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The Guardian Weekend Crossword Answers -23-March-2019
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The Guardian Weekend Crossword Answers -9-March-2019
  1. 1.See 1
  2. 2.Childrens TV series first presented by Christopher Trace and Leila Williams
  3. 3.Poem by 24 which begins, Come to me in the silence of the night...
  4. 4.Venetian bridge over the Grand Canal
  5. 5.CGI animated film starring Woody Allen, Sharon Stone, Jennifer Lopez and many others
  6. 6.See 13
  7. 7.Cassandra __, painter and elder sister of the more famous Jane
  8. 8.John __, British explorer and the first European to reach Lake Victoria
  9. 9.Artist known for his paintings of industrial Lancashire
  10. 10.Childrens TV series whose characters include Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch
  11. 11.Section of Africas longest river which rises in Lake Tana
  12. 12.The second self?
  13. 13.East German city where allied leaders met in July 1945
  14. 14.New Yorks third airport?
  15. 15.Christina Georgina __, poet whose works include 23
  16. 16.Childrens TV series whose stars included Chris Tarrant and Sally James
  17. 17.Ralph __, US campaigner and frequent presidential candidate
  18. 18.The East German secret police
  19. 19.Childrens books and TV series named for its hero, Horatio
  20. 20.Fay __, author whose works include The Life and Loves of a She-Devil
  21. 21.See 9
  22. 22.Former England footballer who won 53 caps from 1992-2000
  23. 23.Units of measurement, roughly the length of a human arm
  24. 24.The capital of Lebanon
  25. 25.__ 23, a 13/21A linking London and Chichester
  26. 26.The capital of Niger
  27. 27.Cretan who flew too close to the sun
  28. 28.Modern name for Pye Road in what is now Tower Hamlets, London
  29. 29.A line that intersects a curve at least twice
  30. 30.See 6
  31. 31.Test cricket ground in Hampshire
  32. 32.Ben __, England cricket all-rounder
  33. 33.Barbara __, pseudonym used by Ruth Rendell
  34. 34.See 11
  35. 35.See 13
  36. 36.__ Dyke, a 13/21A
  37. 37.C&J __, leather goods company founded in 1825 in 23, Somerset
  38. 38.The capital of Iran
  39. 39.Headland on the Penwith peninsula
  40. 40.13/21A between Canterbury and St Albans
  41. 41.US state, home to Las Vegas
  42. 42.__ 23, a 13/21A running north from York to Scotland
  43. 43.Pretentious person for whom Private Eye reserves a corner?
  44. 44.13/21A leading to Berwick-upon-Tweed
  45. 45.__ Ravenclaw, also known as the Grey Lady in the Harry Potter books
  46. 46.Gloria __, the ultimate disco survivor?
  47. 47.Ski resort north of Vancouver, site of the 2010 Winter Olympics
  48. 48.Acronym for ferries that allow cars to drive on and off
  49. 49.Section of the Arctic Ocean fed by the Yenisei River
  50. 50.Figure in Greek mythology said to have been put to sleep by Zeus
  51. 51.Surrey uplands known for its racecourse
  52. 52.__ Country, area spanning the Western Pyrenees
  53. 53.See 22
  54. 54.Prime Minister of Rhodesia, 1964-1979
  55. 55.__ Davis, actor who won an Oscar for her roles in both Dangerous (1935) and Jezebel (1938)
  56. 56.Ancient people of Iran and the Indian subcontinent, to whom neo-fascists often, oddly, claim fealty
  57. 57.An ingenious nobleman of La Mancha?
  58. 58.Fictional character known for his school days?
  59. 59.The part of a seed that contains female reproductive cells
  60. 60.Holden Caulfields little sister?
  61. 61.Robert __, Conservative politician infamous for his friendship with the Kray twins
  62. 62.__ Armatrading, singer whose hits include Love and Affection (1976)
  63. 63.Hitchcock film from 1963
  64. 64.Irvine Welsh novel filmed by Danny Boyle
  65. 65.Prince Andrews younger daughter
  66. 66.Doll that made its debut on 9 March 1959
  67. 67.See 17 Across
  68. 68.__ Dahl, prolific author
  69. 69.Deciduous trees famously photographed in New Mexico by Ansel Adams
  70. 70.German term for taking pleasure in anothers misfortune
  71. 71.Acronym for young people who are neither in education nor employment?
  72. 72.Legislation dating from 1714, often read by those wishing to impose order
  73. 73.See 8
  74. 74.To spectate, especially in contract bridge
  75. 75.Island of 3 down suffering an infestation of Red Palm weevil?
  76. 76.Russian archipelago suffering an infestation of polar bears?
  77. 77.See 22 Down
  78. 78.London roundabout and thoroughfare between Clerkenwell and Hoxton
  79. 79.Mountain range separating India from the Tibetan Plateau
  80. 80.Official language of Iran
  81. 81.__, Atlantic island suffering an infestation of killer mice?
  82. 82.Ruined castle on the north Cornwall coast
  83. 83.A crater on the moon - or Chancellor of the Exchequer 1945-1947
  84. 84.Cinematic monster dating from 1933
  85. 85.Drink also known as milk punch
  86. 86.US state suffering from an infestation of iguanas?
  87. 87.Ecuadorian archipelago suffering an infestation of rats?
  88. 88._- Brezhnev, former leader of the Soviet Union
  89. 89.See 7
  90. 90.Cains younger brother
  91. 91.Global standard analogue television - or the Philippine national airline?
  92. 92.Where Kris Kristofferson let Bobby McGee slip away?
  93. 93.Country bordered by Namibia and the DRC
  94. 94.Egypts ruler 69-30 BC
  95. 95.Mountain range in the Maghreb
  96. 96.See 10 Across
  97. 97.Winter cyclone in Hawaii, often lasting a week
  98. 98.EU member state and Mediterranean archipelago
  99. 99.How did the locker feel when it won the best picture Oscar in 2009?
  100. 100.Which Forrest won the 1994 Oscar for best picture?
  101. 101.What might one expect from the long con in this 1973 Oscar winner?
  102. 102.Female rulers of our destiny, in Norse mythology
  103. 103.What was beautiful in this 2001 Oscar winner?
  104. 104.The Russian for thief
  105. 105.1933 Marx Brothers comedy
  106. 106.Type of Israeli submachine gun
  107. 107.Liturgical season during which Christians anticipate the birth of Jesus
  108. 108.With what did Ben Affleck win the 2012 Oscar for best picture?
  109. 109.For whom was it no country in this 2007 Oscar winner?
  110. 110.One-time stage name of the rapper Kendrick Lamar
  111. 111.See 6 Across
  112. 112.See 8
  113. 113.What kind of light won the best picture Oscar in 2016?
  114. 114.Californian American football franchise
  115. 115.What kind of dog became a millionaire in this 2008 Oscar winner?
  116. 116.What kind of people won the Oscar for best picture in 1980?
  117. 117.What kind of dish for a king do four-and-twenty blackbirds make?
  118. 118.In what was Shakespeare in this 1998 Oscar winner?
  119. 119.An artisanal process for purifying pig iron - or of cultivating rice?
  120. 120.Cornish city known for its cathedral
  121. 121.Smart-__ Kill, story by Raymond Chandler
  122. 122.Of what were the chariots made in this 1981 Oscar winner?
  123. 123.UK government agency regulating qualifications and exams in England
  124. 124.Novel by Joseph Conrad set in Costaguana
  125. 125.What kind of light won the best picture Oscar in 2015?
  126. 126.Name given to the aircraft from which the atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima
  127. 127.Activity on Elizabeth Gilberts to do list, along with to eat and to pray?
  128. 128.1989 science fiction movie by James Cameron about a race to find a lost submarine
  129. 129.Where Jean Rhys said Good Morning Midnight?
  130. 130.Borough where Colm Tóibín found a home for Irish immigrants?
  131. 131.Where John le Carré recruited his publishing house?
  132. 132.City where Orhan Pamuk has his Memories?
  133. 133.Where Dominique Lapierre found a City of Joy?
  134. 134.Country where John le Carré has a Tailor?
  135. 135.Indias national tree
  136. 136.__ Bogarde, actor who plays the hero in the 1971 film adaptation of the Mann book in 18 Down
  137. 137.Hebridean island on which Julian Barnes drew his Marriage Lines?
  138. 138.Moscow park where Martin Cruz Smith found three frozen bodies?
  139. 139.State where Stephen King located the Overlook Hotel?
  140. 140.Animal featured in William Blakes Songs of Innocence (1789)
  141. 141.Country hotel where Daphne du Maurier located her thieves?
  142. 142.Molecules that contain hydrocarbons and make of the cells of, for example, fats, oils and waxes
  143. 143.Where Grahame Greene found Our Man?
  144. 144.Shorthand for an internet address
  145. 145.Strip where Joe Sacco made Footnotes?
  146. 146.Continent whence Karen Blixen, or at least her memories, came?
  147. 147.See 9 Across
  148. 148.Indonesian city, site of the 1955 Afroâ€"Asian Conference
  149. 149.City where Henry James found the Wings of a Dove, but Thomas Mann found Death?
  150. 150.__ for Doomed Youth, poem by Wilfred Owen
  151. 151.__ Turner, American rock legend
  152. 152.Peter Paul __, Flemish artist (1577-1640)
  153. 153.Founder and lead singer of The Pretenders
  154. 154.The muse of history
  155. 155.See 22
  156. 156.See 18 Across
  157. 157.See 8
  158. 158.Nickname for the US city of New Orleans
  159. 159.Comedian, actor and writer who played the vicar of Dibley
  160. 160.Disney character whose dog is called Stitch
  161. 161.Pontius __, once the prefect of the Roman province of Judaea
  162. 162.Obelixs pet?
  163. 163.Singer whose albums include Lemonade (2016)
  164. 164.Lead singer for Fleetwood Mac
  165. 165.City on the French Riviera
  166. 166.Encoding system used by the Macintosh OS to transmit binary files
  167. 167.Shorthand for Cliff Clavins employers?
  168. 168.Patti __, singer-songwriter whose albums include Horses (1975)
  169. 169.Harvey __, one of the stars of the Quentin Tarantino film Pulp Fiction
  170. 170.A state and a musical?
  171. 171.The __, collective noun for baptised Catholics
  172. 172.See 6 Down
  173. 173.The lead singer of the Eurythmics
  174. 174.__ Star, also known as Sirius
  175. 175.A suburb in London but a province in Canada?
  176. 176.Country bordered by Iran and Tajikistan
  177. 177.Jacob and Wilhelm __, German collectors of folk tales
  178. 178.Mountain range in South America
  179. 179.Whence came Ali Gs Massiv?
  180. 180.Composer whose works include Das Lied von der Erde
  181. 181.Port in Yemen
  182. 182.Trademarked polystyrene used for insulation - or disposable coffee cups
  183. 183.Opera by Bizet
  184. 184.Eric __, producer of Darkest Hour and Four Weddings and a Funeral
  185. 185.__ 21 - how Pele described football?
  186. 186.See 7
  187. 187.Arthur __, prime minister 1902-1905
  188. 188.Russias real objective in 7/21?
  189. 189.__ Fail, Irish conservative political party
  190. 190.The capital of Malaysia
  191. 191.The Hindu goddess of wealth
  192. 192.Shorthand for the contest between the British and Russian empires over 19
  193. 193.See 1
  194. 194.European country that became a republic in 1946
  195. 195.South American rodent
  196. 196.Ancient counting frame
  197. 197.The Secret __, short story by James Thurber
  198. 198.See 20 Across
  199. 199.An illegal delivery in cricket
  200. 200.__ Abbey, William Beckfords folly in Wiltshire

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