeback Mountain
  57. 57.Mathematician known as the founder of geometry
  58. 58.See 9
  59. 59.__ Buildings, Liverpool landmark on Chapel Street
  60. 60.Slender rod with tapered ends used in hand spinning wool
  61. 61.US state bordered by Indiana and Iowa
  62. 62.Woman who Ben Jonson would have drink to him only with her eyes?
  63. 63.See 3
  64. 64.19th century moulded glass container still used for preserving food
  65. 65.City which gave its name to the German republic, 1918-1933
  66. 66.Woman courted by Florentino Ariza in a time of cholera?
  67. 67.Venetian known for his self-confessed amorous exploits
  68. 68.Controversial peer-to-peer taxi firm
  69. 69.A member of the Society of Jesus
  70. 70.See 16
  71. 71.Poet who celebrated the Tudor dynasty - or a Boston private eye
  72. 72.The hypotenuse in the love triangle that included Jay Gatsby and her husband Tom?
  73. 73.Movie franchise starring Jackie Chan
  74. 74.Character played by Robert Carlyle in Trainspotting
  75. 75.Mountain range separating Chile and Argentina
  76. 76.Artform exemplified by Blur, Oasis and Pulp?
  77. 77.Anarchic state of Graham Greenes 1s?
  78. 78.Hardwood known for its dark grain
  79. 79.Timothy __ , star of Auf Wiedersehen, Pet and Mr Turner
  80. 80.Dorothy L __, creator of Lord Peter Wimsey

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